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Please enjoy some gratuitous Rorschach muscle-age.

The comments in that post crack me up... as well as disturb me. :| Fans will be fans.

Just remember that Rorschach is asexual, kids. I mean, come on! - he makes ME look like a horny bastard.

Nonetheless.... *ahemFUCKthatshitishot*
You know me: I love my oddball character actors.
And I would never deny that I am a walking contradiction.

I feel I've just found the mecca of JEH-Rorschach references. Fanart shall ensue (at a better date).

So! Yesterday: wasn't looking forward to presenting my horrendous animation in 3D Modeling & Animation II. But, as it always goes, I felt much better about it after receiving my critiques and suggestions. And - lo and behold - I actually stayed after Phil had counted roll again to ask for help! Jesus, that NEVER happens. I asked Phil about the problem I'd had with moving the tangents in the Graph Editor; I'd completely forgotten that the Move Tool has to be selected.

GOOD GOD WHY. It was SO SIMPLE! I hate that I forget crap like that so easily. But I got a good start on fixing up my keyframes, and I will make sure I produce something worthy of my time and effort.

Ate with Grace and Aurora after class. Geeking out is a blast.


Stopped at Best Buy on the way home from Gateway to pick up color print cartridge ink and some CD-Rs for my final Maya project. It goes without saying, but printer ink is EXPENSIVE. At least I don't use my printer daily (scanner, much more frequently).

Today in Printmaking, Amy set up a bookmaking demo. I now know how to sew signatures together, which I will utilize for my final graphic novel. I'm doing a simple story involving a hunting raven, possibly Char. I sketched thumbnails in class before the demo, then bought a crap-ton of linoleum at Utrecht ($61-worth). I love relief prints. This is going to be a lot of work, but it should prove rewarding. 'sides, any opportunity to practice graphic novel formatting is a good opportunity!

I seriously thought about heading back to the Hilltop 9 to see Watchmen again after class today.



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It's time for another feel-good moment concerning 3D Modeling & Animation II...

...brought to you by the Visual Quickstart Guide for Maya 8. I bought the book way back in spring 2008 for 3D Modeling & Animation I, and I haven't actually used it until now.

I fixed my establishing shot. No, I mean really fixed it. By reading up on how to edit keyframes, I have lengthened the beginning hold to two seconds, kept the cut-scene, added a nearly two-second hold at the beginning of the cut scene, and the rest of the camera move heads right on up to the western window as it should (I'm still working on smoothing it out). It gives the eyes time to adjust to each change in the establishing shot.


Yay! :D

Granted, I should have really fixed the establishing shot a couple weeks ago, but hey, I have until Week 10 to turn in anything I want to turn in again for a better grade; I am going to take advantage of that.

Not counting last week's midterm (which I feel good about; I bet it's a B at the very least...), my averaged grade stands at 75%, which, for me, is a comfortable 3D modeling grade. But I can make it better, and I WILL make it better. I want to come out of this class with a project I can feel proud of. My establishing shot was the worst grade (the one I turned in received a D), but I bet I can pull it up to a B. I can do it!

The establishing shot now runs at seven seconds long.

My textures are... alright. I'll make sure they're detailed enough before tomorrow to garner at least a C. My rocks look good, but rocks are ridiculously easy to texture and make look believable, haha.

Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry left very early this morning for Sequim, Washington, to visit Pat (Uncle Larry's mother). They're coming home late tomorrow night. Whew, four hours there and four hours back for an overnight stay seems nuts to me, but I'd do the same for Mom (and Dad and Cammy) if I hadn't seen her in several months.

Of course, by the time I return home for summer, I'll have not seen Mom, Dad, or Cammy for over five months.

Back to Maya! I'll post the playblast sometime later, but I feel good about this project again and must get cracking on my textures. They're about two-thirds done, need some refining.
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Just got off the phone with Mom and Dad. I'd called them to let them know that my Maya package arrived today and is up and running perfectly on the XPS.

("Mayalujah" = "Hallelujah, I've got Maya!")

(Oh.... And the delivery guy, this one from UPS, left the box hanging on the gate. GOOD GOD, you morons! Take my shit all the way to the house! The wireless card had arrived via DHL.)

They let me know that Grandma Jo may possibly have liver cancer; they'll know later tonight or tomorrow. Her cancer count is very high. It's unfair, to say the least. Grandma Jo needs a hip replacement, and she already survived colon cancer.... But Dad told me that, like Grandma Ruthie had been before she passed away, Grandma Jo is very at peace: if it's her time to go, or will soon be her time, it's her time. That's how she's looking at it.

It was really painful seeing Grandma Jo limping like she was, when she and Grandpa came up for Jessi and Mitch's wedding. I pray she's not in pain right now.

Today was pretty nice. I finished my Creative Writing assignment in the two and a half hours I had before I needed to get to class, sitting at a table in Powell's. I got up at 8:00 this morning, which is SO MUCH BETTER than waking up at 6:00. I heard my watch alarm go off at 7:00, dozed off, checked my clock at 7:35, and dozed off again. I began dreaming about various oddness and near the end of the dream, a fire alarm began going off. After the alarm had rung about three times - my clock alarm went off. Ha!

I typed up the rest of my assignment into my flash drive copy, printed six copies, and got them into Julia's box outside 212.

Hung out briefly with Melissa, Laryssa, and Ben before heading to class. Grace is in my Anatomy & Movement class, hurray! Aurora in Creative Writing, Grace in Anatomy & Movement, and - if I'm not mistaken - Aurora, Grace, Laryssa, Jacob, and Nick are all in Character & Object Design with Za tomorrow. That is going to be a FUN class.

Amy Zollinger, my A&M teacher (she was also my Drawing teacher summer 2007), had us share our pet peeves and a favorite quote as an ice breaker today in class. ...I shared Rorschach's lovely first page, third panel quote from Watchmen (some of you will know it well):

The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their wastes and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"...

...And I'll look down, and whisper "No."

Eh heh heh, I'm an odd one. <3 I did get some approving nods from across the room, though.

OH, OH, and who doesn't love THIS one?

Hurm, never disposed of sewage with toilet before. Obvious, really.

Two-nothing. Your move.


...Okay, so, I was reading the forums at, and there was a discussion of what might have happened had [ MILD SPOILER ] )

I've got my Maya file of Hades Laboratories up on the XPS. I've said it before, I say it again: working on this assignment from home is going to be so much less of a hassle than driving to AIPD to work on it.

Grandma Jo will be in my prayers.

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