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Super-quick post.

For the past five days or so, the daily high temperatures have been under freezing. The highs tend to hover around 23-29 degrees. (Note that these temperatures deal mostly with Beavercreek, which can be anywhere from 8-10 degrees cooler than Portland.)

Yesterday morning, I got up at 4:45 to give myself plenty of time to layer my clothes, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and warm up my car.

When I was ready to head out, my car's thermometer read 12 degrees.

A few times, however, while driving to the Clackamas Town Center, the temperature dropped to 8 degrees.

I was prepared: I wore a t-shirt under my red hooded zipper-front jacket under my heavy-duty rust-and-gray jacket; the lovely super-soft scarf Mom got me earlier this year; my pajama pants layered under the black hand-me-down pants I got from Jessi; knee-high wool socks with a pair of Gold Toe socks over them for extra warmth; my kickass winter-ready black boot-type shoes; AND my thick Thinsulate gloves (I could have even layered my old gloves under them, because my fingers were still damn cold.)

Clackamas warmed to 14 degrees, which is still bitterly cold.

But you know, at least it kept me awake during the drive! I actually felt good yesterday morning despite having to get up so early. Had a couple cups of coffee, too.

I've noticed that caffeine is not having the desired effect on me anymore. TOO MUCH COFFEE. Hell, I downed an entire 12-oz. Monster Monday night and it never really perked me up.

It's around 27 degrees outside right now.

I may still see The Princess and the Frog tomorrow after getting out of Acting Fundamentals with Aurora, Grace, Henry, and Robin, and I think Camille might make it, too. Jacob is probably going to be too busy (or we may guilt him into joining us, like we did yesterday for lunch at The Roxy, lol). Of course, we're supposed to get freezing rain later tomorrow night, so I may have to bypass the movie until after finals. It'd be the smarter choice, but... 2D ANIMATION HOLY CRAP YES.

Going to head all the way to Gateway tomorrow (first time since late September!) to get Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry on a red line MAX to PDX. They're flying to southern California tomorrow to pack up a bunch of Grandma and Grandpa's belongings and U-Haul them back up here. They'll make a pit stop at Mom and Dad's on the way north. They'll be home on Tuesday, so I'll be home alone for five days... and busy as hell.

Grandma and Grandpa sold their house for the amount they wanted, and they'll be moving in late this month, I believe. It will be wonderful to have them around. Grandpa's bent on paying to have the Buick repainted for me. He's so funny. :)

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