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Fever Ray is a new music addiction of mine. She's Karin Dreijer Andersson, one half of The Knife (formed with her brother, Olof Dreijer), which happens to be one of my favorite bands. I just discovered her solo work as Fever Ray and am completely enthralled. While very similar to The Knife, Fever Ray's music has a more organic quality, and is far more personal.

I LOVE this woman's voice, and the music gives me chills of inspiration. I'm very taken with the video, its imagery and mood.

Ramona Falls is an indie rock project based in Portland. My Motion Broadcast Graphics teacher shared this in class on Tuesday and I was thoroughly impressed. The video was made using After Effects, which we are learning how to use (currently like learning Maya all over again, but we're slowly getting the hang of it).

FANTASTIC video, and a damn catchy song. I wonder what animal head I'd have if my human head were torn off. Hummingbird, most likely.

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This is fantastic and fills me with space-geek glee. The music is damn catchy, too!

Admit it. You know you love Carl Sagan's fuzzy-caterpillar eyebrows.
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Saturday, I woke up to Aunt Pam telling me that Uncle Larry and Michael were going on a hike. I opted to go with them. We went up the Molalla River for miles, along narrow, unpaved roads, and the Astro ended up getting a flat tire. After Uncle Larry and Michael got the spare on (I watched them to help get a sense for what putting a spare on is like), we drove back down the road a bit and stopped by a campsite and hung out for a couple hours. I took lots of photos, examined river rocks, played with Honey, and had a good time hanging out with my family.

At home, I called Mom and Dad and talked with them for nineteen minutes (exactly!), then called Aurora to let her know I was still headed up to her place. Aurora had me read her revised assignment for Creative Writing, which was a huge improvement over the e-mail copy she'd sent. :) Grace arrived later with shortbread cookies (I brought Syder's of Hanover BBQ Buffalo Wing Nibblers, and when Whitney returned to the apartment, we piled into her car and headed to Freddie's. I got a Monster M-80 to keep me up, and we didn't head to bed until around 5:00 AM.

Today, at school, Aurora, Grace, and Whitney waited in line to register at the 10:00 mark, and I kept returning to Liz's office just to try to set up an appointment. When I finally got a hold of her, she asked if I could return at 2:30; I agreed. Long wait, but what can you do?

Afterward, Whitney drove us to the Lloyd Center and Pioneer Courthouse Square malls. I got a Subway sandwich at the latter and Grace waited with me as I ate it. Grace left for her bus stop after we'd all met up again, and Whitney gave me a ride back to AIPD, which I greatly appreciated.

Worked on my Quick Sketch homework a bit and talked with Laryssa, which was fun. Left to meet up with Liz and was balked by Ryan. He's not a bad kid, as Aurora has figured out, but a bit of a jokester: he asked who I'd come to see, and told me there was a line - "unless you have an appointment," which I did. I peeked into Liz's office to let her know I was present for our appointment as she was working with another student. Liz said all my class choices were good after I explained that I want to take a more illustration-oriented root, using Lee's suggestions as reference.

From Gateway, I stopped by Jiffy Lube again to get my lug nuts retorqued. The friendly fellow 21-year-old greeted me with a smile again, and I was in and out of the place in about five minutes. I called Kat to see what she was up to, and she was busy with finals work, but we'll figure out a time to have another EPIC CONVERSATION (again, that phrase has to be capitalized). :D

The money-related depression stems from my FAFSA hold, which disallowed me to register today. Aurora had had a hold on her account as well, which came as a disappointing surprise, and she got it worked out with Scott James, who had helped me get my FAFSA in last year. She told me that when he heard me at the front desk asking about temporarily waiving my hold just so I could register, he mocked me. What an unprofessional bastard. Yes, I should have turned in the stupid FAFSA on time, even if I get NOTHING out of it (because it's a goddamned requirement to register at AIPD), but despite all my reminders to myself to get it done, I was too busy with schoolwork and was dealing with family issues (Uncle Larry's kidney stones) to worry about the damn FAFSA.

Anyway, relatively quick post. The unhappiness will probably be gone tomorrow, when I meet up with Julia for my Creative Writing conference.

IAMX's new album is also released tomorrow, so I may pick it up from Everyday Music. I need happy things right now. That's my excuse.

Porcupine Tree, by the way, is a wonderful band. I spent some time last weekend organizing a bunch of their music that I'd swapped from Cammy's library, and their sound is growing on me quickly. Psychedelic rock, very similar to Pink Floyd. I also organized all the De/Vision that Dana had linked me to from her personal collection a few years ago. :)
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Headed down to Auburn with Mom around 1:00 today. Off the Record has relocated to a lot just a few stores down from where it originally was. It's smaller, but oddly, it has more CDs now.

I picked up Peter Murphy's Deep (that man's voice is DIVINE), The Knife's Silent Shout (AMAZING album), and the Sneaker Pimps' Becoming X (also very good). I'm going to rip them onto my laptop so I don't have to worry about transporting CDs up to Oregon.

I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER. I can't believe half of my break is already over.... Argh. But! - I feel better, and that's what matters. Spending the first week and half (almost) just drove me nuts.

SO! Last night, I introduced my good friend Dez (doom-weasel of dA) to VNV Nation. The first song I sent her was "Epicentre", one of my top favorite songs of theirs, and a top favorite song, period. I was playing it off of my Brainsick playlist... which is playing again right now. (We'd been discussing Brainsick a bit prior to my mention of VNV Nation.)

Her reaction (after "MOOOOOOOORE"):

If we by some miracle both become lesbians someday Jill, we are getting married, and we are playing this song at our wedding. >=[

XD!!! I was laughing HYSTERICALLY after I read that.

Dez considers herself asexual as I do, but hey, who says that means we don't have a (strange) sense of humor? I love Dez. <3 That almost tops our "I CAN HAS CHEESEBURGER?!" conversation from a couple months back. *grin*

We both love Massive Attack. She wrote that, when she learns how to use Flash, she wants to make an opener to Brainsick with "Angel" playing in the background. HARDCORE AWESOME.

I'm talking with Alex right now. <3 Much less than three! We're geeking out over computers and such.

I've been frequenting lately. Tonight, I learned that Golfrapp's "Strict Machine" was apparently inspired by lab rats... and, as i reread the lyrics, I thought, My God, no wonder this song is on my Brainsick playlist!

Mom, Dad, Cammy and I are going to Bodies Revealed in Sacramento tomorrow. Exhibits of real human bodies and such. It'll be awesome for photo references... I hope photos are allowed!

Veeeery early this morning, after Dez went to bed, I sketched a scene with Finch and Anne in my Brainsick sketchbook. It illustrates Anne's mind games, and Finch's intense fear of physical contact with his superior.... "You might like it" is Anne's statement, soothingly purred - as Finch shudders in horror. Her advances are not strictly sexual, but they terrify Finch nonetheless. She prefers psychological abuse over physical abuse.

Getting emotion down with my characters is crucial to Brainsick's further development. Finch's relationship with Anne is extremely uncomfortable.

ANYWAY. Back to my sketchbook!
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Drove to Auburn (with Dad, of course) on Tuesday. He returned his bike and bought a new bike as I browsed Off The Record. They reorganized their selection, and it seems to have grown since I was there last.

I found the Dark City soundtrack in the used section for $7.99. It includes the original soundtrack and songs from and inspired by it (this includes Gary Numan's "Dark", which is killer.) I also bought VNV Nation's FuturePerfect album, which is STUNNING. I already had some of the songs on it, but having the album itself is so much better. (Not to mention better sound quality.) Plus, I like its lyrics booklet. I'd considered buying Massive Attack's Mezzanine album, but went with VNV Nation.

I now have both the album and instrumental versions of "Carbon".

Brainsick profiling continues. Finch's sketch page is done, and I began improving Chestan's sketch page last night. A few hours ago was last night. GEEZ. Added other practice sketches from Getty Images stock of a female profile and a female eye. Mmmmhumanpractice. Must continue sketching humans.

Went on a great bike ride with Dad yesterday, roughly three miles round trip. Took it nice and easy, mainly because Dad had to, but he did really well and I gave him a big hug when we got back. He loves his new bike, and even customized its handlebars to be more comfortable for his arms and hands. He wants to ride every day now around noon, which is a good time to ride bikes. Yesterday was sunny with a wonderful breeze. OMG BIKES.

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