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I feel I've deserved to finally update this thing: I spent seven hours updating my PDF for Conceptual Design via InDesign. HOLY SHIT I LOVE INDESIGN AGAIN. It had been ages since I'd used it regularly - Fall 2007, to be exact - but it's a snap to get back into with a little refreshing. SO much more efficient than composing pages in Photoshop and having to individually import them into a PDF with Acrobat. No wonder Lee hates Acrobat. Since I couldn't get into creating my roughs for Background Design & Layout (which were due on Wednesday, augh), I decided to get the most tedious task ahead of me out of the way. And I must say it's a damn nice-looking file now, ready to be exported.

I had a random bout of astronomy geekage last night. It was perfectly clear out, and very cold: fantastic star-gazing conditions. I headed down the driveway (sans flashlight!) to look at Orion and other constellations above the neighbors' property and the butte. I spotted a small, hazy cloud which appeared to be a nebula to the far upper-right of Orion - then I thought, Wait, are those the Pleiades? Heading back inside, I fired up the desktop, searched star maps, and sure enough, the Pleiades they were. They're also called the Seven Sisters, after characters from Greek mythology. Most easily visible star cluster in the night sky, and very beautiful.

Fun trivia: the Japanese name for the Pleiades is Subaru. That's right - the car company. They once had a model called the Alcyone (al 'SY uh NEE), derived from the Greek character.

Yaaay GEEKING OUT. I love astronomy and etymology 'n' such.

SO. I had the most EPIC Friday the 13th to date last month. After Lee's class, I had lunch with Grace, Aurora, and Jacob at Baja Fresh. Damn my sociability, but I was fifteen minutes late for Shelley's class. Jacob said I ought to give the excuse that I was helping baby turtles cross the street and practice crying. XD Shelley didn't mind, though. He's a very laid back teacher, and I hadn't been late before. Hung out with Jacob, Camille, and Nick during my break.

Aurora and I were considering going to a cheap Electric Six (!) concert at Dante's, which I was excited about.

After filming our scenes in Acting Fundamentals, I was going to head straight home. Then, as I made my way to the elevator, I was certain I heard Nick's voice. I turned course for the Commons and discovered Grace, Jacob, Camille, AND Nick sitting and laughing together and immediately joined them. I called Aurora back to ask about the concert: it wasn't to start until 9:30 at night. We decided against going (we were also unfamiliar with the part of town Dante's is in), and planned on going somewhere else to hang out and relax. This has been a wild term and we wanted a little break.

I suggested the Rock Bottom Brewery - which is also a VERY nice restaurant - and Aurora was all for it. Long story short (knowing me... not really), Grace, Jacob, Camille, Nick and I walked over to Rock Bottom and waited a short while for Aurora to show up.

The girls and Nick ordered "girly fruity drinks" and beer. I ordered a Red Bull (because I'm a self-admitted goody-two shoes, and I had to drive), and Jacob simply shared the food we ordered (he looks like he could be the oldest of us, but just turned twenty in August). Speaking of FOOD: TWO HEAPING PLATES of RBB nachos, and fried taquito-things called Titan Toothpicks. DIVINE. Ultimate college chillaxing food. We destroyed everything ravenously.

Now, in addition to that Red Bull, I'd had around four cups of coffee AND a Strawberries 'n' Creme Frappuccino from Starbucks, so I was JAZZED on caffeine and sugar. Nick and Jacob both said "Holy crap, we don't WANT to see what you're like when you're drunk!" Heh heh, I don't have to be drunk to be freaking obnoxious as hell and have fun with my friends and feel good about it!

We got disapproving stares from a family sitting across the aisle, and I felt a little bad, but as Aurora later justified, it was a Friday night and past 6:00. BEWARE THE COLLEGE KIDS!

As we'd begun the week or so before, we passed our sketchbooks around and collected silly drawings from each other. Awesome fun. <3

Aurora wanted to sober up afterward, so we traveled to the Starbucks at Pioneer Square (Camille left for home; we hugged her goodbye). I didn't get anything to further hype me up. Hung out for an hour at the pulpit above the fountain talking about animation and all manner of other silly things and still being nice and loud. We probably frightened the crazies away.

Gave hugs goodbye to Aurora and Nick. Grace, Jacob and I headed to the MAX stop together before Jacob realized he'd left his umbrella at the pulpit; we went back and I fetched it for him. Grace and I hugged him goodbye and we rode to Clackamas together - gave her a ride home.

I remember it took me a while to get to bed, because I felt elated on my way home. That outing was such a treat, especially getting to spend it with friends so dear to me. I wish more of us could have joined.

Whee, typing! I NEED TO GO TO BED SOON but I want to update a bit moooore.


Jacob has joined us girls at The Roxy for the past few Wednesdays. Nice to get guy friends involved for hanging out during lunch.

Okay, yeah, NEED to wrap this up. Must be productive tomorrow (TODAY). Shit-tons to get done.

TIME TO JUMP TO THE FOLLOWING: I watched Treasure Planet for the first time last month. Saw parts of it - including the ending - in Za's class several weeks ago: she showed the clips to give us an idea of what we needed to accomplish in our final assignment, in which we are to demonstrate an understanding of weight.

I'd wanted to see it when it was out in theatres - November 2002, for crap's sake! - but I remember Dad telling me "Oh, that's kid's stuff; you don't want to watch that." NOW LOOKIT ME: I'M A FRIGGIN' ANIMATOR. I devour animation like candy. Go figure.

BUT to cut to the point: HOLY FUCK I LOVE. THAT. MOVIE. Not the strongest of Disney's films in terms of plot, perhaps, but GORGEOUS animation, phenomenal voice acting, and inspiring design, backgrounds, cinematography... just DROOOOOL. And hey, there's some really nice character development, too!


Commence instantaneous rabid fantarding NOW. I also adore Captain Amelia. Just... all the characters are so much fun and so distinct. I personally think (this manifestation of) John Silver is one of the most fascinating characters to come from the Disney company EVER. I mean, he's a fat Irish catish-doggish-bearish alien fucking CYBORG PIRATE. Sweet Jesus yes. Brian Murray's voice acting is TO-DIE-FOR good.

You can tell I'm caffeinated right now, yes? This is what happens when you get a headache and consume large quantities of chai tea late at night.

ANYWAY, I let Jacob borrow Treasure Planet on Friday; he hadn't seen it in several years and showed interest in watching it again on Monday. I've watched the film twice now and this keeps me from watching it AGAIN, because I can assure you I would have. *purrs at Silver* Will write about some other fun days later.


OH, one more thing: I am quite fond of Lily Allen's It's Not Me, It's You album. Aurora introduced me to her music. She'd warned that the album is pretty sexual at points, but ppphht, plenty of the artists I love get all shenanigansy in that respect here and there.

OH LORD my head!

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