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...That's not angry, by the way.



(Real quick: I just discovered that TFAW, Things From Another World, sells the Watchmen trade paperback for $9.99. That's a dollar less than what Cammy bought it for, and there's a TFAW in Milwaukie, Oregon - so I can snatch Watchmen for $9.99 in-store and avoid sales tax! BOO-YAH.

Michael took me and Cammy to the TFAW in Milwaukie a couple years ago. It's an awesome store, chock-full of comics and graphic novels and figurines and whatnot. Milwaukie is also the headquarters of Dark Horse Comics.)

Okay, so: the video in the link posted below is another behind-the-scenes look at the set of Watchmen, in which Jackie Earle Hayley discusses Zach Snyder a bit.

It's funny that he's playing "the ultimate antihero," as the narrator describes Rorschach, because this guy just sounds SO friendly, AND a lot younger than he actually is (forty-seven). Seriously, I did not expect him to sound like that.

Which means Rorschach is going to be all the more believable in film. <3 Let's hope for it.

Visit to Brandon's last night was awesome! Brandon, send your mom my compliments for the dinner; I don't think I thanked her for it. Blackened salmon, wild rice, broccoli with cheese sauce, and French bread = oooooh yeeeees.

Brandon's new puppy, Sophie, is THE SPITTING IMAGE of Roxy (Roxie?). It freaked me out when I first saw the little bundle of white fluff, because she is, without a doubt, Roxy's doppleganger. SO CUTE!

We watched the new episode of House (EXPLODING DEAD OLD GUY'S STOMACH WAS WICKEDLY GROSS AND HORRENDOUSLY AMUSING), and the pilot for Fringe, which Brandon had recommended to me. Brenna and Nelson were obsessed with calling the main actress ugly, so after they'd left, Brandon and I watched the second episode together - and without the constant berating of the protagonist, it was a lot more enjoyable.

So far, it's a pretty damn awesome update on The X-Files; it's got similar themes, but no aliens. And a crazy old genius-killer named Walter to boot.

I left Brandon's a few minutes before midnight. I LOVE driving that late / early, when practically no other drivers are on the road. It's dark, quiet, and oddly blissful. I used to get extremely uncomfortable at the thought of driving home in the dark, but now - it's wonderful. Such focus and concentration is good for my brain.

I thought of Finch while driving, thought of what he'd think about while driving.

Goddamnit I need to write!
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Merry Christmas Eve and happy holidays, all!

Dad and I drove to GV to run some errands on Friday. The streets were unbelievably crowded. Really quite unnerving, considering that was my first driving-in-traffic experience. In front of SPD, people were parked in no-park zones. Even Dad got confused and started driving the wrong way into a parking aisle. Swear-fest time!

We returned this neat but bothersome-to-use binocular / digital camera cross Dad had bought from Big 5. The lady working at the front told us about good camera deals at RadioShack, so we ventured over and looked at the various cameras on display. I wanted to get another Canon camera because Canons are easy to work with. What I had in mind was the same camera Aunt Pam has: a PowerShot A530. It was one of the models on display, and we compared megapixels, LCD screens, and zooms on other cameras. I chose the A530.

I never knew how expensive my now five-year-old PowerShot A10 was before Friday: Dad told me the thing cost him around $250 on sale. TWO HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS. The A530 cost me $160, and I paid most of the total cost. Better technology for a lesser price - it's a wonderful thing.

VERY happy with my new camera. I'm still learning its functions, but again, these are pretty easy to figure out. Its maximum photo size is much larger than that on the A10. Plus, it takes only two batteries instead of four.

AND I NOW HAVE A CAMERA THAT IS COMPATIBLE WITH MY LAPTOP! That's one of the best things about it. The newest version of ZoomBrowser is fantastic, and I also successfully merged two photos into a panorama late last night using PhotoStitch.

Kat and her parents arrived at around 5:30 to take us to the last Cornish Christmas in GV. They thought I was crazy for wearing shorts (I'm freakishly acclimated to the cold), but I told them I'd be fine (I just should have brought my gloves!) because I wore one of my warmest jackets.

SO much fun. Kat and I visited the many booths and items that were being sold, quoted inside jokes, and checked out Tribal Weaver (it was my first time in the store). Really neat place! I bought a Pink Floyd poster (Dark Side of the Moon) and a Family Guy pin (Peter's on it and it says "Freaking Sweet!") for Cammy. I really should have bought him that Rush poster when Kat and I were in San Francisco, but I didn't. DAMN. I hope Cammy likes his little presents. He already has a Pink Floyd poster, but his walls are so naked.

I bought a t-shirt for myself, reasoning that I've never been big on buying clothing for myself - but it's a good idea because I know what I like. Kat offered to buy it for me, but I had $46 to spend and said I'd buy it myself. It's a Miami Ink t-shirt with an oriental dragon across the chest. GORGEOUS. (I've never watched the show, but... DRAGON.) It's huge, too, and cost $20... more than my Depeche Mode shirt. XD Ah, well. Thankfully I only seldom buy clothing.

Kat did get me a little gift, however, one that I adore. There is a basket of pins on the front desk of Tribal Weaver, and we pawed through it looking for interesting designs. Kat found the perfect pin for me: it says SEX on it, but has a red circle with a slash going through the word. YESSS. *geeks out over it*

We headed to Safeway afterwards and bought a Monster and a Monster Khaos to share back at my house. Back within the Cornish Christmas, Kat bought a tri-tip sandwich and I bought a hot dog with sauerkraut. DELICIOUS. Got some hot apple cider afterwards and then a caramel and white chocolate-covered green apple. When we were ready to leave, we met up with Kat's parents and headed home. Thanked them for the ride and wished them a Merry Christmas.

Kat and I watched four episodes of House late that night and early Saturday morning. YAY HOUSE OMG. I am still borrowing the first season from Katlin and Mindy, so that was a lot of fun. Monster Khaos is excellent. We stayed up until 3:00 watching various silly videos (many of them House-related) on YouTube, then talked for another hour before falling asleep. Yesterday morning, Dad, Mom, and Cammy headed to the Galleria at 7:00, so Kat and I were able to sleep in until 12:00 PM.

I had a lot of fun. So good to see so many friends in that short period of time!

MAN I need a new chair. This one hurts my butt. :|
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Yes, Bartholomew is totally pimped out right now. Dad bought me this kickass lime green carrying case at Staples while we were there as an early Christmas gift. So, if we definitely do go down to southern CA to visit my grandparents, I can take the laptop with me and work on Brainsick. I really hope we can visit them again, especially now that Dad and Grandpa's 'silent war' is over.

Also, I downloaded these updates last night: Windows Live Messenger and Windows Media Player 11. Hurray.

The Lamberts are no longer using WildBlue, because getting FAPed sucks. Today, we had Smarter Broadband installed, and....

FUCKING GEE WHIZ, IT'S TWICE AS FAST AS WILDBLUE. I've become bored with downloads (excepting pictures), but surfing is SO much faster now. Rocket fast!

"Alliance of Disregard" is now completed. It's a whole lot of ink, I'm telling you. And stippling. TONS of stippling. Hand-suicide stippling.

This new LJ layout is very nice, too.

X-Files dorkism: "Kill Switch" is an awesome episode. It reminds me of Dean Koontz's Dark Rivers of the Heart, what with all those satellite lasers blowing people to smithereens.

Last night's House was soooo terribly funny. Not only is House misanthropic, he's also... minimisanthropic (that's not a word, but it works). Kept calling that mother and her daughter freaks. :|

You know what FOX is doing to House fans? We had to wait two weeks for last night's episode, and now the show is going on another (three-week) hiatus; it will return on January 9. House is our drug and the network is making us suffer from withdrawals. Bastards! Bastards bastards bastards!


NOW, I really need to get GIFTS AND TRADES GOING! No more damn excuses! It's almost Christmas, for crying out loud.
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I completed Eva's drawing in a span of perhaps three to five hours. Not certain on the time, but it should be around there. I really like it. It's 98% watercolor, 2% Prisma pencil/marker, white out, and Sharpie. I also used a lot of salt for some neat effects. Bristol is not the best paper to use watercolors on, but I have no watercolor paper - so, it works.

It's a hummingbird, not based on any earthly species. There are three planets behind the hummer's neck, and vines coming from the bottom left corner. I wrote ad vitum aeternam and requiescat in pace, Eva on the drawing.

If I make it to the funeral on Saturday (I'll need a ride; Cammy has a soccer game on Saturday), I'll give the drawing to Eva's parents.

It took me nearly three hours to fall asleep last night, but I had an amazing dream about flying when I finally did fall asleep. I took a walk today once Lupin returned from playing around.

Brainsick, Chapter Four has begun. It's a conversation between Lily and Major so far. I've only written that part, but it's a good beginning. From there, new ideas should flow pretty easily. I just have so many ideas that need tying together it can be a bit overwhelming. I think so much about my characters that, when I want to write about them, it's somehow difficult. I know a lot about them, but I need to learn how to write about them better, in some cases.

Dad plans on having me drive again tomorrow; I haven't driven in a while due to the rain. Speaking of which, Lupin and I walked only a half mile yesterday before we were completely soaked; Dad picked us up. *grin* Fun times.

Yesterday night's House was great. What did the kid have? - akinotopsia? Something like that.... The full episode information isn't on Wikipedia yet. Not being able to see things when they move - crazy.

Poor Wilson. XD


Oct. 31st, 2006 10:22 pm
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Went driving again with Dad today. Drove up Retrac a ways, turned around where the pavement ended, went across the intersection to Alta Sierra, made a huge roundabout, came back home. Good drive!

House... was nuts. Wow. Wow. Yeah. Wow.
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I need to watch it again TONIGHT, because Dad kept talking throughout the episode, and I missed stuff. Heh.

As for next week's episode? THONG-GIRL IS A WHOOOOOOOOORE! 0__o


Though if I were a whore, I'd act the same way towards House.


And I wonder what will become of the autistic boy in the next episode.
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"You're my density, Lorraine!" *grin* Yeah.

Tomorrow, Dad is taking me back to the DMV so I can take my written test. Hells yeah. Time for me to stop being a goddamn lazyass and START DRIVING!

I read the manual before last Friday, but I'll skim through it again. I want to pass this thing on the first try, though I've heard it's a bunch of common sense. We'll see.

Tonight's episode of House was glorious. And that poor little boy was so adorable!

"So, it's a UFO: Unidentified Flowing Orifice."

Yaaaaay House! And holy shit, this episode DID mention The X-Files. I PREDICTED IT!

When Mom, Dad, and Cammy got back home from Cammy's soccer, Mom got super pissed at me because I screwed up on recording some things she asked me to record. She'd had a timer set for Nip/Tuck on the DVR: a post-it note was on the TV instructing me to "Start recording in Cammy's room before House comes on." I deleted the timer for Nip/Tuck from the DVR, went into Cammy's room, changed the channel to FX, and pressed record. Later, I talked to Kat and then watched House.

(Before they left, Cammy was being bitchy and whiny: "You don't have to record House if you're staying home." WHAT DO YOU KNOW, BOY? I was talking to Kat before it began, so I'd quickly run out, watch the show, run back to my room and talk to Kat, run back and watch the show... until I finally settled down in the recliner with Draco sleeping on my chest. Nyeh.)

Rock Star: Supernova is what she had wanted to record in Cammy's room, while Nip/Tuck recorded in the living room. But that would have screwed up the timer I set for House; that's why I deleted the other timer.

SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE ADDICTED TO TOO MANY TELEVISION PROGRAMS?! Mom freaking watches EVERY reality program out there, too.... This is why I stick solely to The X-Files and House.

I bugged Mom with lots of hugs and laments such as "I couldn't live by myself" and "I'm retarded" and "You probably hate me now". XD

I love being simultaneously annoying and affectionate.

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Writing notes on a biography of Shakespeare for an open-note test tomorrow. Feh.

And SHIIIIIT, Mom's got me hooked on House. DAMN HER! <3 <3 <3 ...Hugh Laurie played Jasper in the live action version of 101 Dalmatians. HOJEEZ.

House's colleagues, referring to a patient: "We have rectal bleeding."

House: "All of you?"

XD!!! He's SUCH a bastard.

Watched three taped episodes of The X-Files after school today. MULDER CAME BACK TO LIFE! 0___o

I am boring! ^___^

And I'm screwed.... It's the senior project. My field hours total three. The process journals are due NEXT FRIDAY. I bet you anything I'm not graduating on June 9. I suck. I don't know who the hell I'm going to interview, either. Time is running. Out.

Hmmm, now to finish these notes. Fifty points for the notes, fifty points for tomorrow's test. Bleeeh!

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