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And by the 60s, I mean cool, overcast Oregon weather. <3 It's supposed to be up in the 80s tomorrow, but today's storm front is purely gorgeous.

It had begun to cool off at Mom and Dad's during my last week and a half home: the 80s were a welcome relief from the high 90s to low 100s we'd had earlier. I flew home to Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry's yesterday and was greeted by slate gray clouds, intermittent sunshine, and a slight breeze. LOVE. I felt joyous coming home with them. I feel good about summer session and am going to do the best that I can with my assignments.

Yesterday, I enjoyed being lazy and getting my stuff reorganized for the new term. I did a bit of cursive writing with my Hunt Crow Quill dip pen, bummed around the 'net, listened to music, and downloaded Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 onto my desktop.

This copy of Office had been sitting in my room, unseen, in Mom and Dad's old TV stand. I found it while cleaning up several days ago and thought, I wonder if this has any activations left on it? I packed it in my duffel bag to take with me. Sure enough, Office can be activated up to three times with one disc, and I was geeking out over having it on my desktop. Now I can edit my writings on this machine and on my laptop.

I left my laptop with Mom and Dad yesterday at SMF so I could get through security more quickly. We were late, and once I got to my gate I learned I was THE last person on Flight 409. An older couple asked if I wanted a seat, so finding one wasn't stressful. I'd been in the A boarding group too, haha. Grandma and Grandpa are going to bring my laptop along with some other supplies when they drive up here in about a week from tomorrow.

After a nap, I took a bike ride up to Beeson, stretched, and tried to do artsy things. Today, I painted four sweet peas that I picked from the bunch growing by the gate. I'll post them here when my laptop is back; I don't feel like moving my printer to the desktop at the moment.

I tested the pepper gas Mom gave me outside a few hours ago. I'm going to carry it on me while walking home all this term as a precaution, though on Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll have Grace to walk with. As I've told myself before, I'll go Rorschach on anyone who tries to harm my friends or me.

Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry are in the shop fashioning fir boughs into handsome walking sticks with their Dremmel drill. They suggested I could make one for myself if I have time, which I'd love to do. I'll see how my free time works out.

Just a cheerful post. I need to finish Trials of Death (fourth book in Darren Shan's Cirque du Freak series, on loan from Aurora) and start The Vampire Prince. This series is SO much fun.

ALSO: angry Walter makes me happy!


Snatched from none other than jeh_fans.


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Internet was restored here on Wednesday. Hurray!

On Sunday, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Gary came over in their gargantuan motor home and stayed with us through Wednesday; they left Thursday morning. VERY fun visit! They're such a blast to be around. It was so funny seeing Razzy getting vicious around Sarah and Honey.

Monday, after posting my previous entry, I headed to Amber's office early. I ended up getting next term's schedule set up with John, who works in the same area. This is what it looks like:

Mondays: Color Theory (8:00 AM - 11:45 AM)
Tuesdays: Intermediate Drawing (8:00 - 11:45); Intro to Computer Graphics (12:45 PM - 4:30 PM)
Wednesdays: 2-D Animation (8:00 - 11:45); English Composition (12:45 - 4:30)
Thursdays and Fridays: no classes (that means they'll be days to GET WORK DONE!)

I figure that, perhaps, I could drive myself on Mondays and ride home with Uncle Larry on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (he usually gets out of The Oregonian around 5:00 PM). I think I'll like next term's schedule, because there will be more to do throughout the day instead of waiting after class for almost five hours before I can go home.

Then, in Language of Animation & Film, we learned that Nancy was sick and was not at AIPD at all. We were taught the basics of limited animation by another teacher who has worked for Hanna Barbara and several other animation studios. After ten minutes, this other teacher had to head back to her office. She mentioned an animated version of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" and its brilliance, that she felt we should all check it out.

"Is it narrated by James Mason?" I asked her. She said Yes, and I told her that it's a special feature on the Hellboy DVD and that I'd watched it. She was happy to hear it was available on DVD.

After she left, my peers and I were left on our own. We talked about different classes a bit. I mentioned my incompatibility issues with my version of Photoshop and the school's, and the guy I've talked to on the streetcar before (still can't remember his name, argh!) offered me his Photoshop CS2 CD to download to my computer! That is, hopefully he has it next Monday, but if not, no big deal. I ended up fixing the issue on my own, which I will explain soon.

He and some other guys left to AIPD's library and rented Rock-A-Doodle and Alice in Wonderland. Rock-A-Doodle is really cheesy-cute, and I hadn't watched it in YEARS. It's one of Don Bluth's films. Watching Alice in Wonderland again was fantastic, and that was the first time I'd ever watched it without commercials.

We left after watching the movies. It was really quite fun, coming to school and watching movies.... But I wonder exactly how it will affect next week. We're supposed to have a quiz.

OKAY, fine - I'll cut the rest of the post because it's HUGE! )

Was that torment, or what? <3

[This post - minus this bottom sentence - contains 1,773 words. Win!]
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WHEW! Waking up at 4:30 AM (just this morning, maybe others in the near future) is not entirely fun, even though at the time I woke up, I'd felt relatively rested.

My first week of college at the Art Institute of Portland was fun, exciting, frustrating, tiring (even exhausting), refreshing, weird, and more.

(Tangent: I finally own Pan's Labyrinth! WIN.)

I'd wanted to update this journal to describe how each day went at the end of each day, but I couldn't get around to it, partly due to misunderstandings in my library's check-out system and elsewhere, partly due to lollygagging at last night's spectacular lightning storm, partly due to spending time with my family.

I am relieved to have reached my first college weekend. I will be driving with Aunt Pam to Portland tomorrow to get a feel for the trip myself.

So, I will just describe my days in note form, as I took them in my notebook - with some excursions into greater detail.



DAMN I needed to get that typed.

Love to you all! <3
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Got to do some driving today (and yesterday! woo!). Picked up two Prismacolor markers, two sheets of nice, large art paper, and a pad of graduated grey papers (for tonal studies) at Ben Franklin Crafts. Dad bought an Ionic Breeze-type air purifier that was on sale, then we headed to K-Mart. He bought a mountain bike so he could ride with me more often, but he will be taking it back tomorrow. We started off on a ride to the mail boxes when he realized the gears were screwed up on his bike; he went back home from Tom Ray and I continued on my ride. I love riding my bike, and it's too bad I'd neglected it until just last month.

I researched portrait-drawing sites last night and found a couple that looked very helpful. I subscribed to the second for a free lesson. It'll help when I need to draw from live models.... Nyeh!

The sites are The Art Academy and Portrait Artist (.org).

Inspired by the lessons I looked over, I drew an improved profile of Finch. He looks so odd, being noseless and what not. ('What not', regarding Finch's odd appearance, includes naturally pointed ears and naturally elongated canine teeth. He'd make a great vampire.) Also drew a detail of his left eye, which has two distinct black stripes under the pupil. I love asymmetry.

Whereas Finch's face is almost always deadpan, his eyes are extremely expressive. I love him so. I love my characters, period. MUST DO THEM JUSTICE BY COMPLETING THEIR STORY.

I need to create detailed profiles for Chestan, Fieran, Rant, Anne, Deddedicht... the whole shebang. Not just drawn profiles, but written profiles as well. This would help for the animal characters I haven't drawn often.

Hmmm. Finch actually looks weirder from the side than he does full-on. At least he still has the bridge of his nose.
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I am grateful for my family and friends, always. I love you all!

We had a damn good dinner, damn good apple crumb pie.... Damn good everything.

Kat came over on Tuesday and spent the night. We watched House, a sexy program on supermassive black holes, the SNL episode with Hugh Laurie, and then spent a bunch of time on the Internet.

We're such dorks: Kat brought her laptop over, plugged it in under my desk, and we had a conversation over MSN Messenger while sitting two feet away from each other. YES. I also got her hooked on Gary Numan's "Crazier" - which reminds me, I still need to send that to Dana for her to check out. :)

I'm getting up at 8:00 tomorrow morning (got my alarm set), and Kat and her parents will be picking me up at 8:45 to head off to San Francisco; Jessica is coming as well. It'll be lots of fun, minus the traffic. Still, I haven't been to SF in a while. Pier 39 smells good. I'll be spending the night at Kat's.

Progress on 'Alliance of Disregard' is going very well thanks to those new Microns. I actually think it's almost graphic novel-worthy. I do know I'll use several styles in Brainsick: realistic for normal scenes, more surreal for Paranoid's hallucinations, Finch's psychotic episodes - stuff like that - as a means of visually differentiating what is real from what may or may not be real.

While working on the drawing last night, listening to Moby, I wrote down some details into Anne Hades' life (head of Aban-Buil, which is known as Hades Laboratories among humans (remember, 'tis pronounced [HAYDZ])). A lot of these details have to do with Finch, as well, but I won't say how.... SPOILER oh em geeeeeeeeeeee.
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I just spent about four-and-a-half hours saving animal reference photos to my laptop (while listening to Moby, The Smashing Pumpkins, tons of The Smiths and Morrissey songs a la SIRIUS 22, and a bunch of nifty trance stuff). Music is lovely. So are the photos! SO MANY PHOTOS!

(Speaking of that trance stuff, I heard part of a trance remix of Bronski Beat's "Smalltown Boy", which was very cool. It's a sad song.)

My animal reference photo collection has topped 2,000 photos - 2,178 to be exact. And it will keep growing. Whee!

Finished two more chapters of American Gods today; one more chapter and Part One is finished. Strange book, very imaginative and bizarre. I want to draw the eagle-headed tiger! I know I'm going to have to get my hands of some more Gaiman novels when I finish it.

I have decided that my next important computer-related investment will be purchasing a 512 MB flash drive, or one with around that capacity. Flash drives are so cool. I'm geeking out on them because of the flash drive Mrs. Sweeney uses to back up our files in ROP Computers. They're very small - around three or four inches long, a bit wider than a USB port - but extremely useful. Buying one would make transferring my photos from Dad's computer to mine SO much easier. (It would be easier still if my camera was compatible with my laptop, but ah well.)

I can't wait for Saturday, May 20. That means another big book sale, this year held by Longs Drugs. Last year it was held in front of the Red Wagon Restaurant. Last year, I bought six used books, full of animals. My favorite of them is a large and gorgeous volume on birds of prey. I hope to actually find some novels this year. Gimme some Thomas Harris, baby! I needs my Hannibal trilogy! It'd be cool to find more Koontz and King as well, and who knows, maybe some Gaiman books will be there, too. I need more books.

Spring break happens after just one more week! I will possibly be seeing Elsa, Monique, and Katlin over break. Monique will finally get to pick up her drawing (which is almost three years late), and Katlin and I will be seeing live barn owls; her mom works for a wildlife association. My camera and sketchbook will be very happy. Elsa and I will most likely watch some Lord of the Rings and, in general, act crazy like we always do. "ZIMBABWE!"

Hmmm. In total, I've been on the Internet for about five hours. GOD DAMN. I need to ride my bike again. What I'm really waiting for is summer, so I can swim. I swear I was a fish or a polar bear in a past life. Yeah, I hate the heat, but... SWIMMING!!! I NEED to swim! And eventually, Dad and I will be able to swim at the school's new swimming pool while Cammy practices soccer.

Hehehe stupid faux depression. Two weeks ago, when I got all emo over art schools again.... I should just keep my head up, finish my school work, and be confident. I'm almost out of high school, and dear God I can't wait to get out. I am actually very happy at the moment. My schedule change is honestly one of the best things that could have happened to me this year, even though I'd been skeptical about it at first. I'm back up to straight B's, plus one A (aerobics). I think it's still an A. Clay might actually be a C, because I work very slowly and carefully on my ceramics projects (meaning I haven't turned many in), and I hate using the glazes. Aunt Pam's glazes are much better.

Ms. Laughlin would like me to bring some of my originals to be copied at the school. She has a bunch of nice photo paper and will pay me for the copies. We have agreed that I won't bring any of my story-related drawings.

I'm still worried about getting all of my field hours in. The first five process journal entries are due this upcoming Friday. I've got three hours out of twenty down so far, and all three came from Portfolio Day alone. I missed going to the animal shelter with Noelle and Kat because of my food poisoning, and I can't go this Tuesday due to an orthodontist appointment. Hmmm. I'll figure it out. Seeing the barn owls should count as field hours, because they don't have to relate directly to your senior project subject... although barn owls do relate to Brainsick, because Celeste is a barn owl. Hee! I'll ask Mr. Carrow about it.

I'm writing a lot again. Oh noes! I think I'll finish by saying that I like my art so much more now that I'm in a better mood. I've finally taught myself that my art is my own, and I need to concentrate on heightening my skills instead of envying others' skills. The past couple of Christmas breaks meant art depression because I couldn't stop staring at work by 'better artists.' I know there are tons and tons of artists out there better than I am, HOWEVER, I have also realized that my work is going in a very different direction than those of my favorite artists, and I am developing styles suitable to the kind of work I will be producing as a professional.

Wherever I'm headed, I'll get there eventually.

Now, when I look at drawings by my favorite artists, I feel admiration for their work instead of feeling depressed about my own work not being up to par.

One more thing: this art school I'm interested in, Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, sounds absolutely amazing, but it is expensive. David Wetzl told me I could attend an art school straight out of high school, but the average age of an Art Center freshman is 24. Eep! My Aunt Debbie went there, however, and is encouraging me to try for it. It's a half hour away from my grandparents, too. Requires an essay on why you want to attend, and application fees are nuts.

Something will happen eventually.

It's 12:07 AM. I'm going to take a shower. XD

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