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Woke up at 5:something and 7:something this morning before getting up at 9:00. Mr. Gibbs had woken me up at one of the two earlier times, meowing outside my window for food. Pesky, adorable cat, that Mr. Gibbs.

My dream was very vivid, and sad. I don't know what brought it on. I was at a house similar to our old rental in Weimar, looking out my window at the Buick. Three young boys were inside it and around it; I yelled "Hey, you can't do that!" and ran out to confront them. I noticed their eyes were bloodshot and rimmed with tears. One of them told me they'd lost their family. Last thing I remember about the dream is comforting the boys with a hug - big group hug.


Today was warm and gorgeous (though too warm in Portland by the time class was out). I got Draco out to his big cage and picked some dandelion leaves for him. After rinsing off the Buick's pollen film, I sprayed the area around Draco's cage with the hose to help keep him cool until I got home.

Hung out with Melissa and Jacob before class, trading laughs and sharing sketchbook drawings. Offhand, I mentioned the "MER" dinosaur I'd drawn on the wall; a boy sitting to my right asked me about it, telling me that he'd seen a bunch of students trying to decipher that creepy smile. I told him it has no real significance and is simply meant to be creepy. Commence the Old Greg quotes! XD

Creative Writing was pretty cool. Got some good feedback from my group, and Aurora and I had fun discussing our characters as usual. Josh noted that we speak of them as if they were real people, but that's hard not to do when you're really attached to them. When Julia handed back last week's assignment, she asked me specifically to fill her in on some missing scenes from the story, so she could help me more efficiently with it.

After saying goodbye to Aurora, I went to Everyday Music and picked up Sounds Of The Universe. Hit some rather bad traffic, then tended to Draco once home. Had a big salad of spring greens, feta cheese, Craisins, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Rinsed the Buick off again and brought Draco out to the backyard to soak up the setting sun's rays. Napped with him briefly before getting him back into his terrarium. I love Draco so much. <3

Sounds Of The Universe is quite good. Not Depeche Mode's strongest effort, by any means, but a good listen in my opinion. Its published reviews have mostly been negative, but like I said - new DM grows on me quickly. "Wrong" and "Come Back" are my standouts. I also am quite fond of "Jezebel" - the only song Martin Gore sings on his own.

Going to add a bit more to my Intermediate Modeling homework. Will finish it up tomorrow before class.

Shit, I say "GTFO!" to dA and now I'm a junkie for LJ. That's how it goes, I guess.
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I just checked back to my entries from November 2006 and read this post: Too bored to sleep.

I realize now that $22,000 for college isn't all that bad. AIPD animators gradually shuck out $75,500. Art Center College of Design in Pasadena - the first art college I'd considered - will put you back over $100,000.

But, yes, that $22,000 sequential art college is still in New Jersey. Heh.

I still wish AIPD had an Illustration major.

I wanted to look back to my November 2006 entries mainly because I had a dream last night (or the night before?) that reminded me of Eva. I couldn't remember the exact date of her passing, so I checked my entry on her: it is dated the thirteenth. My dream was close to the date of Eva's death, two years after the fact. In my dream, I was close friends with a very young girl who had cancer. I can't remember much except for playing with her on a playground. I held the girl upside down by her ankles and she laughed and laughed; someone else gathered the girl into his or her arms so I wouldn't accidentally drop her. I think the girl had glasses like Eva did, but I can't remember whether she still had hair.

I don't remember waking up feeling at peace after this dream, like I had with my dream about Nikita. The dreams I've had about Lupin have all been depressing.

Nevertheless, it's interesting to revisit my friends and pets who are no longer of this world.

I'm procrastinating now because I realize I'm so abysmally behind again in 3D Modeling & Animation II that I should withdraw from it.


Aurora reminded me that it will save my GPA if I withdraw, but financially, withdrawing from a course is just as bad as failing that course. But to withdraw from the same course twice?

I miss being a good student. A consistently good student, for each of my classes.

I called Dad on Tuesday after taking the Buick through DEQ (which I was in and out of in around five minutes; that surprised and pleased me) and the DMV (I have Oregon license plates again, whee). I told him my situation, explaining that I know I have time to do my work, but I don't know how to manage 3D Modeling & Animation II with my other classes (all of which I'm doing alright in, at least). Dad asked about taking fewer courses, but if I took only three courses I'd be registered as part-time.

Dad's voice wasn't angry, but I know he was disappointed.

Tuesday cost me $142, minus gas. The local gas station, six miles away from Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry's, is selling regular for $1.99 now! I've watched it drop bit by bit for the past few nights and it makes me a bit cheerier.

To think I was happy with paying $2.75 when I first moved up here last summer....

Today was fun. I felt down last night and cried a bit, but today was the usual crazy-happy-goofy Thursday I always look forward to. I just wish I'd done a nicer job on my character turnaround.

We began making our armatures for our maquettes; I got relatively far and have Figure Modeling to thank for that.

Fuck it. I feel like working more on my armature.

I fail epically at 3D Modeling & Animation II. I have a neat concept that just hasn't gotten as far as it needs to get.

Engage in a happy distraction: this maquette tutorial is absolutely phenomenal.
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But first -

Alex called me not long ago to say hi. I asked her about taking care of Draco over spring break, and she said she'll be able to. AWESOME. She then asked me if I could take care of her rats while she's gone at CSSSA (Erin applied a second time, and I think this is Alex's first time; they'd better get in!), but I told her about my going to the Art Institute of Portland, so that probably won't work out.... I mean, I'm not accepted yet, and I must make sure my portfolio is of a high quality, and that I'm not missing anything from the application. Again, I'm keeping my spirits up.

I'd love to be able to take care of Nimh and Nesmie, though. That'd be a great photography and art reference opportunity, and I've liked rats for a long time.

Alex also mentioned Adrian Molina's "Much Ado About Ice Cream" cartoon and asked if I had seen it. I've seen that one a couple times, so I let her (and Erin) in on his "Unicorn vs. Narwhal" cartoon, which is just... brilliant. I met him only once, but that kid is seriously going to go places in animation.

Dad and I took a bike ride earlier. He had a doctor's appointment this morning and got some shots in his knee, and now it feels good for him to ride again. Joy! He also left a note on our neighbors' gate up the hill; their dogs will not. Fucking. SHUT. UP. And the little one, Raisin, is vicious. She charged me and Lupin once as we were starting off on a walk (this was late last year), her nape spiked, growling her ass off. I'd had Lupin on a leash, of course, but I'd love to see Lupin kick that little bitch's ass. Not that I support dog fights - I don't - but Dad was saying the same thing.

Also last year, one of the members of that household came down around 11:30 at night (while Cammy and I were watching Howl's Moving Castle), complaining that our septic alarm was keeping her and others awake. Yeah the hell right. Cammy and I didn't even hear the damn thing go off, and yet she heard it way up the hill?

Dad and I were pleased to find another note in their driveway, secured under a rock, complaining about the dogs' barking and how it interrupts the peace around here. It really does.

As for being on a roll, I had yet ANOTHER screwy dream. (This is actually really cool, how many odd dreams I've had consecutively.) This dream dealt with a kitten with cyclopia, a malnourished bearded dragon with five eyes (whose tail snapped off), and other things I can't recall at the moment.... But it was very weird, indeed. Gah, I'm remembering bits and pieces of the other scenes! I wish I could record my dreams. Some of them, anyway, like the dream with Nikita.

Woo! I'm going to Kat's in a couple hours! *dances*
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...because I'm sitting cross-legged in my chair. I do that a lot.

SO! I'll get this damn car thing over with eventually. I used to have dreams about driving when I was little, and in my dreams it was always so simple. GAH!

Kat and I are talking on MSN AND playing LJ comment tag at the same time. We rock!

My mood has definitely improved since Wednesday. It's amazing how easily discouraged I am. But what made me so upset is that Dad told me I failed my written test BEFORE I got it back. Believe me, if he hadn't told me that, I'd have taken the failure much more lightly. You either pass or you fail. Once he told me I 'definitely didn't pass', the possibility of passing was outweighed by two 'chances' of failing. I know he didn't mean to hurt my feelings, and he apologized later that evening and told me how much it breaks his heart to see me cry, but - oh well. I'll just take it again when I'm ready.

Thanks again to the comments for the last post, they really helped; thanks also to Ellie, Kat, Tina, and Jason for talking on MSN. That made me feel better, too, and I actually got some doodles done (including pre-fanart for Watership Down!).

Something cool that happened from those conversations: I kept mentioning how cars suck and I should just sprout wings and fly places; early Thursday morning (that's when I went to bed) and had a dream about flying. It was back in my yard in Weimar. God, we had such a gorgeous view there, and I'd always longed to be able to fly over our yard and straight down to the American River. In my dream, I was able to fly over many familiar places, but at the end of my journey, I came across not the American River, but a foggy beach seemingly near an ocean. It was a beautiful sight; I wish I had more dreams like it.

And I have finally begun reading again! I am almost to chapter five (or Fit 5) in The Plague Dogs, and my God, it's amazing. Amazing. I watched the movie again last night, too (while Gimpy slept in my lap), and was able to note the similarities and differences between it and the book up to Fit 3. Reading is one of my favorite things to do, but I hadn't read in a long time. Oddly, I've read the first chapter of The Plague Dogs three times; the first two times when I borrowed the Auburn Library's copy, and for some reason I'd never been able to get into the book after that. Now that I've passed Fit 1, I'm making sure I read regularly.

It's fun trying to pronounce the tod's speech; he's understandable in the movie, but check this out:

"Haald yer gob! Them lot o' th' fell, kidder! If ye got ne nose, ye got lugs, ha' ye not?"

"Ay, time we wor away hyem."

The above is easier to understand than some of the tod's other lines, but the more you read it, the more you understand him. I like reading his lines aloud to see if I can get that "lilting rogue's jargon" right.

Today was gorgeously cloudy: at around 5:00 PM, I decided to take Lupin on a walk to the mailboxes and back. I wish we'd taught her to heel; Lupin may have been the runt of her litter, but she's eighty pounds of pure muscle and likes to pull on the leash. At least she's not as bad as Honey, one of Aunt Pam's dogs: Honey pulls so hard on her leash that she chokes herself and gags up milk-white mucus. Eeesh. Lupin kept a fast pace, so I got a good walk. The TreadClimber prepared me for that, it did.

Oh, and for some Draco cuteness: last night, I was letting him crawl around on my floor, and he nuzzled under my beanbag - and slept there for a few hours. I got him up and put him on my lap as I read more of The Plague Dogs, then put a towel over him so the lamplight wouldn't bother him. When I was done reading for the night, he was completely konked out; I put him to bed on the towel and he didn't wake up at all. He's so FREAKING cute.

Dad's friends Jim and Rick (brothers) are visiting, and Dad and I have gotten them interested in House. This means I've now watched the first and second season three episode three times each. OH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!


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