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Before Kat calls around 12:00, I'm (possibly) going to head into town with Mom and get my hair trimmed. I do so love shorter hair.

But yes! - going to make an epic journey up to Chico tomorrow with Kat as my guide. <333 I'm spending the weekend there with her at her apartment, then heading home early Monday morning. Got a cleaning appointment at Dr. Molina's office at 1:30 in the afternoon.

WE SHALL GO SWIMMING AND TUBING AT THE SACRAMENTO RIVERRRR. I haven't been swimming since the first week of summer term. We shall also have EPIC CONVERSATIONS and swap music and such, but it'll be fun and new going so far away from home with Kat.

Suffering from a one-two punch art/writing block. This always happens during break. :| Tried drawing my fantasy beasts and Finch to no avail, though I did make a couple nifty ATCs. I'll share them once they're scanned. One is a lion done in acrylics via an impasto technique.

When I flew home on Saturday the 19th, Mom, Dad and I stopped at Target and I saw Jason. I hung out with him and Terra Sunday evening and got Jason caught up on Brainsick, and also read a wonderful short piece from his creative writing class. Made my way home with the TomTom.

Been spending good time with Draco and Gimpy. <3 I took Draco down to the creek again today and had fun watching him swim and scamper over the rocks through shallow water. Draco actually swims very well; he puffs himself up by swallowing air and uses his tail as a powerful rudder. IT'S SO CUTE. Gimpy was affectionate this morning and curled up on my lap as I was watching an episode of The X-Files, "Our Town" (which, believe it or not, I hadn't seen before). Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease with Chaco Chicken and cannibals!

The only bummer about heading up to Chico with Kat is that we'll be my ol' ghetto van. The air conditioner stops whenever you accelerate. Hurm. Ah well.

The weekend shall be epic nonetheless!
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It's been a while since I last posted, so I felt I should update quickly before diving into my Creative Writing revisions for my chapbook (which is due on Tuesday).

I'm registered for my classes - finally. Thankfully, none of them was completely full, so I got all the classes I wanted. Here's the thing: each of them is a night class. Four night classes, four days: Monday through Thursday. It's going to be expensive on gas again, but I think I'll enjoy my classes. They are Illustration on Monday; Lighting & Texture I on Tuesday, with Grace; Storyboard on Wednesday; and Biomechanics on Thursday, also with Grace. Each class runs from 6:00-9:45 PM.

After class yesterday, I came home, got Draco's heat lamp set up for him, took a shower, fed Draco some dandelion leaves, and then took him to The UPS Store in Oregon City, by the Fred Meyer I frequently shop at. He was completely calm on the ride there in his little plastic storage container; Uncle Larry had drilled holes in the lid for ventilation. Draco took it all in stride and simply looked around at things from inside his box. I'd lined it with a towel to make it soft and more comfortable for him.

When I brought Draco inside the store and said I needed to have a pet mailed, a young girl - probably around Maddie's age or slightly older - saw him and said, "Whoooooa!" Two sisters working at the store were stunned with his size and kept complimenting how beautiful he is. An older woman, whom I'd spoken with over the phone last week, was also impressed with Draco. She called her uppers to confirm that they could mail Draco; small reptiles are really the only pets that can be mailed via UPS. Draco was just as calm in the store and I kept stroking his head and back and offered to let the sisters pet him, too. Their brother recently got a baby bearded dragon, and I had fun answering all of their questions about Draco.

Draco's clear box was set inside a slightly larger cardboard box filled with packing peanuts (they're breathable) and punched with holes. The total cost was... a lot: $115. This is due mostly to Draco's Saturday delivery to Mom and Dad's. The price I had initially been told was $65; Dad had been told $40. Whenever I mail Draco back up here (I may have him stay with Mom and Dad for my summer term, but I'm not certain yet), I'm going to mail him on a weekday.

But hey, it's my money and Draco is worth it. <3

Dad got a new, used terrarium for Draco and filled it with red Calci-Sand. Beardies test their surroundings by licking: this sand will supplement his calcium intake. Dad also got a giant hissing cockroach for Draco to eat; at the pet store he went to, an employee told him that they're highly nutritious for beardies. Draco chomped its rear off and then finished it off with huge bites. Mom and Dad watched him and Dad was yelling delightedly as Mom gagged. XD

I talked for a while with Grandma and Grandpa yesterday. I let them know that I'm taking good care of the Park Avenue. Grandpa is so funny: he still wants to take the Park Avenue back and give me the 2008 Buick Lucerne. Aunt Pam said "[That car] is too sporty for old people." The back window is difficult to see out of.

I love my Park Avenue. I thanked them again for the car.

Grandma and Grandpa are going to visit during the last week I'm home, and then they're going to come up to Oregon to see Katelynn. I can't wait to see them again!

Well, enough is enough. I'll try to get photos up of recent artwork when I'm off.

Also, I have decided that I am going to keep all of my Brainsick work OFF of deviantART. I may even keep my art off, period (or just post school work?), but stay to keep in touch with friends. After reading about a friend's wrongful banning from the site (even though she was going to leave anyway) and the "artwork" she found, I feel all the more disgusted with that site. It's been going downhill for a long time. I admit it would be hard for me to leave entirely, simply because I do have several friends I want to keep talking with there.

It's not just what happened to my friend on dA that makes me want to keep Brainsick (at the very least) off of dA; Lee began Quick Sketch on Thursday with a fantastic discussion on copyright laws, including the infamous Orphan Works Act. If passed, this bill would allow any company to use an artist's artwork if they could not locate the original owner of the work they wanted to use. Bascially, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you publish on the Internet is in danger of this bill.

This article describes the Orphan Works Act in a nutshell.

Besides, with Dad's friend, Erik Petersen, building me a professional website while I'm home, dA is going to fall into periphery. Mr. Petersen can encrypt my work, disallowing anyone to copy it. If saved, the artwork would show up as a pixel. ...That doesn't stop people from using Print Screen, but I could also watermark my work.

Maybe I'll leave Elfwood, too. Hell, my art has been on that site since I was in seventh grade!

Lee also told us about Photoshop's tagging ability, which allows an artist to add descriptive tags to his or her work, identifying it as copyrighted to that artist.

...Okay, NOW enough is enough.

I hope you're all doing well! I look forward to seeing lots of friends when I come home! :D


Instant edit: I deleted my Elfwood account. It was a fun site, but I rarely used it anymore. My last post, besides one recent post a few months ago, was in 2005.
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Completed two of four pages for this week's Quick Sketch homework. I've finished my birds and mammals pages; just need to finish sea life and insects (though I'll probably add some reptiles).

Speaking of reptiles, Draco is coming home with me for summer break--though I'm going to send him off a week earlier than my flight date (which is Saturday, June 20). As odd as it sounds, I am going to UPS Draco to Mom and Dad. Aunt Pam will be occupied with her work, Uncle Larry with looking for a job; Draco would not be able to get much attention at all if he stayed here, and he'd keep Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry from enjoying the beach house for the 4th of July.

Joe, Dad's friend whom we got Draco from, used to work for UPS and assured us that they're very meticulous with shipping pets safely, and that they do it frequently. Draco will have an overnight trip and will be delivered directly to the front door. I bought a storage box with locking latches for him to travel in; just need to cut ventilation holes in the lid. I'll make sure he's well-fed before sending him on his way home. Come travel time, it will have been two years since he's been home in California.

Going to get a start on my NURBS modeling homework shortly. I figured a Prismacolor marker would be good practice.

Took a walk up to Beeson Road yesterday, and rode my bike up the same way and a bit further along Beeson itself today. Draco got to enjoy his big outdoor cage again. We'd had gorgeous weather: it got to be nearly 70 degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to hit 80... which is too warm for my liking.

I want to go swimming really, really badly.
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Draco meme

I made this around March last year. Thought I'd post it for fun. And because Draco is precious!

This post is also an excuse to use the silly Stork icon I made. Watched the first episode of Storm Hawks via YouTube. Fuck that is a FUN show.

Tomorrow (er, later today) will be academically productive. Yesterday, I dusted my shelves, did a load of laundry, walked to Beeson, talked with Cammy on Messenger (it was good to talk with my brother again), and got all caught up with The Dreamland Chronicles.

Cammy watched and really enjoyed Little Children, but he actually didn't care for Sarah or Brad much at all, and wishes the movie focused more on Ronnie.

Although the "date scene" kind of scarred him - but that's to be expected from practically everyone who watches Little Children.

...Yay Jackie Earle Haley! :P

OH! Speaking of JEH, check out this photo of Rooooorschaaaach because HOLY SHIT it's AMAZING.
Teeheehee JEH is a tiny li'l bastid.



I haven't even had caffeine.

Let it be known that one of my resolutions this year is to attempt to develop better sleeping habits.

But I don't think I'll achieve them. D:

And I actually got up at a rather decent time yesterday morning: just before 10:00! That hadn't happened in, what, more than a month?

That's it. Time to brush my teeth, then bed.

Or brush my teeth, then sketch, then bed?

Or sketch, brush my teeth, and finally--

*is hit in the head with a cinder block*



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AIPD was canceled today due to the severe weather we're experiencing at the moment. It's 19 degrees (F) outside (not the coldest I've experienced, though I still haven't been in negative degree weather yet!) and extremely windy.

My visit to Aurora's yesterday had to be canceled as well, but, watching the news with Uncle Larry, I felt safer just staying home. There were spin-outs occurring left and right and all Portland metro area highways had a snow chains requirement. There are snow chains in the Buick's trunk, but I've never driven with chains. Something I'm sure I'll learn to do sooner or later.

The power was out from around 11:30 last night to 6:00 this morning, during which time the temperature in the house got to be in the 40s. I was worried about Draco, so after getting up at 1:00 and talking with Aunt Pam a bit, I felt for Grandma Ruthie's blanket in the dark and placed it between Draco's terrarium and the wall to help keep the cold out. He's safe and sound. His head is up, but his eyes are closed. :)

I spent a good ten hours (on and off) yesterday scanning and printing my original work in my Character & Object Design assignment book. Za is offering a 3% raise to our final grade if we replace all the originals with copies and put the digital files on a CD (mine ended up being a DVD, heh). I thought I should go for it. My maquette is practically finished, but could use some more fine detail work.

Creative Writing will not be rescheduled, so it's officially done. As Aurora wrote to me, I'm glad we both read our stories last week; those who did not read will have their grades figured out without the readings.

I'm going to keep checking my student account throughout the day, and get studying for my Anatomy & Movement final (which should still happen on Wednesday). Assuming Character & Object Design isn't rescheduled for tomorrow - by any chance - I have tomorrow off.

And I had scones for breakfast. Mmmm!

I let the Buick run for a while, and I am all the more grateful that I have this car from Grandma and Grandpa. Even though its doors were frozen shut (had to try to gently force them open), it did not struggle to turn over at all, and warmed up quickly. Kickass.

Just a quickish update.

...I wanna go run around in the cold again!


Oh, and Aunt Pam told me that a tanker tipped over on 205 early this morning. Eeeesh. Had school not been canceled today, Uncle Larry would have had me carpool with him (which I appreciated a ton).

EDIT: I forgot! Grandma Jo's liver surgery has been rescheduled to tomorrow; she and Grandpa Jeff were able to get in earlier than expected. :) Grandma will be in my prayers tonight.
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I think I tried to have Draco hibernate too soon. Several minutes ago, I heard him licking his lips (because, yes, I know what Draco sounds like when he licks he lips!); I peeked inside his terrarium and the little guy was awake, alert, head up and everything.

I've got his heat lamp on him now, and he's halfway out from under his rock cave. Poor bub! I shouldn't have assumed that he was ready for hibernation, but this is not an exact science. It's generally been around mid-October. Friday the 17th is when I decided he was probably settling down. Perhaps my music has been too loud - one of my speakers is sitting atop the dresser that Draco's terrarium rests on.

Right now he's looking in my general direction. Draco really does seem to respond to my voice at times. I have to go to bed in about forty minutes, but I'll let Draco warm up for a while, see how he reacts.

Editing my peers' assignments for Creative Writing. Giving it more effort the night before rather than the day of, ha. I will edit my first assignment according to my peers' crits and suggestions. In Writing Fiction, the authors state that you should never defend your writing, always take critiques with an open mind, stuff like that.

Aurora wrote in a recent e-mail that she'll have her drawing of Rant to me tomorrow! I so look forward to seeing it.... I'll try to get some doodles of Malask and Danny done for her in my sketchbook until I can get a nice piece of art finished for her. :) I'll bring my Utility sketchbook to class for Character & Object Design on Thursday.
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Yesterday, Dad and I picked up the remaining hens from Danielle's house (where it was hand-numbingly freezing), and we fed the three roosters and the turkey. The poor things were starving, so Dad also scooped several handfuls of food into the box we transported the hens in.

Drove on the freeway for the first time, got off on Bell. I was nearing Airport Road (around that area, whatever the exact name is) when I noticed a Doberman in the middle of the road. It began trotting right in front of me, so I swerved to the right and the dog safely made it to the other side of the road. Dad kept telling me how well I handled the situation: I must have rather strong inborn evasive skills. The dog was alright, and I didn't hit any cars; it's the best of both worlds. I let Dad drive after we picked up three Papa Murphy's pizzas, however. I was a little shaken following the dog incident.

Picked up goodies and cake at Pak 'N Save, got home, took Draco out to sun, and began cleaning. Kat arrived first, followed by Brenna, then by Karena and Keith. Alex was dropped off by her mom, Katlin by her boyfriend, and Michaela dropped by for a while, too. Watched some Internet videos, the first episode of House, then, after Katlin and Michaela had left, Karena, Keith, Kat, Alex and I all gathered back into my room and played Cranium. FUN, fun game. I should get it sometime.

I'm happy that a relatively large group of friends showed up, but I wish I'd have contacted more of my friends from Colfax. Karena and Keith are both very mellow compared to most of my BR friends, and I could tell they felt more than a little weirded out being around such boisterousness. Dad saw this, too (he commented that you're both very mature). But I'm glad you two showed up, along with everyone else. <3 I had a fun birthday.

Draco is snuggled between the back wall of his terrarium and the nifty piece of driftwood he likes to perch on. I've got the heat lamp on him. He ate nothing yesterday, despite what I offered, but I figured this was probably a good thing: he was constipated today. =/ Thankfully, he gobbled up some crickets! I need to get some spinach for him, because the lettuce we have does not have much nutritional value.

I hope to Brainsick-storm tonight, or at least do something relating to my characters....
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Because I'm a dork and completely forgot that some of my friends are still in school, arriving anywhere between 2:00 and 4:00 is fine. XD

I need to get my license and go to college so I can get my sense of time back.

Draco is sunning on my windowsill. He's been very active today, thanks to the sunniness outside. And he finally pooped; poop is a good sign. Right in his terrarium, so it was easy to clean up. He's been jumping, running around the house, looking at every thing there is to look at - it's so fun getting to play with him again.

I realized something: Draco didn't brumate for four months; he only brumated for three months. Crazy lizard. <3 October 12 to November 12 is roughly one month, 11-12 to 12-12 another month, and then 12-12 to 1-12 (he was close) is a third month.

Watched three episodes of The X-Files last night: "The Unnatural", "Soft Light", and "Synchrony". HOLY SHIT. "The Unnatural" has some of THE funniest scenes of the entire series. Still have it on the DVR.... *grins widely*

Dad and I were going to drive to Danielle's house to pick up more chickens, but he decided that doing so is better left until tomorrow, because we'll be picking up pizzas, cake, and other goodies early in the morning. Danielle is in Alabama with her parents, helping to take care of her mom. I called her cell phone earlier today and talked to her for a short time.

It is SO much fun watching Draco run around the house. His tail curls high in the air, his legs churn like pumps, and he sometimes stops to bob his head several times. He's adorable. He hasn't eaten any crickets yet, which is nuts because he usually gobbles them right up. I plan on feeding him some more peas in a bit.

My room is nice and clean now, but it needs to be organized. I have loose papers all over the place.

And now to eat some lunch and brush my teeth, then take Lupin on a walk.
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Yep, you heard right! My baby is finally awake after his four-month brumation!

I noticed it right before Karena called me today; Draco was out of his rock cave, forearms perched on the cave's top, eyes bright. I was overjoyed and surprised: brumation can last for up to five months, so I was expecting that he'd wake up next month or even in March. He began brumation on October 12, 2006.

He got to take advantage of today's sunlight, but that's one thing I'm curious about: if we get rainy days soon, will he feel the need to brumate again? I'll see how things go. I'm just so happy I can hold him again, talk to him and feed him. He ate some peas and lettuce before Jason took me to Brandon's house. He's perched on my shoulder right now.

Talking with Karena was a lot of fun. We're both completely non-busy at the moment, but I let her know that I'm going to try to have a birthday party.

YOU HEAR THAT, KIDS? PARTY! I'll try, because I really want to get friends together. Kat suggested that friends come over on the 12th and spend the night to the 13th, my actual birthday.

I was happy Karena called. I wish I'd have called her, but I was able to confirm that the phone number I had for her hadn't changed. Either way, it was awesome.

Jason arrived around 12:00, and I packed up my laptop, cords, tablet, and sketchbooks so we could Brainsick-storm with Brandon. This never actually happened, but we had fun playing video games and watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (I haven't played the game (though I helped Cammy buy it ages ago), so I didn't really understand what exactly was happening, but the graphics were pretty). Whee!

Brandon! Have you read Brainsick yet? :3 No rush, but the better to Brainsick-storm!

Squeeee. Happy day.
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...because I'm sitting cross-legged in my chair. I do that a lot.

SO! I'll get this damn car thing over with eventually. I used to have dreams about driving when I was little, and in my dreams it was always so simple. GAH!

Kat and I are talking on MSN AND playing LJ comment tag at the same time. We rock!

My mood has definitely improved since Wednesday. It's amazing how easily discouraged I am. But what made me so upset is that Dad told me I failed my written test BEFORE I got it back. Believe me, if he hadn't told me that, I'd have taken the failure much more lightly. You either pass or you fail. Once he told me I 'definitely didn't pass', the possibility of passing was outweighed by two 'chances' of failing. I know he didn't mean to hurt my feelings, and he apologized later that evening and told me how much it breaks his heart to see me cry, but - oh well. I'll just take it again when I'm ready.

Thanks again to the comments for the last post, they really helped; thanks also to Ellie, Kat, Tina, and Jason for talking on MSN. That made me feel better, too, and I actually got some doodles done (including pre-fanart for Watership Down!).

Something cool that happened from those conversations: I kept mentioning how cars suck and I should just sprout wings and fly places; early Thursday morning (that's when I went to bed) and had a dream about flying. It was back in my yard in Weimar. God, we had such a gorgeous view there, and I'd always longed to be able to fly over our yard and straight down to the American River. In my dream, I was able to fly over many familiar places, but at the end of my journey, I came across not the American River, but a foggy beach seemingly near an ocean. It was a beautiful sight; I wish I had more dreams like it.

And I have finally begun reading again! I am almost to chapter five (or Fit 5) in The Plague Dogs, and my God, it's amazing. Amazing. I watched the movie again last night, too (while Gimpy slept in my lap), and was able to note the similarities and differences between it and the book up to Fit 3. Reading is one of my favorite things to do, but I hadn't read in a long time. Oddly, I've read the first chapter of The Plague Dogs three times; the first two times when I borrowed the Auburn Library's copy, and for some reason I'd never been able to get into the book after that. Now that I've passed Fit 1, I'm making sure I read regularly.

It's fun trying to pronounce the tod's speech; he's understandable in the movie, but check this out:

"Haald yer gob! Them lot o' th' fell, kidder! If ye got ne nose, ye got lugs, ha' ye not?"

"Ay, time we wor away hyem."

The above is easier to understand than some of the tod's other lines, but the more you read it, the more you understand him. I like reading his lines aloud to see if I can get that "lilting rogue's jargon" right.

Today was gorgeously cloudy: at around 5:00 PM, I decided to take Lupin on a walk to the mailboxes and back. I wish we'd taught her to heel; Lupin may have been the runt of her litter, but she's eighty pounds of pure muscle and likes to pull on the leash. At least she's not as bad as Honey, one of Aunt Pam's dogs: Honey pulls so hard on her leash that she chokes herself and gags up milk-white mucus. Eeesh. Lupin kept a fast pace, so I got a good walk. The TreadClimber prepared me for that, it did.

Oh, and for some Draco cuteness: last night, I was letting him crawl around on my floor, and he nuzzled under my beanbag - and slept there for a few hours. I got him up and put him on my lap as I read more of The Plague Dogs, then put a towel over him so the lamplight wouldn't bother him. When I was done reading for the night, he was completely konked out; I put him to bed on the towel and he didn't wake up at all. He's so FREAKING cute.

Dad's friends Jim and Rick (brothers) are visiting, and Dad and I have gotten them interested in House. This means I've now watched the first and second season three episode three times each. OH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

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Today was a nice day. Took care of the pets, walked while watching The X-Files, and sketched Draco being ABSOLUTELY FREAKING ADORABLE.

I let Draco crawl around on my bed earlier today, in the afternoon. He kept trying to jump up on the walls, so I laid a pillow down for him to be a bit higher. Then, he found... Turnip. That crazy hand puppet that Brenna and Jason got me for my birthday. Draco began scratching at Turnip's belly (like he does in the sand in his terrarium when he's ready to sleep), nestled in across the puppet's legs, and stuck his face into the extra pillow I put on the bed.


He kept so still that I knew what I had to do: grab my sketchbook and begin sketching. So I did. I rather like how the sketch turned out; I REALLY need to draw from life more, and drawing Draco is lots of fun. I also took some photos - those will be easier to post because the sketchbook is larger than my scanner's scanning surface.

Draco napped this way for over three hours. He was so cute that I didn't want to move him, but after coming back from the creek with Dad, I gently picked Draco up and brought him to the recliner (where I watched another recorded X-Files episode, "Alpha" - about a vicious, supposedly extinct dog), and he kept on sleeping.

Anyway, about my toenail. I almost tore the damn thing off. I was climbing a tree down by the creek (with sandles!) when my foot slipped a little; I'm guessing that my toe scraped against the tree, but I'm not quite sure. It didn't hurt, but I noticed blood under my toenail, so I climbed back down and stuck my feet in the creek to clean out the bits of dirt. The nail is almost halfway off, though it's staying close to the skin, so that's good.

I'd eat it if I knew it wouldn't hurt like hell. 0____o


Aug. 16th, 2006 08:59 pm
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SO! I have learned that Cammy's English teacher is none other than Mr. Elkin. I have already let him in on Elkin's flaming toaster tattoo. Cammy told me he wants to try to sneak a peak at it somehow, perhaps by distracting Mr. Elkin and then pulling his sleeve up.

But what if he gets the wrong arm? I forget which arm the tattoo is on. Hehehe.

Kat called me from Colorado last night, and we talked for about an hour. That was cool. The phone number that appeared on our call waiting ID was cool, too: the first three digits are a palindrome, the middle three digits are a palindrome, and the last four digits are a palindrome. So many dynamos! (...Yes, that's a palindrome.) [/dork]

The day before, Katy called to ask me who sings "Cars" (Gary Numan) and then she said, "I'll let you get back to your X-Files. Talk to you later!" It was cute. I was watching the episode "Bad Blood" with Cammy. SO funny. Mulder singing "Shaft" (while drugged, I might add) is CLASSIC.

Draco is sitting comfortably on my desk. Now he's checking the laptop out. The noise of the keys tapping constantly makes his head turn a lot. He just licked the sweater I put on the desk for him. And now he's roaming all over the place. Adorabke as always! Okay, he's back in his terrarium, now. I haven't seen him poop today, heh.

Putting Draco to bed is so cute. I place him between two rocks, set his fake, hollowed rock cave over him, and then he digs in the sand to build a nest for the night. Squeeeeee.

Didn't make it to the school today, but I still would like to drop by.... Visit my friends for maybe a few minutes if I can, then rescue my three drawings from Laughlin's classroom.

Sigh. Near the end of school, I kept asking Ms. Laughlin if I could take those drawings home. She said she wanted me to put them in a show in Nevada City somewhere. I WANTED TO TAKE THEM HOME! They'd already been in several freaking shows! And she kept picking the same drawings, too. Grr.

I think this goes to show that I'm afraid of recognition. Wow.

I really am going to be an art hobo when I'm older.

But I want to finish Brainsick, at the very least in text-only format. It's my most developed story so far, and yet I have so many ends to tie together. I'm thinking about giving someone Stockholm Syndrome, because it'd make for some creeeeepy shit. Whee!

Well, to tie this up....

Poor Jeffrey Spender. :'( [/X-phile]

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