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And by the 60s, I mean cool, overcast Oregon weather. <3 It's supposed to be up in the 80s tomorrow, but today's storm front is purely gorgeous.

It had begun to cool off at Mom and Dad's during my last week and a half home: the 80s were a welcome relief from the high 90s to low 100s we'd had earlier. I flew home to Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry's yesterday and was greeted by slate gray clouds, intermittent sunshine, and a slight breeze. LOVE. I felt joyous coming home with them. I feel good about summer session and am going to do the best that I can with my assignments.

Yesterday, I enjoyed being lazy and getting my stuff reorganized for the new term. I did a bit of cursive writing with my Hunt Crow Quill dip pen, bummed around the 'net, listened to music, and downloaded Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 onto my desktop.

This copy of Office had been sitting in my room, unseen, in Mom and Dad's old TV stand. I found it while cleaning up several days ago and thought, I wonder if this has any activations left on it? I packed it in my duffel bag to take with me. Sure enough, Office can be activated up to three times with one disc, and I was geeking out over having it on my desktop. Now I can edit my writings on this machine and on my laptop.

I left my laptop with Mom and Dad yesterday at SMF so I could get through security more quickly. We were late, and once I got to my gate I learned I was THE last person on Flight 409. An older couple asked if I wanted a seat, so finding one wasn't stressful. I'd been in the A boarding group too, haha. Grandma and Grandpa are going to bring my laptop along with some other supplies when they drive up here in about a week from tomorrow.

After a nap, I took a bike ride up to Beeson, stretched, and tried to do artsy things. Today, I painted four sweet peas that I picked from the bunch growing by the gate. I'll post them here when my laptop is back; I don't feel like moving my printer to the desktop at the moment.

I tested the pepper gas Mom gave me outside a few hours ago. I'm going to carry it on me while walking home all this term as a precaution, though on Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll have Grace to walk with. As I've told myself before, I'll go Rorschach on anyone who tries to harm my friends or me.

Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry are in the shop fashioning fir boughs into handsome walking sticks with their Dremmel drill. They suggested I could make one for myself if I have time, which I'd love to do. I'll see how my free time works out.

Just a cheerful post. I need to finish Trials of Death (fourth book in Darren Shan's Cirque du Freak series, on loan from Aurora) and start The Vampire Prince. This series is SO much fun.

ALSO: angry Walter makes me happy!


Snatched from none other than jeh_fans.


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SO! The Internet is up on Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry's computer AND on my desktop computer. I will check my laptop soon to see if I can connect with it again.

Unfortunately, it appears that I damaged the newer router's jacks when removing its cables (when Robin had me take the router and modem into my room to try to temporarily connect to the Internet for Remote Access); the cables do not snap into place as they should. Uncle Larry hooked up the older router and got everything settled! He realized that the cables may have been improperly connected to the older router, so there was probably no need to buy the newer router in the first place. I still felt bad and asked if he'd be able to get his money back for the newer router, but he said it was no big deal.

Talked with Dad briefly. He asked how Uncle Larry was doing before I got on the phone, and he's going to call back soon.

Dad needs a hip replacement. His left hip has a tiny margin of 3/8 of an inch of cartilage between the hip socket and ball joint, but his right hip is bone-on-bone, just as his right knee had been.

Dad also mentioned that I could probably teach him a lot of new technical computer things thanks to my three-hour phone conversation with Robin yesterday. Wheee, I'm learning! - AND I'M NOT EVEN IN SCHOOL!

...Although that's going to change in a handful of days, but I'm relishing my time off, brief though it is.

OH OH AURORA! I read Tunnels of Blood the night before last night! :D Darren Shan's Cirque du Freak series is a lot of fun: easy to read, yet exciting and bona fide page-turners.

Murlough is a creepy bastard, but... cool at the same time. :3

I can read the fourth book now!

Today is overcast and wet, so I may settle down and start Little Children later on. I want to READ more! Draw more, write more.... If there are more sunny days ahead, I want to get the gang up for a hike to the butte, too.

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