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I hadn't been able to access the Self Service portion of AIPD's website (which includes grades, my audit, and other very important things) through Google Chrome, so I used Internet Explorer and lo and behold, I can see my grades now. (Need to edit Chrome's pop-up restrictions to allow them for the college site.)

Intermediate 2D Animation: B
Motion & Broadcast Graphics: A-
Intro to Audio: B+
Astronomy: C+

I got an A- in Motion Broadcast Graphics? The one class that caused me more stress than practically ANY OTHER CLASS I've EVER TAKEN at AIPD?


My hard work paid off. I could have put more effort into Astronomy, and should have, but... that class was so godawful boring. Excuses excuses. And no, I did not write that five-page research paper after all. I did, however, feel good about the final. In fact, after I finished, Camille and I went to the docks to celebrate. Watched the Steel Bridge go up for a barge and then had a bit of food at McDonald's off 82nd.

ELLIE! <3 Your mentioning Sock Dreams reminds me of how much I want to go there still! :3 I passed by it with a couple friends a few weeks ago when we got sidetracked driving.

Speaking of driving, I drove into downtown Portland a grand total of four times spring term. FOUR. The first time(s) I'd driven into Portland since fall 2007.

I feel accomplished.

Saturday night, after Cammy and I walked to the post boxes, Kat picked me up and we hung out at Cafe Mekka for two hours, catching up and laughing and just sharing our lives as they are currently. I had a Vietnamese Coffee (which includes sweetened condensed milk and a shot of espresso - yummy!) and Kat had a Fairy Tea (also delicious). We shared a ton of little snack bars her mom had given us, too.

On Sunday, Mom, Dad, Cammy and I met Kat at Sierra Cinemas and saw Toy Story 3.


Fantastic humor, animation, and story. That's all I'll say for now. Just... a wonderful way to wrap up Pixar's legacy-initiator. I really want to watch Toy Story and Toy Story 2 again.

Yesterday, I went shopping with Mom. Picked out a swimsuit at Target and nabbed the special edition of My Neighbor Totoro, which I'm very eager to see. Said hi to Jason; I may get to visit him and Terra tomorrow.

Today, I had my consultation for my wisdom tooth extraction. Surgery on Friday. My right upper wisdom tooth is growing parallel to my bite line and faces backward, the freaky little bastard.

Coolest bit about consultation? Had to get updated x-rays, so I got to see my skull in 3D and see each of my wisdom teeth rotated in 3D. It was like being inside an episode of House.

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