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Rorschach icon 'cause I feel like it.

Yesterday wasn't bad at all. I left at 1:00 because I felt antsy, eager to see my friends again. I took my portfolio of large college artworks and personal artworks to scan on one of the AMAZING Epson GT 15000 scanners at AIPD. (They're flatbeds with a 12" x 11" scanning surface. WANT.) Briefly saw Aurora pass by to her classroom, noted which one it was, then also noticed that Melissa was in the same class.

Headed to Everyday Music to see if they carried VNV Nation's newest, Of Faith, Power, and Glory. They did not have it. :| I picked up Peter Murphy's 1987 album, Love Hysteria, for six bucks. Mmmm, Peter Murphy. <3

I returned to the Student Commons to see if any friends had shown up, then decided to head to Powell's. I spotted Melissa by the graphic novels and we hung out before heading to our respective night classes. Aurora called me back and I decided to head to her place after class to return Vampire Mountain and Trials of Death to her.

Illustration is going to be a wonderful class. The first week is always slow - introductions, lectures - but I know I am going to love this class. David Hohn is a fun teacher and shares his studio with Lee White.

TRADITIONAL ART SUPPLIES FOR THE WIN. I already have all the supplies listed for the class.

David let us out about a half hour early. I thought about staying for a while to show him the artwork I brought, but shied out of it. I went to Aurora's by MAX and stayed with her and Henry for a while: I ate the soup I'd brought as well as a small piece of beef Aurora offered. Aurora is catsitting MJ's cat, Poe - he's a beautiful boy. Pretty markings.

Got home at 12:00, went to bed at 3:00. XD

See, there are advantages to having all night classes. One, I can go an entire term without having to wake to an alarm. Two, because ALL of my classes are night classes, it establishes consistency that helped me get the grades I got last term. Three, traffic late at night is usually smooth and quick.

Coming home last night, I was giddy with the realization that I could get used to this easily.

This morning, I got up at 11:00. Showered, ate brunch, packed my duffel bag back into my closet, washed my car, brushed my teeth, and headed off at 2:00. Traffic was a little bit heavier than it was leaving at 1:00, but certainly not terrible.

Eventually met up with Grace, Jacob, and Nick. Nick left to meet up with Danny, so Grace and Jacob and I hung out until we had to head off for class, making a stop at Whole Foods first. Grace has Lighting & Texture I with me, taught by Phil. Lots of lecture, of course, but Phil let us out an hour early.

Grace and I walked to the Yamhill MAX station and arrived just as a blue line to Gresham pulled up. I got to a ticket machine to find a guy hanging around asking for ticket money. I said "Sorry, none on me" (my usual answer) and he basically said, "Oh, no problem" as I pulled my plastic.

THEN, he said, "I find it funny that people use the excuse of not giving money out because of their cards." As I got on the train, I replied, "And college." I realize this was rather snobbish, but it's goddamn true.

I'm pretty sure he called me a dick. I could have called him a vagina, but I have more tact than that. Next time I'll just say, "Sorry, but I'm $80,000 in debt."

Grace and I discussed lots of things on the way to Gateway, and once we reached Oregon City, she directed me to her boyfriend's house. It was slightly daunting late at night, but Grace explained to me how to return: "Left, right, right." Turned out to be a snap. Stopped by Freddie's, asked if they carried full-body car covers (Grandpa has been pestering Aunt Pam to get a car port for the Buick, which is silly, or to park it in the shop, which is not a garage), and picked up another Utility sketchbook. 288 pages of value!

Tomorrow, the Oregon City bypass on 213 is going to be closed, so Aunt Pam had me review the original way she and Uncle Larry took - and all other drivers took - through Oregon City before the bypass was constructed, using Google Earth. I LOVE GOOGLE EARTH. I know what route to take to get around the night work.

Of course, if the bypass is ENTIRELY closed - if I can't get off at Exit 10 and get to Washington St. - I'll have to go another route. Aunt Pam showed me lots of different routes. I'll see tomorrow night what's going on. I may have to continue down 205 for a way to get turned around. I'm charging my GPS right now.

Just a happy, cumulative post. I know summer session is going to be a great term. I will make it so!
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I finished Chapter Four of Brainsick!

I wrapped up "Imminent Anniversary" with a scene between Chestan and Fieran, arguing about returning to Hades Laboratories. Before that, I ended the scene in which Paranoid is introduced to life in the Crufts' home.

950 words added for a total document amount of 30,195 words and 59 pages. "Imminent Anniversary" is a solid nine single-spaced pages.

Now I can finally focus on getting the story rolling, because our antagonist, Anne Hades, is introduced in Chapter Five.

I will post Chapter Four here in a cut when I can.

I am damn stoked right now. I need to brush my teeth and go to bed, and my eyes are tired despite my having drunk green tea a few hours ago, but I am so, so happy. I wanted to focus on writing yesterday, so I read the first chapter of Writing Fiction, reread Robert's short story, "Slim Chance", took a bike ride to unwind, and sat down for some serious writing.

Had a mini-quiz on Friday. Amy was our substitute, though she was originally set to teach the class in the first place. Kate was on a trip to New York or something of the sort. None of us was prepared for the quiz, as we'd come back from having the previous Friday off, and Kate hadn't given us our slides list of images we needed to know for the midterm. Amy assured us she'd tell Kate about our complaints.

Got some modeling done on Saturday. I made a simple face with sub-Ds, though it was a frustrating process... until I found my assignment sheet and took my Maya textbook out. Duuur.

Called Cammy Friday night to try and cheer him up. He's been bored and unhappy lately. He perked up a little when I told him I had a belated birthday gift waiting for him at home. :)

Whew, okay. Brush teeth, then bed.

I have Brainsick happies!
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SO. My second term of college began on Monday, October 1. I have - get this - a THREE-DAY week this term. I have Color Theory on Mondays; Intermediate Drawing and Intro to Computer Graphics on Tuesdays; and 2D Animation and English Composition 1 on Wednesdays. I drove myself to school on Monday, and I told Uncle Larry I could probably drive myself each Monday. Carpooling with him on Tuesdays and Wednesdays works well: because I have two classes on each of those days, I no longer have to wait a whopping five hours for him to get off work. That wait has been reduced to a half hour on Tuesdays and an hour and a half on Wednesdays. Win!

My final first term grades are as follows:

Language of Animation & Film: A-
Design Inquiry (Freshman Seminar): A-
Digital Principles: B
Drawing: A
Principles of Visual Communication: B+

Brenna and Kat both commented that those are "[my] best grades ever!", but this honestly is not true. I tended to grade well the first quarter of each year of high school and started dropping when I lost interest in doing well. (Losing interest isn't good; junior year, Mr. Doering called Dad and asked if I was being abused. Eek.) I was an honor student almost every year in middle school. BUT ENOUGH REMINISCING.

I'm smart. I just didn't apply myself as I should have during high school. ...Because high school, as you all well know, sucks ass. I love the feel of college.

And because I have four-day weekends this term, I want to use them efficiently for completing my work, while allotting time for reading, drawing, and writing - and, most importantly, spending some time with my family and Draco. I do not want to screw myself academically, and I aim not to get any Cs for my final class grades (and I am not going to turn in late work again).

My Intro to Computer Graphics class takes place in one of AIPD's Mac labs: the computers are Mac OS X models. Lord knows how much I dislike Macs, but I keep hearing that they're preferred over PCs for nearly all graphics applications. We will be using Illustrator CS3, Photoshop CS3, and InDesign CS3 for our projects, which are due every couple of weeks. I could drive to Gateway and take the MAX into Portland on days I don't have class in order to work on those Macs, but I decided that investing in those programs would be helpful as well.

Hallelujah, I discovered Software Surplus. The Adobe Creative Suite 3 - Design Standard package retails for around $1,000 or more (a staggering $1,800 at Best Buy). Check out Softare Surplus's price! Beat THAT, retail!

I placed my order earlier this morning and chose 2nd Day Air shipping for an extra $21. That's trivial when you consider that any one of those programs by itself (except maybe Acrobat; I'm not sure) typically costs $600. I can't wait for my package to arrive. I'll be using these programs for the rest of my artsy life!

My tablet is going to love these programs. *grin*

On a random note, the Sneaker Pimps' cover of Duran Duran's "The Chauffeur" is spectacular. The video is here if you're interested. (It's the original Duran Duran video with the cover playing over it. There is a bare-breasted member of the 'itty-bitty committee' involved, so beware. :| The video is quite striking, though.... Oh, Duran Duran. You bleedin' horndogs.)

ANYWAY, I like my teachers this term. Kathleen (ICG) seems kind of blah, but that might have been her first-week attitude. I really, really like Nathan, my English Comp 1 teacher. His personality is almost like a giddy teenager's, and he seems rather metro. ("I was in a Catholic school when I was younger, and they tried to make me write with my right hand. I don't know if I'm damned, but....") :D

KAT! - I've still got to send you some more Sneaker Pimps songs. I downloaded two more recently: "The Grazes" and "Half Life". They're amazing. <3
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Internet was restored here on Wednesday. Hurray!

On Sunday, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Gary came over in their gargantuan motor home and stayed with us through Wednesday; they left Thursday morning. VERY fun visit! They're such a blast to be around. It was so funny seeing Razzy getting vicious around Sarah and Honey.

Monday, after posting my previous entry, I headed to Amber's office early. I ended up getting next term's schedule set up with John, who works in the same area. This is what it looks like:

Mondays: Color Theory (8:00 AM - 11:45 AM)
Tuesdays: Intermediate Drawing (8:00 - 11:45); Intro to Computer Graphics (12:45 PM - 4:30 PM)
Wednesdays: 2-D Animation (8:00 - 11:45); English Composition (12:45 - 4:30)
Thursdays and Fridays: no classes (that means they'll be days to GET WORK DONE!)

I figure that, perhaps, I could drive myself on Mondays and ride home with Uncle Larry on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (he usually gets out of The Oregonian around 5:00 PM). I think I'll like next term's schedule, because there will be more to do throughout the day instead of waiting after class for almost five hours before I can go home.

Then, in Language of Animation & Film, we learned that Nancy was sick and was not at AIPD at all. We were taught the basics of limited animation by another teacher who has worked for Hanna Barbara and several other animation studios. After ten minutes, this other teacher had to head back to her office. She mentioned an animated version of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" and its brilliance, that she felt we should all check it out.

"Is it narrated by James Mason?" I asked her. She said Yes, and I told her that it's a special feature on the Hellboy DVD and that I'd watched it. She was happy to hear it was available on DVD.

After she left, my peers and I were left on our own. We talked about different classes a bit. I mentioned my incompatibility issues with my version of Photoshop and the school's, and the guy I've talked to on the streetcar before (still can't remember his name, argh!) offered me his Photoshop CS2 CD to download to my computer! That is, hopefully he has it next Monday, but if not, no big deal. I ended up fixing the issue on my own, which I will explain soon.

He and some other guys left to AIPD's library and rented Rock-A-Doodle and Alice in Wonderland. Rock-A-Doodle is really cheesy-cute, and I hadn't watched it in YEARS. It's one of Don Bluth's films. Watching Alice in Wonderland again was fantastic, and that was the first time I'd ever watched it without commercials.

We left after watching the movies. It was really quite fun, coming to school and watching movies.... But I wonder exactly how it will affect next week. We're supposed to have a quiz.

OKAY, fine - I'll cut the rest of the post because it's HUGE! )

Was that torment, or what? <3

[This post - minus this bottom sentence - contains 1,773 words. Win!]
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WHEW! Waking up at 4:30 AM (just this morning, maybe others in the near future) is not entirely fun, even though at the time I woke up, I'd felt relatively rested.

My first week of college at the Art Institute of Portland was fun, exciting, frustrating, tiring (even exhausting), refreshing, weird, and more.

(Tangent: I finally own Pan's Labyrinth! WIN.)

I'd wanted to update this journal to describe how each day went at the end of each day, but I couldn't get around to it, partly due to misunderstandings in my library's check-out system and elsewhere, partly due to lollygagging at last night's spectacular lightning storm, partly due to spending time with my family.

I am relieved to have reached my first college weekend. I will be driving with Aunt Pam to Portland tomorrow to get a feel for the trip myself.

So, I will just describe my days in note form, as I took them in my notebook - with some excursions into greater detail.



DAMN I needed to get that typed.

Love to you all! <3

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