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Woke up at 5:something and 7:something this morning before getting up at 9:00. Mr. Gibbs had woken me up at one of the two earlier times, meowing outside my window for food. Pesky, adorable cat, that Mr. Gibbs.

My dream was very vivid, and sad. I don't know what brought it on. I was at a house similar to our old rental in Weimar, looking out my window at the Buick. Three young boys were inside it and around it; I yelled "Hey, you can't do that!" and ran out to confront them. I noticed their eyes were bloodshot and rimmed with tears. One of them told me they'd lost their family. Last thing I remember about the dream is comforting the boys with a hug - big group hug.


Today was warm and gorgeous (though too warm in Portland by the time class was out). I got Draco out to his big cage and picked some dandelion leaves for him. After rinsing off the Buick's pollen film, I sprayed the area around Draco's cage with the hose to help keep him cool until I got home.

Hung out with Melissa and Jacob before class, trading laughs and sharing sketchbook drawings. Offhand, I mentioned the "MER" dinosaur I'd drawn on the wall; a boy sitting to my right asked me about it, telling me that he'd seen a bunch of students trying to decipher that creepy smile. I told him it has no real significance and is simply meant to be creepy. Commence the Old Greg quotes! XD

Creative Writing was pretty cool. Got some good feedback from my group, and Aurora and I had fun discussing our characters as usual. Josh noted that we speak of them as if they were real people, but that's hard not to do when you're really attached to them. When Julia handed back last week's assignment, she asked me specifically to fill her in on some missing scenes from the story, so she could help me more efficiently with it.

After saying goodbye to Aurora, I went to Everyday Music and picked up Sounds Of The Universe. Hit some rather bad traffic, then tended to Draco once home. Had a big salad of spring greens, feta cheese, Craisins, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Rinsed the Buick off again and brought Draco out to the backyard to soak up the setting sun's rays. Napped with him briefly before getting him back into his terrarium. I love Draco so much. <3

Sounds Of The Universe is quite good. Not Depeche Mode's strongest effort, by any means, but a good listen in my opinion. Its published reviews have mostly been negative, but like I said - new DM grows on me quickly. "Wrong" and "Come Back" are my standouts. I also am quite fond of "Jezebel" - the only song Martin Gore sings on his own.

Going to add a bit more to my Intermediate Modeling homework. Will finish it up tomorrow before class.

Shit, I say "GTFO!" to dA and now I'm a junkie for LJ. That's how it goes, I guess.
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Sounds of the Universe shall be released in the US this Tuesday!

Until then, enjoy their new single, "Wrong", and its video:

Nothing wrong at all with this baby.

Time to watch it again.

Most of the songs are already on YouTube, so I'll give them a listen. New DM tends to grow on me regardless of what I thought about it during the first listen.
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Got up at 5:00 this morning, got to AIPD a few minutes before it opened (at 7:00). Spent the hour before class started finished my collagraphs. I'd brought all my collagraph materials with me yesterday to finish them up before 3D Modeling... then realized I'd forgotten my plates. Ooooh I was pissed.

However, 3D Modeling was quite nice. I got good feedback on my textures, and Phil said that it's really coming along. Woo hoo! Yesterday focused on lighting, and I better understand how to create light now. I'll get to it in my project tomorrow and this weekend.

After class, I met up with Aurora and Grace in the Commons. Aurora and I shared our silly meme drawings (for - what else? - that silly and damned distracting OC meme floating around dA), and eventually we all headed to The Roxy. I got a BLT and fries. I was hungry: I finished my entire sandwich and my fries (though I shared some with Aurora). Grace got two scrumptious-looking, gigantic blueberry pancakes - I must try them one of these days.

OH, yeah, back to today. Got my collagraphs done, tested a "rainbow roll" (rolling two or more colors together with a brayer on an acrylic panel) on my Sleep by Windows linocut (turquoise and violet look fantastic together, if I say so myself), and was generally productive. Trip was the second student in class and said, "I see I'm not the only one who has work to finish." Indeed!

Do what you have to.

Seeing everyone's prints was wonderful. There are some wickedly talented printmakers in this class!

Later, as Amy had us start our monotypes, I nicked my thumb with one of the larger V-shaped linocut gouges; Amy had me follow her to the teacher work room and got me some band-aids and a styptic sheet, which stopped the bleeding almost immediately. The band-aid is off now and the skin looks like it's already beginning to close up.

Mmmm, blood.

ANYWAY, I am SUPER excited for April 20.



Goddamn I want to see them in concert. Someday. Someday!

Echo & The Bunnymen's Ocean Rain is a lovely album. <3

Currently listening to their debut, Crocodiles.

Hoooly crap, Watchmen is released in two weeks!

Aurora, were we planning for a midnight showing? If so: kickass!

I just love non-sequiturs.

...I was going to mention something else, but I forgot what it was. Maybe that my nap-dreams are bizarre?

EDIT: Wow. Earlier tonight, I had my first experience dealing with a Trojan virus. It came from an MP3 index.

I love you, System Restore.

Happy ending! :D
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Oh, and I decided to snatch this from Shawna. :)

'What will your obituary say?' at

_ _ _ _ _

God, I wish I could see Depeche Mode in concert. SIRIUS 22 played their One Night in Paris concert (the 2001 Exciter tour) a couple hours ago and it was incredible.

What I found interesting is that Martin Gore sang some of the songs David Gahan usually sings: his rendition of "Sister Of Night" was gorgeous - just Martin and his piano. The songs came from several of their albums, including older albums such as Black Celebration. Good stuff. Now I'm itching to buy the DVD.

Our leave for the hotel has been rescheduled to Monday; Grandma and Grandpa aren't coming until Monday. Imagine the shock Mom and Dad would have suffered seeing that they would have to pay for our rooms! Oh noes!

Later sometime this month, I suppose, Mom and I are flying down south to visit Grandma Ruthie, and we'll check out California Adventure. Cool.

Got my transcripts today, and a postcard from Dannie (it has a Humuhumu nukunuku apua'a on it!). I need to write her back! She'll be back on the 29th of August: she said we should hang out. I wish I could see all of my Colfax friends more often. Once I'm driving, I'll be able to. All of my friends, that is. Dad says we'll get on it once we're back from the hotel.

I WANT TO WRITE GAWDAMMET. I've lost my muse. Brainsick is at a standstill. Makes me upset. Grrr.

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