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- of keeping silent when I'm home.

I've been home for three weeks; I fly back to Oregon on Saturday. I wish I could have another week off before starting class, but why bother? - I graduate in June.

I'm excited and horrified. I feel under-prepared.

Spent my first week home screwing up my sleep schedule. I'd go to bed at 5:00 AM and wake up anywhere between 12:30 and 2:30 PM. I was a slug, but a CREATIVE slug!

I began the revision process on Brainsick, and I am having a ton of fun with it. I must thank The Elements of Style and The First Five Pages for this endeavor, as well as multiple suggestions and critiques - old and new - from friends.

Yes, most writers revise AFTER their manuscripts are finished, but it can't hurt to start fresh with stronger ideas and plot form.

Rant's background is much more plausible; I can't wait to share this with my friends and readers (freaders?). Chestan and Fieran's situation is going to be more difficult, but more realistic. They NEED more realism.

I turn 23 next Thursday. 0_______0

Tiny update is tiny.
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I finished Chapter Four of Brainsick!

I wrapped up "Imminent Anniversary" with a scene between Chestan and Fieran, arguing about returning to Hades Laboratories. Before that, I ended the scene in which Paranoid is introduced to life in the Crufts' home.

950 words added for a total document amount of 30,195 words and 59 pages. "Imminent Anniversary" is a solid nine single-spaced pages.

Now I can finally focus on getting the story rolling, because our antagonist, Anne Hades, is introduced in Chapter Five.

I will post Chapter Four here in a cut when I can.

I am damn stoked right now. I need to brush my teeth and go to bed, and my eyes are tired despite my having drunk green tea a few hours ago, but I am so, so happy. I wanted to focus on writing yesterday, so I read the first chapter of Writing Fiction, reread Robert's short story, "Slim Chance", took a bike ride to unwind, and sat down for some serious writing.

Had a mini-quiz on Friday. Amy was our substitute, though she was originally set to teach the class in the first place. Kate was on a trip to New York or something of the sort. None of us was prepared for the quiz, as we'd come back from having the previous Friday off, and Kate hadn't given us our slides list of images we needed to know for the midterm. Amy assured us she'd tell Kate about our complaints.

Got some modeling done on Saturday. I made a simple face with sub-Ds, though it was a frustrating process... until I found my assignment sheet and took my Maya textbook out. Duuur.

Called Cammy Friday night to try and cheer him up. He's been bored and unhappy lately. He perked up a little when I told him I had a belated birthday gift waiting for him at home. :)

Whew, okay. Brush teeth, then bed.

I have Brainsick happies!
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"Compulsion" ~ Martin L. Gore (Joe Crow cover)
"Cocoon" ~ Assemblage 23
"Low Five" ~ Sneaker Pimps
"The Way You Treat Me" ~ De/Vision
"Ways & Means" ~ Snow Patrol
"Mama" ~ Genesis

Aurora had asked me if these songs represent the type of music Finch would listen to, but he hasn't had access to TV, radio, or the Internet for eleven years. Rather, these songs represent pieces of Finch's character: his self-disfigurement, his isolation, his discontentment with living in Hades Laboratories, and his paralyzing fear of Anne Hades.

The latter three songs are not to be listened to as if from Finch's point of view - but they fit beautifully for how Finch knows Anne wants him to behave around her.

I'm terrible. D:

But they're all to be interpreted in many ways, both literally and with a grain of salt.

The ending chorus for "The Way You Treat Me," sung quite plaintively, is suiting for Finch:

You say
You'll never leave me
You say
You'll always need me
And the way you treat me
Is acceptable

Anne is a bitch.

This snippet from "Ways & Means" struck me as Finch-inspiring as well:

Maybe I can do it
If I put my back into it
I can leave you if I wanted
But there's nowhere else that I can go

Maybe I won't suffer
If I find a way to love her
I'd be lying to myself
But there is no way out that I can see

Just something of possible interest to my friends and readers. I've added a bit to Chapter Four, and I feel confident I will complete it before I return for winter term.


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My visit with Elsa today was lovely. I waited for her at Dollar Tree (which she works at now) and spotted her after about ten minutes or so. We hadn't seen each other since last summer, before I moved up to Oregon. She treated me to a smoothie at Jamba Juice, then she directed me to her stepmother's house.

I nearly missed the driveway, which Elsa had warned me about: "As soon as you see the house, it's too late." *grin*

Her stepmom's is run by three adorable bulldogs: Brody, Kona, and Bizzy. Bizzy is the eldest of the three, pure white with yellow eyes, very friendly. Kona is a skewbald puppy, and Brody is a snuffly male French bulldog. They're all very sweet.

We watched Nim's Island, which is a pretty damn cute movie. Fred the bearded dragon FTW. XD Also: lol agoraphobic Jodie Foster.

We spent a lot of time just talking in Elsa's room, and when she figured she'd ought to feed me, we decided to head to La Bou's for a baguette. It was near closing, so I just picked up a muffin. Elsa suggested tea at the Peet's Coffee in Bel-Air; she treated me again and got mango frattes (spelling?) for us. They're basically mango-flavored frappuccino-type drinks, I think is what Elsa told me. We enjoyed the treat in-store and I shared my muffin with her. Kat called to confirm her visit tomorrow, and shortly afterward I said goodbye to Elsa and headed for home.

Made a mistake at the intersection: I didn't realize that u-turners have the right-of-way if and when they have a green light. I didn't see that green light, because I needed to turn right, but I should have payed more attention because I got honked at. Gah. I told myself not to stress out about it, and asked Mom about it when I got home. I drew a diagram for her of the situation and she confirmed that the u-turner had the right-of-way.

I've also confirmed an ATC swap with my good friend [ profile] robertsloan2. He's going to get my ATC Paranoid, LH:R-14, and in turn, he suggested creating a hummingbird ATC for me. Oooh this is an exciting prospect! My first cross-country trade. :)

Plus, I will be swapping that barn owl ATC with [ profile] shyrofox for something unnamed as of yet. *grin* No worries, Alex - I don't mind what you make for the trade. <3

I've been talking with Dez via Messenger for a while, and she's inspiring me to get a few paragraphs - at LEAST a few paragraphs - written for Chapter Four of Brainsick. It will happen!

Tomorrow, Kat's dad will drop her off, she'll spend the night, and typical Kat-Jill insanity will ensue.

OH AND KAT: I'm recording Little Children tomorrow! Me and my damned fascination with creepy.... Yes, and Mom confirmed that "You see a WHOLE lot of Kate Winslet." OH NOES SHIELD MY EYES!1

Saturday, Mom and Dad will take me to an early dinner at The Red Wagon, then I'll have Cali over for some good ol' House-watchin'.

I think that, so far, this has been my most successful break in terms of making plans to see friends. I still have one more week to plan for, too!

...Oh, and I was mistaken when I wrote earlier that TFAW's Watchmen costs one dollar less than what Cammy bought it for from Amazon: it's two dollars less. DAMN I ROCK AT SIMPLE MATH.

Or perhaps I can blame the astigmatism in my right eye...?


Love to you all! <3
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...and I'll look down and whisper "No."

I began reading Watchmen Wednesday night. I've only finished Chapter One and Chapter Two, and it's already fucking astonishing.

Answer me this: how many graphic novels do you know of that are on Time Magazine's 100 Best Novels list?

The story and art are unparalleled.... I hope Brainsick can be half as inspiring and influential as Watchmen has been (although, yes, I am very aware that what I am writing is quite different from Alan Moore's genre, save from psychological complexity in my characters, and Watchmen has been around since 1986).

...I'm just really pissed at myself because I looked forward through the novel to check out the art and learned Rorschach's true identity. ULTIMATE ANTICIPATION-OF-MYSTERY FAILURE.

Regardless of this error, I will still enjoy the novel. I hope it will bring me knowledge of and inspiration for this medium I aim to pursue for at least two of my stories. I'm going to continue reading it tonight.

I find it endlessly fascinating that Moore created a vigilante whose face mask is an ever-changing complexity of inkblots, hence his handle: Rorschach, a nod to the psychological test. Rorschach is a violent character, but - thanks to my eagerness to look ahead in the novel - I have an understanding as to why.

I talked with Brandon (!!!) last night on Messenger, and we had fun geeking out over all kinds of comic-y stuff. I also finally watched all of "Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" starring Neil Patrick Harris, and it's BRILLIANT. NPH rocks. (He can play a completely convincing straight guy so well.) So does his Dr. Horrible, because Dr. Horrible has a Ph.D. in horribleness.

Today, Dad and I drove down to Wilsonville to pick up my custom-built desktop from Fry's. We met up with Brenna at Gateway and she was very grateful that we were there to pick up her belongings; I was happy, too! I can't wait for our flight in just one week.

And now for a tale of computer joys and computer woes.

My custom-built desktop was nearly a dream-come-true: it was BLAZING fast, probably the fastest damn system I've EVER used. I kid you not, it went from On button to desktop screen in what must have been thirty to forty-five seconds. It had a duo-core processor and it ran faster than Dad's quad-core desktop at home, mainly due to the fact that its OS was XP Pro. Also, I asked for a clean machine, no added crap like game demos and trial programs. The sole shortcut on the desktop screen was Recycle Bin.

We got a blue screen error before I installed Webroot; after installing that antivirus software, the computer booted up again without any problems.

Activating XP Pro, however, proved to be another issue. That's right: Fry's did not activate the operating system for me. As Dad learned after calling them back (once I had a new installation key after calling Microsoft), Fry's doesn't even have in-store Internet access. Well, no big deal, right? New installation key, all good to go...?

Yet more problems. There was a miscommunication between Dad and our sales representative, and my desktop came home with us without a wireless card. No Internet access at all. We drove all the way back to Fry's, got a wireless card, and Dad and Cammy picked up laptop cases.

Back home, Dad installed the card. Internet up and running.

After I tried installing my printer software, the machine began going into blue screen fits again. Dad did a system check on it and after waiting more than an hour for the check to finish, it still came up with blue screens.

My would-be-lovely mutt desktop is going to be euthanized tomorrow, returned to Fry's for a full refund. I will get a Dell XPS desktop of some type that is already completely built and ready to go either in-store or online. I can get a preinstalled downgrade to XP Pro on the 630. Windows XP is still the safer way to go when it comes to system compatibility with Maya.

Damn you, Maya.

And, no, we have never had any trouble with Dell computers.

Just finished another fun conversation with Dez. Need to kick my ass into gear for my "Advanced" Image Manipulation final. Must take photo of columns at Ankeny Square for From Caves to Cathedrals.

I am going to be a better student next term.

I really want to be a better student.

I want to write Brainsick, write ALL of it, and THEN worry about edits.

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Headed down to Auburn with Mom around 1:00 today. Off the Record has relocated to a lot just a few stores down from where it originally was. It's smaller, but oddly, it has more CDs now.

I picked up Peter Murphy's Deep (that man's voice is DIVINE), The Knife's Silent Shout (AMAZING album), and the Sneaker Pimps' Becoming X (also very good). I'm going to rip them onto my laptop so I don't have to worry about transporting CDs up to Oregon.

I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER. I can't believe half of my break is already over.... Argh. But! - I feel better, and that's what matters. Spending the first week and half (almost) just drove me nuts.

SO! Last night, I introduced my good friend Dez (doom-weasel of dA) to VNV Nation. The first song I sent her was "Epicentre", one of my top favorite songs of theirs, and a top favorite song, period. I was playing it off of my Brainsick playlist... which is playing again right now. (We'd been discussing Brainsick a bit prior to my mention of VNV Nation.)

Her reaction (after "MOOOOOOOORE"):

If we by some miracle both become lesbians someday Jill, we are getting married, and we are playing this song at our wedding. >=[

XD!!! I was laughing HYSTERICALLY after I read that.

Dez considers herself asexual as I do, but hey, who says that means we don't have a (strange) sense of humor? I love Dez. <3 That almost tops our "I CAN HAS CHEESEBURGER?!" conversation from a couple months back. *grin*

We both love Massive Attack. She wrote that, when she learns how to use Flash, she wants to make an opener to Brainsick with "Angel" playing in the background. HARDCORE AWESOME.

I'm talking with Alex right now. <3 Much less than three! We're geeking out over computers and such.

I've been frequenting lately. Tonight, I learned that Golfrapp's "Strict Machine" was apparently inspired by lab rats... and, as i reread the lyrics, I thought, My God, no wonder this song is on my Brainsick playlist!

Mom, Dad, Cammy and I are going to Bodies Revealed in Sacramento tomorrow. Exhibits of real human bodies and such. It'll be awesome for photo references... I hope photos are allowed!

Veeeery early this morning, after Dez went to bed, I sketched a scene with Finch and Anne in my Brainsick sketchbook. It illustrates Anne's mind games, and Finch's intense fear of physical contact with his superior.... "You might like it" is Anne's statement, soothingly purred - as Finch shudders in horror. Her advances are not strictly sexual, but they terrify Finch nonetheless. She prefers psychological abuse over physical abuse.

Getting emotion down with my characters is crucial to Brainsick's further development. Finch's relationship with Anne is extremely uncomfortable.

ANYWAY. Back to my sketchbook!
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...I lied. We left late. Around, what? - almost 8:00, I think? Madness!

But because we didn't leave at the time we'd planned on leaving, I got to finish this trippy dream I had about my friends in some kind of sports store. I didn't get it, but it was enjoyably odd.

I wanted to pack some Koontz and King books with me, but I didn't. I had also wanted to take my bristol and marker paper pads with me... but I didn't. And I forgot to bring my smoothing milk (hair gel) and face moisturizer. Ahahahahadumbass.

Grandma Ruthie is doing relatively well, but she has changed a great deal since we last saw her at Christmas. She needs help walking and her hands shake when she lifts them. She's on a slow-drip morphine system. Lew visits her every day, though, and that brings so much joy to her face. I've given her lots of hugs, and Grandma Ruthie always appreciates hugs. She gets hugs from us all.

In case you were wondering, NO, I am NOT insensitive to others' relationships. Grandma Ruthie and Lew are very special to one another.

Lew also brought a bunch of taped Bob Ross shows, and I LOVE Bob Ross. Happy trees!

Happy belated Easter / just another Sunday in April!

Lots of good food yesterday. I watched Happy Feet again with Mom, Grandma Ruthie, Dad, and later Grandma Jo and Grandpa Jeff. I worked on Brainsick and have decided that Dante's puppyhood was not a happy one, though he now lives with kind and responsible owners (they've kinda overfed him, though, so he's one pudgy beagle). I also added a bit more to Big Head's biography and then drew a picture with him and Dante together. They're pretty much intellectual equals and enjoy friendly battles of wit.

Big Head is fun to draw. He's a scrawny cat with a huge noggin, is egotistical and argumentative.

Aunt Debbie and Uncle Gary's little terrier mix, Razzie (short for Razmataz), is staying with us, and I've taken her on a few walks already. She doesn't listen very well, but she makes up for that with sheer cuteness. She's a blast to watch when you throw her tennis ball across the yard.

Nick visited us again yesterday, and I relearned a term I'd heard before: CRS. "Can't Remember Shit".

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I really don't know what I do to have such odd dreams.

This morning's dream dealt with me impersonating a seventh grader, aliens and robots, and flying.

I love having dreams in which I can fly.

Drove with Dad to GV; he went to Riebes (or however you spell it) while I walked over to Walker's. I bought another sketchbook (9" x 6") and a Pentel marker.

Had a minor could-have-been-an-accident just before getting off Idaho-Maryland Road: I was ready to get over to the right, but was waiting for an older man to speed up. But when I slowed down, so did he. When I sped up, he followed suit. I gunned it up and to the right, but Dad said I cut him off.


I'm dangerous!

Then, while parking in the Riebes parking lot, my foot slipped a little as I was moving into a space. I have a tendency of using my left foot for the brake, but Dad has been telling me that - until I get my driver's test over with - I need to use my right foot for both the gas and the brake. I was also wearing sandals, which might have had something to do with it.... Sigh.

Driving feels good, but sometimes it sucks. I need to be more observant and cautious. Maybe even more aggressive in some cases.

I decorated my new sketchbook with Paranoid. It's going to be a second new Brainsick sketchbook. Whee!

HOLY CRAP I FORGOT TO MENTION SOMETHING. I'm going over to Kat's tomorrow, and I'm bringing One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. HELL YES!
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Yesterday I woke up to a phone call from Katlin. Not long after getting off the phone with her, she dropped off two gifts: a hummingbird bookmark and a 1,000-piece puzzle featuring a shaman woman with hummingbirds. SQUEE! She picked up the first season of House (which I'd borrowed before Christmas) and I gave her a decorative birdhouse onto which I drew a barn owl; it's for both Katlin and her mom, Mindy.

I don't deserve such awesome gifts! I MUST DRAW MY HAND OFF NOW. Seriously. There are... so... many... fucking... things... I... need... to... DRAW FOR MY FRIENDS! (Ya'll probably hate me for saying that over and over - believe me, I HATE procrastinating, but I do.) And I've been lax on portfolio work the past few days as I REALLY want to add to Brainsick... but I MUST get my application in soon. I want so much to be accepted, live with my relatives in Oregon, be productive and creative. We have the money now thanks to Grandma Ruthie. All I need to do is finish the drawings and shortass essay.

Last night, I drew one of Brainsick's minor characters: WLD12. She is one of Depravity's 'reject siblings' from a concept Jason suggested. WLD12 is of considerable intelligence, but her face is severely disfigured and earned her her nickname, "Slack-jaw" - she also has weak limbs. I'll share some sketches later. I drew little Jackal (one of the seven cats) on the same page, being vicious as usual.

I listened to Gary Numan's "Dark" on repeat and drew an anthro version of Paranoid above Jackal and WLD12. Looks pretty neat.... Again: ballpoint + markers + whiteout = LOVE. "Dark" is fantastic, and great background music for Brainsick-related stuff, seeing as how Paranoid views Euthans as gods or false gods.

So, yes. More Brainsick scribbles should happen tonight, AS WELL AS gift / trade sketches. DAMN ME.
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WIN! =

Heh, yeah, just thought I'd point this site out. =P I think I smell future wallpapers....

Draco's snuggled against my chest. He's so freaking cute.

I'm pretty much 90% done with my glorified Brainsick character sketch collage thing. It focuses on the main characters / those characters who are the most plot-important: Paranoid, Lily, Finch, Chestan, Fieran, Rant, Depravity, and Gap. All the birds - Celeste, Char Coal, Memory, and Hema - have been included, because they're awesome. I looove working with ballpoint, markers, and white out. Love love love.

Gap is fun to draw, poor thing. She has a deep, pit-like scar over her forehead close to her left eye, which is blue. Her right eye is brown and permanently dilated. She has pretty markings and blends in well with her environment. Despite her mental deficiency, she is very fast and easily eludes capture. Woo hoo! Oh, and her tail has a kink in it and is held to the left.

SO, I'll go finish that up. I want to sketch more in my sketchbook, too.... And make more portfolio stuff.
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Life is like a box of chocolates. A cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that nobody ever asks for. Unreturnable because all you get back is another box of chocolates. So you're stuck with this undefinable whipped mint crap that you mindlessly wolf down when there's nothing else left to eat. Sure, once in a while there's a Peanut Butter Cup or an English Toffee. But they're gone too fast and the taste is... fleeting. So you end up with nothing but broken bits filled with hardened jelly and teeth-shattering nuts. And if you're desperate enough to eat those, all you got left is an empty box... filled with useless brown paper wrappers.


"Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man" is a great episode. XD I copied the quote from IMDb, and it's probably not exact, though I did watch this episode again a few hours ago.

I began glorifying an old Brainsick sketch last night, and I really like how it's turning out. I began a life sketch of Lupin today, but she moved when Draco jumped off of his window perch in the dining room. Later, Draco pooped on my bean bag, so I removed ALL the foam beans into a box and two fresh-scented trash bags (they really do smell wonderful) and washed the bean bag cover. It's so brightly colored again!

Anyway, about this glorified sketch: I hope to finish it soon. It's pretty neat, done in ballpoint, Prisma markers, and white out. It's nothing like what that link above will lead you to, ha ha.

Um.... I have officially seen around 80% of The X-Files. Win!
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Thanks again, Dana! Your edit definitely worked. I'm listening to their 6 Feet Underground album. I'm only on the first song, but GOD, they're so good.

Second song now. *pseudodances* And on and on. I love how each of the songs is over four-and-a-half minutes long.

A bit of Brainsick news: I began writing an excerpt from Chapter Five, "Breakout", sometime last year, and earlier tonight I edited it to fit Fieran and Vex in. Chestan can't rescue a 230-pound dog by himself, after all - he's too lanky. Also, I changed 'Finch' to 'whitecoat' throughout the excerpt, as Chestan and Fieran do not know Finch's name at this point. That happens a couple chapters later. And at this point, Chestan is too pissed at Finch to care about calling him by his name, though Chestan is polite by default.


In a graph paper notebook, I have begun drafting the pages in comic layout. The first page looks pretty neat, but I still need to develop my paneling skills. I'll post the sketches here soon. I'm working directly from the text document, so drafting in comic layout is relatively easy.

On the first page, one of the dogs looks a lot like Lupin. Awwww. <3

Okay, so that would be a BAD thing. Hades Laboratories = PURE EVIL!

Wooo! I feel happy.

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WOO FINALLY. I'll hear back from them in three or four days.

Like Dad kept saying, it really is unnerving how many times they want you to give your SSN.

There was one really annoying thing about the FAFSA: it does NOT tell you that the federal school code(s) you need is(are) for what school(s) you MAY be attending. Here I was trying to find BR's school code, and only once I was almost done filling out the FAFSA did it tell me to find the code for the school I hope to attend, the Art Institute of Portland. Way to go for making that so clear, bastards.

I sent an e-mail to Melissa telling her the news, and thanked her again for all her help. I also asked her a question about the 'official copy' of my high school transcripts: do you need to pick up an extra copy from your school, or can you simply copy your transcripts with your copier?

Anyway, I do feel better about getting it in. NOW TO WORK ON PORTFOLIO SUBMISSIONS!

Yesterday, Dad and I headed up to GV and stopped by The Pet Mine to pick up some waxworms - 'candy' for bearded dragons and other reptiles, high in fat and only to be offered as treats. We noticed a young water dragon as we were talking to the girl picking out our waxworms: "He's free," she told us. Someone had dumped the poor guy into one of their cricket containers, probably unable to care for him, and he had a small notch in his upper lip. Dad said, "That's so tempting." He asked the two employers working around us if the water dragon could be housed with a bearded dragon; "No, water dragons are tropical." We wished the best for the little guy. I really hope he finds a good home.

Yeah, I can easily imagine how Mom would react to us getting another lizard, even if it was free like Draco was. Dad is glad he decided against getting a baby beardie from Jim.

Talked with Jason over Messenger last night - we discussed lots of plot-stuff for Brainsick. The Internet crapped out on me later on, and I could not reconnect. For a short time this morning, it was still not working.


Fun day!

Feb. 10th, 2007 10:37 pm
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I saw Pan's Labyrinth again with Brandon, Fidget, and Carlye today. It was even better this time, because I was able to make connections as I watched that I hadn't made the first time I saw it. Mom still wants to see it, and she planned on seeing it tomorrow; I think I'll take advantage of that and SEE IT AGAIN! Woo! All the better to make more fan art for that contest... though the deadline is the 16th, and I've procrastinated on it. As is Jill. Geez.

Heh, and today was the first time I used my CA ID since getting it... over three years ago. YES.

After the movie, we went to Carlye's house for pizza (and cheesy bread sticks!). And I have now experienced the extreme fun to be had in holding chinchillas. SO CUTE. They seem to be made of pure fluff. Ellie arrived later, and we all had fun playing with Clover, Carlye's border collie / Australian shepherd mix.

We gathered around the table again for chocolate pudding, then drew parodies of Pale Man on notepaper. Good times. Talked about lots of things in the living room later (though I mostly listened), then Fidget, Brandon and I left around 10:00, give or take. I was dropped off at the fire station, where Mom and Dad were waiting. And Lupin is woofing in her sleep again. Thought I'd point that out, because it's adorable. Woofing and growling.

Something that makes me happy is that I feel a bit closer to Fidget and Carlye now. I never felt distant from them, but I usually only saw them during parties. They addressed me several times in our discussions and that was awesome. See, when I finally got up to the drama room sophomore year, I made new friends quickly, but I'd shy away from my friends' friends, thinking I might be 'stealing' them. That's just me, I can be pretty reserved. Anyway, today was lots of fun.

I added a bit more to Brainsick last night, and today before leaving for the movie, I drew an updated character sheet for Depravity.

Also, I have a final draft composition for the bottom half of a new drawing I've been working on for a while, "Leave My Fears Unrealized". It's an update of my oldie "Assuage Me of My Fears". Woo, creative re-titling. XP
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Got to hang out with Karena today! She called around 10:00, so I drove with Dad to 84 Lumber, a halfway point between where I live and Auburn, and met her there. Karena and I headed to the park for a while and swung on the swings there: that brought back memories of elementary school. *grin* We visited some dogs at the pound, then watched several episodes of The Simpsons at her place. Her cats are so cute, too - extremely fluffy. I had a good time.

I've been adding to Brainsick's history for the past couple nights, and I now know how Chestan and Fieran discovered Hades Laboratories, which is HUGE. Improvement! You can't just have some random siblings who love animals suddenly wanting to free victims from a secluded animal experimentation facility: there needs to be a HOW they found it, and I have that now. w00t!

Mom is coming home tomorrow from my grandparents'. She sent us an e-mail not long ago, saying Grandma Ruthie still has a positive attitude about her cancer. That should help Mom just a little bit, too.
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Created a new Brainsick drawing to better introduce the creepiness that is Anne Hades. I set Goldfrapp's "Crystalline Green" on repeat in my CD player and made something I am now very happy with.

(Tangent: you know those creepy Target commercials that were playing all through Christmas-time? "Fly me away on an aeroplane..." and stuff like that, with children and toys and snow? That song is a commercialized version of "Fly Me Away", also by Goldfrapp. Whee! Heard it yesterday as I was cleaning my windows.)

"Crystalline Green" is a gorgeous song, very easy to listen to over and over and over. It's also dirty, which is why it suits Anne Hades. She's a freak. I don't mean the type of freak we're used to seeing as someone's appearance, but the type of freak who's incredibly twisted upstairs. The song isn't particularly dark, but it works so well with her character.

I still don't know what to call the drawing, but I loves it.
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Drove to Auburn (with Dad, of course) on Tuesday. He returned his bike and bought a new bike as I browsed Off The Record. They reorganized their selection, and it seems to have grown since I was there last.

I found the Dark City soundtrack in the used section for $7.99. It includes the original soundtrack and songs from and inspired by it (this includes Gary Numan's "Dark", which is killer.) I also bought VNV Nation's FuturePerfect album, which is STUNNING. I already had some of the songs on it, but having the album itself is so much better. (Not to mention better sound quality.) Plus, I like its lyrics booklet. I'd considered buying Massive Attack's Mezzanine album, but went with VNV Nation.

I now have both the album and instrumental versions of "Carbon".

Brainsick profiling continues. Finch's sketch page is done, and I began improving Chestan's sketch page last night. A few hours ago was last night. GEEZ. Added other practice sketches from Getty Images stock of a female profile and a female eye. Mmmmhumanpractice. Must continue sketching humans.

Went on a great bike ride with Dad yesterday, roughly three miles round trip. Took it nice and easy, mainly because Dad had to, but he did really well and I gave him a big hug when we got back. He loves his new bike, and even customized its handlebars to be more comfortable for his arms and hands. He wants to ride every day now around noon, which is a good time to ride bikes. Yesterday was sunny with a wonderful breeze. OMG BIKES.
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Got to do some driving today (and yesterday! woo!). Picked up two Prismacolor markers, two sheets of nice, large art paper, and a pad of graduated grey papers (for tonal studies) at Ben Franklin Crafts. Dad bought an Ionic Breeze-type air purifier that was on sale, then we headed to K-Mart. He bought a mountain bike so he could ride with me more often, but he will be taking it back tomorrow. We started off on a ride to the mail boxes when he realized the gears were screwed up on his bike; he went back home from Tom Ray and I continued on my ride. I love riding my bike, and it's too bad I'd neglected it until just last month.

I researched portrait-drawing sites last night and found a couple that looked very helpful. I subscribed to the second for a free lesson. It'll help when I need to draw from live models.... Nyeh!

The sites are The Art Academy and Portrait Artist (.org).

Inspired by the lessons I looked over, I drew an improved profile of Finch. He looks so odd, being noseless and what not. ('What not', regarding Finch's odd appearance, includes naturally pointed ears and naturally elongated canine teeth. He'd make a great vampire.) Also drew a detail of his left eye, which has two distinct black stripes under the pupil. I love asymmetry.

Whereas Finch's face is almost always deadpan, his eyes are extremely expressive. I love him so. I love my characters, period. MUST DO THEM JUSTICE BY COMPLETING THEIR STORY.

I need to create detailed profiles for Chestan, Fieran, Rant, Anne, Deddedicht... the whole shebang. Not just drawn profiles, but written profiles as well. This would help for the animal characters I haven't drawn often.

Hmmm. Finch actually looks weirder from the side than he does full-on. At least he still has the bridge of his nose.
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Hugh Laurie won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Series (House)!

"...and you all smell of freshly mown grass."

I'm done geeking out.

Sketched a portrait of Anne Hades (full name, Stockard Anne Hades) last night. She's the head of Hades Laboratories, or Aban-Buil as Paranoid and other ferals call it. She's spooky. She's beautiful, but brutal. And bald. Beautiful, brutal, bald. ALLITERATION RULES.

(She's evil, and she's forty-nine, but looks as if she's in her thirties or even late twenties. Again, spooky. Seems the workers in Hades Laboratories have some sort of anti-aging gift.)

Draco spent a couple hours perched on my chest, held by the vest I'm wearing. He's now in his terrarium, warm and snuggly.

Created another one-tenth scale drawing for the heights of the main human characters in my sketchbook.

AND! - Brainsick chapter four ("Imminent Anniversary") is almost two full pages long. It sounds pretty good so far.

RANDOM GOOD NEWS: I'd 'lost' my California ID a long time ago, and two forms of ID are required for me to get a bank account with WaMu. I found the godawfulugly thing in my BoA folder (in which were a bunch of now-useless papers); looking at this thing almost makes me look pretty now. 0__o

Well, now I can go see Pan's Labyrinth without a parent, heh. Still need to see it... going nuts... shutting up.

More Brainsick creativity is going to happen tonight! Must practice more huuumaaans.
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I am grateful for my family and friends, always. I love you all!

We had a damn good dinner, damn good apple crumb pie.... Damn good everything.

Kat came over on Tuesday and spent the night. We watched House, a sexy program on supermassive black holes, the SNL episode with Hugh Laurie, and then spent a bunch of time on the Internet.

We're such dorks: Kat brought her laptop over, plugged it in under my desk, and we had a conversation over MSN Messenger while sitting two feet away from each other. YES. I also got her hooked on Gary Numan's "Crazier" - which reminds me, I still need to send that to Dana for her to check out. :)

I'm getting up at 8:00 tomorrow morning (got my alarm set), and Kat and her parents will be picking me up at 8:45 to head off to San Francisco; Jessica is coming as well. It'll be lots of fun, minus the traffic. Still, I haven't been to SF in a while. Pier 39 smells good. I'll be spending the night at Kat's.

Progress on 'Alliance of Disregard' is going very well thanks to those new Microns. I actually think it's almost graphic novel-worthy. I do know I'll use several styles in Brainsick: realistic for normal scenes, more surreal for Paranoid's hallucinations, Finch's psychotic episodes - stuff like that - as a means of visually differentiating what is real from what may or may not be real.

While working on the drawing last night, listening to Moby, I wrote down some details into Anne Hades' life (head of Aban-Buil, which is known as Hades Laboratories among humans (remember, 'tis pronounced [HAYDZ])). A lot of these details have to do with Finch, as well, but I won't say how.... SPOILER oh em geeeeeeeeeeee.

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