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Yesterday I woke up to a phone call from Katlin. Not long after getting off the phone with her, she dropped off two gifts: a hummingbird bookmark and a 1,000-piece puzzle featuring a shaman woman with hummingbirds. SQUEE! She picked up the first season of House (which I'd borrowed before Christmas) and I gave her a decorative birdhouse onto which I drew a barn owl; it's for both Katlin and her mom, Mindy.

I don't deserve such awesome gifts! I MUST DRAW MY HAND OFF NOW. Seriously. There are... so... many... fucking... things... I... need... to... DRAW FOR MY FRIENDS! (Ya'll probably hate me for saying that over and over - believe me, I HATE procrastinating, but I do.) And I've been lax on portfolio work the past few days as I REALLY want to add to Brainsick... but I MUST get my application in soon. I want so much to be accepted, live with my relatives in Oregon, be productive and creative. We have the money now thanks to Grandma Ruthie. All I need to do is finish the drawings and shortass essay.

Last night, I drew one of Brainsick's minor characters: WLD12. She is one of Depravity's 'reject siblings' from a concept Jason suggested. WLD12 is of considerable intelligence, but her face is severely disfigured and earned her her nickname, "Slack-jaw" - she also has weak limbs. I'll share some sketches later. I drew little Jackal (one of the seven cats) on the same page, being vicious as usual.

I listened to Gary Numan's "Dark" on repeat and drew an anthro version of Paranoid above Jackal and WLD12. Looks pretty neat.... Again: ballpoint + markers + whiteout = LOVE. "Dark" is fantastic, and great background music for Brainsick-related stuff, seeing as how Paranoid views Euthans as gods or false gods.

So, yes. More Brainsick scribbles should happen tonight, AS WELL AS gift / trade sketches. DAMN ME.
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Yesterday at Brandon's was great. I need say nothing more.

Except that we watched this awesomely random cartoon called Adventure Time, something that had aired on Nickelodeon.

I just had Mom watch it, and she hated it. *tear*

BUT! - if you like random shit, check it out!

Adventure Time

Also, I just found these two shorter cartoons by a CalArts student. They're HILARIOUS.

The Happiest Monster

The Machinegun Opera

EXTREMELY clever: The Winter

ALSO, check out Dana's Raccownake oh noez. SO cute! <3 I need to draw a raccownake clan.

Dad asked me to put what I have so far of Brainsick on his and Mom's computer so he / they can read it, so I did using my flash drive.

And now to watch some Gary Numan music videos. I'm still addicted. Adorable li'l android.
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Hello, 2007. Hope you're a good year for everyone.

(My God, I'm going to nineteen in less than thirteen days. Frightening. Truly frightening....)

(...Don't take that as a message to get me anything! - I have MANY gifts in need of finishing for my friends.)

Cammy and I got some supplementary gifts from Mom while she and the grandmas were at this new Target here in Diamond Bar. We now have all three Austen Powers movies, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (sadly, it's not the two-disc edition, but our first Pirates is), and V For Vendetta. Cammy got a Bad Cat calendar, and I got a Bad Dog calendar. (I now have two calendars again!) We also each have sets of Family Guy pencils. :D

First, a little on V For Vendetta. Fabulous movie. I need to watch it again to truly understand it, but its style is gorgeous and the story is quite amazing and - of course - wonderfully dark. I need to get my hands on the graphic novel. V's alliterative speech at the beginning is so entertaining, and he's amazingly charismatic (weird hearing that from me, eh? - sorta) and poignant. Evey is great character as well, and Portman's performance is very good. And damn, if John Hurt ruled England in the manner the chancellor does, Lord help us! (I wuvs John Hurt, damn it.)

Stylistic gore (Mom called it 'artsy-fartsy') is awesome. THROW THEM KNIVES, V! <3

Today, Mom, Dad, Cammy, Grandma Jo and I went to Puente Hills' AMC 20. It's a HUGE theatre (and mall) with twenty-three screens, beautiful. I've seen a few movies there, now. Dad and Cammy saw Casino Royale (JAMES BOND IS A SLUUUT), while us girls saw Happy Feet.


It's gorgeously crafted and extremely touching. Those penguins and their heart songs make me want to DANCE. Mumble is so cute (I know, I'm at a loss for strong synonyms), and I adore the Adelie penguins as well.

Breathtaking effects.... Those space scenes at the start of the film are so lifelike. ARGH IT'S SO CUUUUTE.

I want to see it again. I had a slight headache after it was over (AMC's sound system is hardcore), and we went to Orange Julius to get some smoothies. Sipping slowly, I was able to soothe my headache a bit, but my stomach was a little upset later. Man I need to break the habit of getting smoothies right after sitting for a few hours in movies. Took a long bath and felt better.

We're going to the movies again tomorrow, very possibly. I might get to see Pan's Labyrinth. VERY excited about this. Mom has encouraged me to enter the sketchbook contest, so I'm going to do it. Last night, I drew Pan (this is the first movie I've ever drawn fanart for before seeing the movie itself) as my last drawing of 2006. He's too green. His horns turned out funny. But it was experimental and fun. I may or may not submit it to the contest, but up to ten drawings are allowed.

OKAY, time to floss and brush my teeth. Then, on to music and drawings!

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