Hey ya'll!

Dec. 22nd, 2009 10:55 pm
arkratirma: (m16)
Quick update (quicker than usual): I'm home for the holidays!

Flew south on Saturday (probably the least stressful flight I've ever had, which was awesome), saw James Cameron's Avatar at the Esquire IMAX with Mom, Dad, and Cammy on Sunday, and hung out a bit with Katlin today. I'll be seeing her again tomorrow and will also be able to visit with Mindy.

Avatar is the most technically and visually sumptuous film I've seen to date, and it has a pretty damn good story to boot. I want to see it again - perhaps with Kat if she doesn't see it with her dad. <3 Will gush more about it later.

Got a new 500 GB Seagate external drive because I thought my WD drive was dying (thankfully, it wasn't, and I now have two backup drives for over 37,000 files) and VNV Nation's new album, Of Faith, Power and Glory, which is lovely. "Ghost" is now one of my top-favorite songs from those guys.

I fly back to Oregon on January 9th. I'm going to start calling friends up soon, probably right after Christmas or on Christmas Eve to make plans.

Love to you all!

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