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Super-quick post.

For the past five days or so, the daily high temperatures have been under freezing. The highs tend to hover around 23-29 degrees. (Note that these temperatures deal mostly with Beavercreek, which can be anywhere from 8-10 degrees cooler than Portland.)

Yesterday morning, I got up at 4:45 to give myself plenty of time to layer my clothes, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and warm up my car.

When I was ready to head out, my car's thermometer read 12 degrees.

A few times, however, while driving to the Clackamas Town Center, the temperature dropped to 8 degrees.

I was prepared: I wore a t-shirt under my red hooded zipper-front jacket under my heavy-duty rust-and-gray jacket; the lovely super-soft scarf Mom got me earlier this year; my pajama pants layered under the black hand-me-down pants I got from Jessi; knee-high wool socks with a pair of Gold Toe socks over them for extra warmth; my kickass winter-ready black boot-type shoes; AND my thick Thinsulate gloves (I could have even layered my old gloves under them, because my fingers were still damn cold.)

Clackamas warmed to 14 degrees, which is still bitterly cold.

But you know, at least it kept me awake during the drive! I actually felt good yesterday morning despite having to get up so early. Had a couple cups of coffee, too.

I've noticed that caffeine is not having the desired effect on me anymore. TOO MUCH COFFEE. Hell, I downed an entire 12-oz. Monster Monday night and it never really perked me up.

It's around 27 degrees outside right now.

I may still see The Princess and the Frog tomorrow after getting out of Acting Fundamentals with Aurora, Grace, Henry, and Robin, and I think Camille might make it, too. Jacob is probably going to be too busy (or we may guilt him into joining us, like we did yesterday for lunch at The Roxy, lol). Of course, we're supposed to get freezing rain later tomorrow night, so I may have to bypass the movie until after finals. It'd be the smarter choice, but... 2D ANIMATION HOLY CRAP YES.

Going to head all the way to Gateway tomorrow (first time since late September!) to get Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry on a red line MAX to PDX. They're flying to southern California tomorrow to pack up a bunch of Grandma and Grandpa's belongings and U-Haul them back up here. They'll make a pit stop at Mom and Dad's on the way north. They'll be home on Tuesday, so I'll be home alone for five days... and busy as hell.

Grandma and Grandpa sold their house for the amount they wanted, and they'll be moving in late this month, I believe. It will be wonderful to have them around. Grandpa's bent on paying to have the Buick repainted for me. He's so funny. :)
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Sweet JESUS I am so relieved.

A whole lot of blabbing about finals, plus Sarah's passing and computer shit. )

WHEW, but enough of that. Just wanted to update. Get my Internet idling out of me!


Going to bring my laptop to the school tomorrow before I meet up with Aurora, Aurora's mom, Grace, Robin, and Whitney for lunch and a trip to the Portland Art Museum to see if it has the same problem only recognizing Jessi's network.

Looking forward to fun with friends!
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Completely forgot to write about Sunday. Must be this combination of too little sleep before class and too much napping at home. IT'S A VICIOUS CYCLE.

Spent eight hours at the college on Sunday busting out my prints: I cut two full panels and began on a third before leaving. Ran sixteen prints of Decay for the print exchange, which took a lot of time in itself. My hands were chapped and cramped by the time I was through.

I can safely say that materials for my Printmaking final have cost me upwards of $80 - but it's been worth it. I'm going to hold onto this graphic novel forever.

I'm not sure how much time I've devoted to cutting linoleum and printing my pages. Each panel - even the 4" x 6" panels - took a couple hours to cut.

All eight pages are printed now! Woo hoo! I left a message for Uncle Larry when I got to Gateway and also left a message for Jason wishing him a happy birthday.

Today, I got up at 9:00 after a good night's sleep (FINALLY - had gone to bed around 1:00) and headed to the college again to print my final two pages and to put my Maya shit on DVD. Picked up lunch again at Noodles & Company, as I had on Sunday. Finished printing at 1:00.

Before I'd begun printing, I hung out for a while with Melissa and Laryssa in the halls. I hadn't seen Laryssa all term, since the days she had class (Tuesday and Friday) are the days I had off. Hugged them both and shared many laughs.

The labs were completely packed, so I went home. Screw it, I thought. I wasn't going to wait for a seat to become available.

Checked the Freddie's at Gateway for Little Children. They don't carry it either. JAYZUS.

Began finalizing my pages at home. Cut rough edges, corrected spots with black ink, and painted larger areas in need of correction with the Speedball printing ink. Will continue shortly.

THEN I shall render my Maya animation (which sucks, yippee) and get my act together early tomorrow morning before class.

Succumbed to another nap for almost three hours. Got up from that less than an hour ago. Lame.

Now I shall introduce you to my current favorite macro (hey, it's a Writer's Block topic!):

Adrian with cat on head
Courtesy watchmen_lulz.


I swear this rampant procrastination will lessen next term. I've had it.
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Got four hours of sleep last night; awoke at 5:00. Met up with Jacob along Davis, then hung out with him and Melissa in the Commons. Class began at 8:00. Felt alright about the exam. I nailed the vocabulary - vocab comes easily for me - and I feel quite confident about most of the slide IDs, even though I blanked out on a lot of the dates. Dates are more difficult for me to remember.

Left shortly after 9:00. Got home around 10:20. Loopy driving back. Had some rice crackers and milk before retiring to my bed for a four-hour nap. Aunt Pam mentioned I looked half asleep when I walked in the kitchen, where she and Uncle Larry were playing backgammon. Turned Draco's heat lamp on, flopped onto bed, fidgeted around until I found a comfortable position.

I had a dream about being in a parking garage where police were looking for a killer. I don't remember if I was the killer or if I was running from the killer, but I sure was acting sneaky. Heh.

Got up again at 3:00. Listened to a bunch of Massive Attack and Assemblage 23 while finishing my final two Printmaking graphic novel panels.

Going to render the rest of my Maya shit tonight and put it on DVD tomorrow. Will print my remaining linoleum pieces Wednesday before class, then bind the pages into a book at home.



Don't mess with short kids.
Courtesy jeh_fans.
I haunt that community entirely too often.


I'm rocking some epic dark circles under my eyes, too.
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Please enjoy some gratuitous Rorschach muscle-age.

The comments in that post crack me up... as well as disturb me. :| Fans will be fans.

Just remember that Rorschach is asexual, kids. I mean, come on! - he makes ME look like a horny bastard.

Nonetheless.... *ahemFUCKthatshitishot*
You know me: I love my oddball character actors.
And I would never deny that I am a walking contradiction.

I feel I've just found the mecca of JEH-Rorschach references. Fanart shall ensue (at a better date).

So! Yesterday: wasn't looking forward to presenting my horrendous animation in 3D Modeling & Animation II. But, as it always goes, I felt much better about it after receiving my critiques and suggestions. And - lo and behold - I actually stayed after Phil had counted roll again to ask for help! Jesus, that NEVER happens. I asked Phil about the problem I'd had with moving the tangents in the Graph Editor; I'd completely forgotten that the Move Tool has to be selected.

GOOD GOD WHY. It was SO SIMPLE! I hate that I forget crap like that so easily. But I got a good start on fixing up my keyframes, and I will make sure I produce something worthy of my time and effort.

Ate with Grace and Aurora after class. Geeking out is a blast.


Stopped at Best Buy on the way home from Gateway to pick up color print cartridge ink and some CD-Rs for my final Maya project. It goes without saying, but printer ink is EXPENSIVE. At least I don't use my printer daily (scanner, much more frequently).

Today in Printmaking, Amy set up a bookmaking demo. I now know how to sew signatures together, which I will utilize for my final graphic novel. I'm doing a simple story involving a hunting raven, possibly Char. I sketched thumbnails in class before the demo, then bought a crap-ton of linoleum at Utrecht ($61-worth). I love relief prints. This is going to be a lot of work, but it should prove rewarding. 'sides, any opportunity to practice graphic novel formatting is a good opportunity!

I seriously thought about heading back to the Hilltop 9 to see Watchmen again after class today.



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AIPD was canceled today due to the severe weather we're experiencing at the moment. It's 19 degrees (F) outside (not the coldest I've experienced, though I still haven't been in negative degree weather yet!) and extremely windy.

My visit to Aurora's yesterday had to be canceled as well, but, watching the news with Uncle Larry, I felt safer just staying home. There were spin-outs occurring left and right and all Portland metro area highways had a snow chains requirement. There are snow chains in the Buick's trunk, but I've never driven with chains. Something I'm sure I'll learn to do sooner or later.

The power was out from around 11:30 last night to 6:00 this morning, during which time the temperature in the house got to be in the 40s. I was worried about Draco, so after getting up at 1:00 and talking with Aunt Pam a bit, I felt for Grandma Ruthie's blanket in the dark and placed it between Draco's terrarium and the wall to help keep the cold out. He's safe and sound. His head is up, but his eyes are closed. :)

I spent a good ten hours (on and off) yesterday scanning and printing my original work in my Character & Object Design assignment book. Za is offering a 3% raise to our final grade if we replace all the originals with copies and put the digital files on a CD (mine ended up being a DVD, heh). I thought I should go for it. My maquette is practically finished, but could use some more fine detail work.

Creative Writing will not be rescheduled, so it's officially done. As Aurora wrote to me, I'm glad we both read our stories last week; those who did not read will have their grades figured out without the readings.

I'm going to keep checking my student account throughout the day, and get studying for my Anatomy & Movement final (which should still happen on Wednesday). Assuming Character & Object Design isn't rescheduled for tomorrow - by any chance - I have tomorrow off.

And I had scones for breakfast. Mmmm!

I let the Buick run for a while, and I am all the more grateful that I have this car from Grandma and Grandpa. Even though its doors were frozen shut (had to try to gently force them open), it did not struggle to turn over at all, and warmed up quickly. Kickass.

Just a quickish update.

...I wanna go run around in the cold again!


Oh, and Aunt Pam told me that a tanker tipped over on 205 early this morning. Eeeesh. Had school not been canceled today, Uncle Larry would have had me carpool with him (which I appreciated a ton).

EDIT: I forgot! Grandma Jo's liver surgery has been rescheduled to tomorrow; she and Grandpa Jeff were able to get in earlier than expected. :) Grandma will be in my prayers tonight.

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