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Woke up at 5:something and 7:something this morning before getting up at 9:00. Mr. Gibbs had woken me up at one of the two earlier times, meowing outside my window for food. Pesky, adorable cat, that Mr. Gibbs.

My dream was very vivid, and sad. I don't know what brought it on. I was at a house similar to our old rental in Weimar, looking out my window at the Buick. Three young boys were inside it and around it; I yelled "Hey, you can't do that!" and ran out to confront them. I noticed their eyes were bloodshot and rimmed with tears. One of them told me they'd lost their family. Last thing I remember about the dream is comforting the boys with a hug - big group hug.


Today was warm and gorgeous (though too warm in Portland by the time class was out). I got Draco out to his big cage and picked some dandelion leaves for him. After rinsing off the Buick's pollen film, I sprayed the area around Draco's cage with the hose to help keep him cool until I got home.

Hung out with Melissa and Jacob before class, trading laughs and sharing sketchbook drawings. Offhand, I mentioned the "MER" dinosaur I'd drawn on the wall; a boy sitting to my right asked me about it, telling me that he'd seen a bunch of students trying to decipher that creepy smile. I told him it has no real significance and is simply meant to be creepy. Commence the Old Greg quotes! XD

Creative Writing was pretty cool. Got some good feedback from my group, and Aurora and I had fun discussing our characters as usual. Josh noted that we speak of them as if they were real people, but that's hard not to do when you're really attached to them. When Julia handed back last week's assignment, she asked me specifically to fill her in on some missing scenes from the story, so she could help me more efficiently with it.

After saying goodbye to Aurora, I went to Everyday Music and picked up Sounds Of The Universe. Hit some rather bad traffic, then tended to Draco once home. Had a big salad of spring greens, feta cheese, Craisins, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Rinsed the Buick off again and brought Draco out to the backyard to soak up the setting sun's rays. Napped with him briefly before getting him back into his terrarium. I love Draco so much. <3

Sounds Of The Universe is quite good. Not Depeche Mode's strongest effort, by any means, but a good listen in my opinion. Its published reviews have mostly been negative, but like I said - new DM grows on me quickly. "Wrong" and "Come Back" are my standouts. I also am quite fond of "Jezebel" - the only song Martin Gore sings on his own.

Going to add a bit more to my Intermediate Modeling homework. Will finish it up tomorrow before class.

Shit, I say "GTFO!" to dA and now I'm a junkie for LJ. That's how it goes, I guess.
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Wrapped up my Creative Writing homework around 11:45. Woo hoo! I want to keep this up: complete my homework, THEN have fun and bum around on the 'net or sketch and listen to music. Whatever floats my boat.

Don't make me quote "I'm On A Boat"!

The first day of Intermediate Modeling was incredibly slow, but first days for any class are slow to begin with. That class is PACKED: twenty-four students. Our teacher, Aaron Sturgeon, is a lot of fun and went into long-winded rants on practically everything we'll need to know about the tools we'll use in the class. Phil sat in to watch how Aaron taught us.

During break, I got a strawberry yogurt-covered granola bar. Phil was by the vending machines when I came in and soon asked, "Ya happy to be out of my 3D Modeling & Animation II class?"

"Oh, I'm just glad to be out of the class, period." Then I thought about Aurora's heads-up on D grades no longer being passing grades.

Phil told me that a D- will not pass the class.

"Oh good! I got my plus." Yaaaay.

I'm really looking forward to Quick Sketch tomorrow (...later today, heh) with Aurora and Grace. Lee White is an awesome, awesome teacher.

I'd have had my GPS yesterday, but I guess Uncle Larry wasn't home at the time the USPS person came to drop it off. Ah well. I can pick it up from the post office after class if need be.
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I've got a shit-ton of catching up to do in terms of turning in assignments for regrading in 3D Modeling & Animation II. I know where I want to go with my project, but I haven't been able to lavish as much attention on it as I'd like to thanks to my other classes.

Writing and drawing have always been extremely important to me; I've been trying to do well in Creative Writing and Character & Object Design as a result. But Creative Writing has put my other classes on the back burner. Maybe it's because I've been tying Brainsick into my assignments: I get my homework done while adding more depth to my characters' histories. Win-win situation... if only for that class.

This upcoming Monday, I have to be at the school for only ten minutes for my Creative Writing conference. This is wonderful (not in terms of having to drive all the way TO the school for those ten minutes) because I don't have to worry about writing anything this week and can focus on my Maya crap, my characters, and completing my midterm Anatomy & Movement project.

Monday will be fun: Aurora, Grace and I are going to hang out at the mall (WHAT?!) for lunch and to browse various quirky stores. We all ate at The Roxy again last night and had a blast in Za's class (I got stared at for laughing hysterically... several times... over this kickass little drawing that Aurora made - it's a mashup of some of our characters) beforehand.

(New inside joke:


To save myself an extra trip to town, I am going to leave early Monday morning (7:00 or so, to be safe?) and get the Buick through DEQ so I can go to the DMV and purchase new license plates and all that jazz. I still really wish I could have transferred the plates I'd purchased for the Voyager; new plates for the Buick and getting the car licensed in Oregon will be another $100 or so. Ah well. Better than getting pulled over, no? My current plates expire this month (or by the end of this month, anyway).

After my car business is taken care of, I'll attend my conference (I kind of look forward to hearing Julia's reaction to my short story's final draft, even though I didn't get to where I'd wanted with it), and then hanging out with my friends.

KAT! <3

I apologize for not having called you back yet. I've gotten your three past messages, though, and they really made me happy. I'll try calling you sometime Monday! We'll have a lot to discuss, I know it. :) Thank you for your condolences on Grandma Jo; the same goes to Karena and Ellie. <333

I am going to tackle my Character & Object Design assignment tonight, get it as out of the way as I can while producing good work. I can do it! I plan on turning in previous assignments for regrading in this class, too.

"Tear down the wall! Tear down the wall! Tear down the wall! Tear down the wall...!"


Heh, "The Trial" is classic. That goddamn judge is so terrifying....

Aurora keeps sending me hilarious drawings by e-mail; I never know what I'm going to get next! (I can guess, anyway....)

The "post-Election Day shame" bit refers to something I regret: I was not registered to vote prior to the 4th. I am still not registered.

I am very happy for Obama's victory and would have voted for him, no questions asked. I'd have read through everything thoroughly, of course, but I knew I would have voted for him anyway had I been registered. I found it beautifully elegant and admirable that Obama and McCain had such gracious words for each other at the end of this long campaign.

I could not vote for Obama. I could not vote against Prop 8 (America sure loves its bigotry). I know better now. I will register before Obama's term ends. May it be a damn good term.

Having seen the uproar following Obama's win, it gives me chills knowing how significant his win is. It's truly, truly awe-inspiring.
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I learned last Thursday that cancer has been confirmed in Grandma Jo's liver. She's opted for chemotherapy.

I'd been so excited about Halloween and being with my friends I'd forgot to mention it.... I need to send my thank you card to Grandma and Grandpa soon. Mom, Dad, Cammy and I are going to drive down south to visit them during my upcoming break.

Hung out with Aurora after class again today. We discussed our stories and characters, made fun of Twilight, and traveled several blocks up and down the Pearl District trying to decide where to have lunch before settling with Baja Fresh again. We delighted over various classic films outside in the chilly air.

And... this is too hilarious NOT to read. I'm certain the author of this article is secretly one of Stephanie Meyer's rabid fangirls (or fanboys?) in disguise.

The article is titled Stephanie Meyer: A New J.K. Rowling?,9171,1734838,00.html

...Just... WOW.

Wait, check THIS out:

But it is the rare vampire novel that isn't about sex on some level, and the Twilight books are no exception. What makes Meyer's books so distinctive is that they're about the erotics of abstinence. [...what?!] Their tension comes from prolonged, superhuman acts of self-restraint. There's a scene midway through Twilight in which, for the first time, Edward leans in close and sniffs the aroma of Bella's exposed neck. "Just because I'm resisting the wine doesn't mean I can't appreciate the bouquet," he says. "You have a very floral smell, like lavender ... or freesia." [Christ, Edward might as well be a vampiric HUMMINGBIRD. ...FUCK, NOW I NEED TO DRAW THIS.] He barely touches her, but there's more sex in that one paragraph than in all the snogging in Harry Potter.

[Okay, um.... This is railing on the article's author, but did you catch how the above paragraph begins, and how it ends? Whether the sex actually happens or whether it's implied, IT IS STILL ABOUT SEX "AT SOME LEVEL."

...I'm having fun. Sue me.]

It's never quite clear whether Edward wants to sleep with Bella or rip her throat out or both, but he wants something, and he wants it bad, and you feel it all the more because he never gets it. That's the power of the Twilight books: they're squeaky, geeky clean on the surface, but right below it, they are absolutely, deliciously filthy.


No, I have not read Twilight, but I've heard plenty about Meyer's horrendous writing and her sparkly vampires (or crystal golems-masquerading-as-vampires) and her priss-ass protagonist to know that I practically DID read the novel by reading this article. Oh, how I LOLed!

Here's what I figure I just MIGHT do: I just MIGHT read the first chapter. I really am terribly curious about Meyer's writing. It's supposed to be like reading a twelve-year-old's fan fiction, or at least that's what several artists on dA have said (even if dA is full of ~drama, these comics are vastly entertaining).

Here's one of the most highly respected / reviled parody comics of the series:

Aurora and Skull got into a mild argument with Didi about Twilight today in Creative Writing, which was kind of amusing.

Also, we finally got our second assignments back, graded. Got an A-. It doesn't disappoint me, but I think my first assignment (which got an A) is by far the weaker piece of writing. Granted, we're given only one full day to complete these writings, but... still. It was really an exercise - for me - in trying to create a voice for the superintelligent chimeras in the story.

Most of my group - except Aurora - were confused as to what a chimera is. Ah well. =P

That is not meant to sound condescending. I guess they hadn't known about the traditional Greek chimera....

My hands are very cold. Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry lowered the thermostat to save on energy.

Hell, I'm wearing a t-shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, long pants, socks, and my slippers... and my feet are cold, too.

I hope Grandma Jo isn't in pain.... That's what I can pray for, for the time being.
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First, the fun that was yesterday.

I hung out with Aurora during our Creative Writing class after Julia had the class go out to eavesdrop on people. Yes, you read right. It's actually an exercise in Writing Fiction: we eavesdrop on any conversation, write down what he heard on the whiteboard, and then pick three quotes and incorporate them into a story. That was yesterday's exercise, odd as it was. Aurora had me follow her to Peet's Coffee, where I got a Berry Pomegranate Tea... Fradde? It wasn't a frappe, anyway.... Whatever the hell it was, it was divine.

We went to Powell's afterward. In the cafe, I pulled down a copy of Watchmen to show Aurora. She's hesitant on buying it because she thinks her mom might end up buying her (her mom is way into comics and graphic novels and such), but she does want to read it. Tried listening in on people without being conspicuous, but I just ended up making something up to write on the board back in class.

OH, and Aurora gave me her drawing of Rant! It's absolutely adorable: Rant is snuggled up with a random dog on a recliner, and Char Coal is watching over them. I want to frame it.

I sent her the finished chapters of Brainsick via e-mail, and what I've completed of the fourth chapter thus far. I read various sections of the chapters aloud to myself today, which was fun. I tried to come up with unique voices. I am sorry to say I can't do Cockney very well unless it's exaggerated and Monty Python-esque.

In the Student Commons, I met up with Grace, Alyssa, and Vivian for our Anatomy & Movement group project. Helped Grace by coloring the muscle overlays she'd made as she color-coded her drawings of the human skeleton. After Alyssa and Vivian had left for their classes, Aurora invited Grace and me to her apartment. She picked up groceries from the Safeway on Jefferson, and then we were off across the bridge to her place.

It was a lovely visit. Aurora cooked some beef and broccoli for the three of us and Grace was able to scan her work with Aurora's scanner. Also, Aurora gave me two books to read by Darren Shan: Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare and The Demonata: Lord Loss (each is the first in its respective series). Aurora told me I'd probably love Darren Shan's writing, and I figure I can squeeze in reading time by reading on the MAX.

Grace and I boarded the MAX from the stop near Aurora's apartment. Grace left at Third, and I continued on to Gateway. Pleasant ride home, unlike earlier that morning: I'd been stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic for a good fifty minutes thanks to an accident north of Foster (Exit 17). Thankfully, I wasn't late for class. (Oh, that reminds me: Julia couldn't get our previous assignments back to us because she's caught a cold. Blast.)

At home, I got cracking on my dog skeleton color-coded diagrams. For the sake of urgency, I ink-traced images from Eliot Goldfinger's Animal Anatomy for Artists, which I'm borrowing from AIPD's library. Gorgeous reference book.

As for being melancholy... I keep having dreams about Lupin.

This dream was particularly vivid, fraught with tiny details: observing two tiny, black feathers suspended in a spider's web, braced between twigs of manzanita; embracing Lupin and feeling her fur and seeing her happy face; observing a young boy watching a Don Henley music video ("Dirty Laundry" - I don't know if it actually has a music video).... It was incredibly real.

She was escaping from someone, or several someones, but I don't remember whom. I don't remember if they were my family or just dream-spawned creations. Lupin had dug a tunnel underground to use in her escape, and I remember crawling through some kind of door in a tree and meeting her in a field behind a building. We ran away together, away from harm.

As I cooked my egg for breakfast this morning, my eyes began watering once I had recalled what my dream was about. This was the first time in many weeks that thinking about Lupin made me feel the way I'd felt when Dad told me she was going to be put down.

I don't think I mentioned the second dream I had about Lupin within these past couple months. I may have. Bonnie and Craig were trying to comfort me over their decision to put Lupin down, but I couldn't stop bawling.

Uncle Larry's home. I prepared some ground beef and tomato soup as Aunt Pam had asked me to do in a note she left, so I'm going to have some dinner.

After dinner, I need to add at least two more pages to my short piece with Fieran, Chestan, and Rant to turn it into my Short Story 1 for Creative Writing.

Halloween is on Friday. If I had the right supplies, I'd totally go to school at Rorschach. Alas, I am bereft of trench coat, purple pinstripe suit, white scarf, proper gloves, lifts, and, of course, "my face."

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