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Sweet JESUS I am so relieved.

A whole lot of blabbing about finals, plus Sarah's passing and computer shit. )

WHEW, but enough of that. Just wanted to update. Get my Internet idling out of me!


Going to bring my laptop to the school tomorrow before I meet up with Aurora, Aurora's mom, Grace, Robin, and Whitney for lunch and a trip to the Portland Art Museum to see if it has the same problem only recognizing Jessi's network.

Looking forward to fun with friends!
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Please enjoy some gratuitous Rorschach muscle-age.

The comments in that post crack me up... as well as disturb me. :| Fans will be fans.

Just remember that Rorschach is asexual, kids. I mean, come on! - he makes ME look like a horny bastard.

Nonetheless.... *ahemFUCKthatshitishot*
You know me: I love my oddball character actors.
And I would never deny that I am a walking contradiction.

I feel I've just found the mecca of JEH-Rorschach references. Fanart shall ensue (at a better date).

So! Yesterday: wasn't looking forward to presenting my horrendous animation in 3D Modeling & Animation II. But, as it always goes, I felt much better about it after receiving my critiques and suggestions. And - lo and behold - I actually stayed after Phil had counted roll again to ask for help! Jesus, that NEVER happens. I asked Phil about the problem I'd had with moving the tangents in the Graph Editor; I'd completely forgotten that the Move Tool has to be selected.

GOOD GOD WHY. It was SO SIMPLE! I hate that I forget crap like that so easily. But I got a good start on fixing up my keyframes, and I will make sure I produce something worthy of my time and effort.

Ate with Grace and Aurora after class. Geeking out is a blast.


Stopped at Best Buy on the way home from Gateway to pick up color print cartridge ink and some CD-Rs for my final Maya project. It goes without saying, but printer ink is EXPENSIVE. At least I don't use my printer daily (scanner, much more frequently).

Today in Printmaking, Amy set up a bookmaking demo. I now know how to sew signatures together, which I will utilize for my final graphic novel. I'm doing a simple story involving a hunting raven, possibly Char. I sketched thumbnails in class before the demo, then bought a crap-ton of linoleum at Utrecht ($61-worth). I love relief prints. This is going to be a lot of work, but it should prove rewarding. 'sides, any opportunity to practice graphic novel formatting is a good opportunity!

I seriously thought about heading back to the Hilltop 9 to see Watchmen again after class today.



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This is the inverse of my last post.

Guess who got the LAST SPOT AVAILABLE in Quick Sketch?

*raises both hands and flails ecstatically*

SO, this means the following:

~ Upper division Creative Writing on Tuesdays from 12:45 - 3:30, with Aurora
~ Intermediate 3D Modeling on Wednesdays from 12:45 - 4:30
~ Quick Sketch on Thursdays from 12:45 - 4:30, with Aurora and Grace
~ Revolution: 19th and 20th Century Art on Fridays from 9:00 - 11:45 (damn, my only morning class), with Grace

Liz was a bit late for our appointment, but she was very helpful and willing to discuss lots of options with me.

The lighting I turned in for 3D Modeling & Animation II today was crap, but I'll make it better. My directional light created weird artifacting over my textures; needs to be tweaked.

Phil had us play around with Bloke in class. Bloke is a pre-rigged character we'll use in our short films. My Bloke is going to be a Finch stand-in. :D Our key poses are due next week. I think I might have more fun with the animation than with the lighting....

Got some dinner at Taco del Mar with Aurora and Grace after class. Mmmm, braised chicken.... *drools*

Those damn tacos are still making me belch.

February is a funny month in Oregon. We've had several gorgeous days nearly up to 60 degrees. Right now, there's a fresh blanket of snow on the ground, but it shouldn't be too much as to impede my driving.

RWD grandpa cars don't like the snow, after all.

"Grandpa car" is an affectionate term.

Bitching Paranoid icon made from gift art by Moonie! :3
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It's time for another feel-good moment concerning 3D Modeling & Animation II...

...brought to you by the Visual Quickstart Guide for Maya 8. I bought the book way back in spring 2008 for 3D Modeling & Animation I, and I haven't actually used it until now.

I fixed my establishing shot. No, I mean really fixed it. By reading up on how to edit keyframes, I have lengthened the beginning hold to two seconds, kept the cut-scene, added a nearly two-second hold at the beginning of the cut scene, and the rest of the camera move heads right on up to the western window as it should (I'm still working on smoothing it out). It gives the eyes time to adjust to each change in the establishing shot.


Yay! :D

Granted, I should have really fixed the establishing shot a couple weeks ago, but hey, I have until Week 10 to turn in anything I want to turn in again for a better grade; I am going to take advantage of that.

Not counting last week's midterm (which I feel good about; I bet it's a B at the very least...), my averaged grade stands at 75%, which, for me, is a comfortable 3D modeling grade. But I can make it better, and I WILL make it better. I want to come out of this class with a project I can feel proud of. My establishing shot was the worst grade (the one I turned in received a D), but I bet I can pull it up to a B. I can do it!

The establishing shot now runs at seven seconds long.

My textures are... alright. I'll make sure they're detailed enough before tomorrow to garner at least a C. My rocks look good, but rocks are ridiculously easy to texture and make look believable, haha.

Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry left very early this morning for Sequim, Washington, to visit Pat (Uncle Larry's mother). They're coming home late tomorrow night. Whew, four hours there and four hours back for an overnight stay seems nuts to me, but I'd do the same for Mom (and Dad and Cammy) if I hadn't seen her in several months.

Of course, by the time I return home for summer, I'll have not seen Mom, Dad, or Cammy for over five months.

Back to Maya! I'll post the playblast sometime later, but I feel good about this project again and must get cracking on my textures. They're about two-thirds done, need some refining.
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...And this will probably be my last post for a while.

Character & Object Design is going to make Thursday The Best Day of the Week. Laryssa, Grace, Aurora, Jacob, David, and Lily are all in the class, and it's a large class: twenty-two students total. That it is an afternoon class is good, too, because we're not nodding off and everyone's energy level is relatively high, and we're all rather enthusiastic, it seems. TONS of laughter today, and it's just week one!

There is going to be an assignment every week for Character & Object Design, and I want to do well. I'd like to try for another A in one of Za's classes. :)

After class, Aurora suggested going out for art supplies and dinner. Grace, Jacob and I (and another student, whose name I've forgotten) stopped by Utrecht briefly. After saying goodbye to Jacob, us girls went to Baja Fresh. I got a grilled mahi mahi fish taco, and also enjoyed some of Aurora's leftover nachos. Stopped by Fred Meyer at Gateway for face wash, then drove home under a brooding, very rainy sky. Got home shortly past 7:00.

3D Modeling & Animation II, take two, will also keep me very busy. Thankfully, I've got a head start this time as Hades Laboratories is basically fully modeled already. Just needs some more outer details, and now I can really spruce up the hill that the facility sits atop. The trees will probably all be paint effects, but I'll be sure to ask questions frequently, whenever I have a question or need help. That's one of my academic weaknesses, not asking questions or asking for help.


I still need to critique my peers' short stories for Creative Writing. Going to redraw my Anatomy & Movement assignments (anterior views of the torso and pelvis, posterior view of the torso).

Reread the first chapter of Watchmen in Powell's this morning before heading to class.

One more thing:

Bibliophilia is EXPENSIVE. I've bought a shit-ton of books from Powell's since starting college at AIPD... and not long ago, I learned how much I've spent on pleasure reading: $271.82. SWEET JESUS. After I buy Watchmen on Saturday while hanging out with Michael, NO MORE BOOKS FOR JILLIAN FOR A LONG TIME. No more hobby reads, anyway.

I buy more books than I have time to read. [/dolt]

That said, I picked up a slightly damaged copy of V for Vendetta today. Its price sticker was down to Amazon's price, so I just grabbed it. Augh! (But yay for V!)

Take care, my friends! <3 I'll probably take notes in a journal for anything interesting that happens in my absence and save it all for a future post. I think I might put my dA gallery into storage again....

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