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Yesterday, Dad and I picked up the remaining hens from Danielle's house (where it was hand-numbingly freezing), and we fed the three roosters and the turkey. The poor things were starving, so Dad also scooped several handfuls of food into the box we transported the hens in.

Drove on the freeway for the first time, got off on Bell. I was nearing Airport Road (around that area, whatever the exact name is) when I noticed a Doberman in the middle of the road. It began trotting right in front of me, so I swerved to the right and the dog safely made it to the other side of the road. Dad kept telling me how well I handled the situation: I must have rather strong inborn evasive skills. The dog was alright, and I didn't hit any cars; it's the best of both worlds. I let Dad drive after we picked up three Papa Murphy's pizzas, however. I was a little shaken following the dog incident.

Picked up goodies and cake at Pak 'N Save, got home, took Draco out to sun, and began cleaning. Kat arrived first, followed by Brenna, then by Karena and Keith. Alex was dropped off by her mom, Katlin by her boyfriend, and Michaela dropped by for a while, too. Watched some Internet videos, the first episode of House, then, after Katlin and Michaela had left, Karena, Keith, Kat, Alex and I all gathered back into my room and played Cranium. FUN, fun game. I should get it sometime.

I'm happy that a relatively large group of friends showed up, but I wish I'd have contacted more of my friends from Colfax. Karena and Keith are both very mellow compared to most of my BR friends, and I could tell they felt more than a little weirded out being around such boisterousness. Dad saw this, too (he commented that you're both very mature). But I'm glad you two showed up, along with everyone else. <3 I had a fun birthday.

Draco is snuggled between the back wall of his terrarium and the nifty piece of driftwood he likes to perch on. I've got the heat lamp on him. He ate nothing yesterday, despite what I offered, but I figured this was probably a good thing: he was constipated today. =/ Thankfully, he gobbled up some crickets! I need to get some spinach for him, because the lettuce we have does not have much nutritional value.

I hope to Brainsick-storm tonight, or at least do something relating to my characters....
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Because I'm a dork and completely forgot that some of my friends are still in school, arriving anywhere between 2:00 and 4:00 is fine. XD

I need to get my license and go to college so I can get my sense of time back.

Draco is sunning on my windowsill. He's been very active today, thanks to the sunniness outside. And he finally pooped; poop is a good sign. Right in his terrarium, so it was easy to clean up. He's been jumping, running around the house, looking at every thing there is to look at - it's so fun getting to play with him again.

I realized something: Draco didn't brumate for four months; he only brumated for three months. Crazy lizard. <3 October 12 to November 12 is roughly one month, 11-12 to 12-12 another month, and then 12-12 to 1-12 (he was close) is a third month.

Watched three episodes of The X-Files last night: "The Unnatural", "Soft Light", and "Synchrony". HOLY SHIT. "The Unnatural" has some of THE funniest scenes of the entire series. Still have it on the DVR.... *grins widely*

Dad and I were going to drive to Danielle's house to pick up more chickens, but he decided that doing so is better left until tomorrow, because we'll be picking up pizzas, cake, and other goodies early in the morning. Danielle is in Alabama with her parents, helping to take care of her mom. I called her cell phone earlier today and talked to her for a short time.

It is SO much fun watching Draco run around the house. His tail curls high in the air, his legs churn like pumps, and he sometimes stops to bob his head several times. He's adorable. He hasn't eaten any crickets yet, which is nuts because he usually gobbles them right up. I plan on feeding him some more peas in a bit.

My room is nice and clean now, but it needs to be organized. I have loose papers all over the place.

And now to eat some lunch and brush my teeth, then take Lupin on a walk.
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Draco is brumating (hibernating). I MISS HIM SO MUCH! He's going through a natural state of lethargy that will last for a couple months. I just printed a six-page PDF on it.

Oh, and Dad has decided against getting the baby female, for now. He realized it wasn't a good idea just yet.

We're getting our WildBlue installed this Tuesday. FAST INTERNET? - FOR THE LAMBERT FAMILY?! It's amazing!

SO! The party was very small, but lots of... strange fun. (Katy and Becky called the night before to say they couldn't come.) Jason arrived first; I thought Brenna would be with him, but he told me she'd be driving herself; this wasn't the case. She called Jason's cell, and after a very confusing conversation, Jason and I set out to find her. She told us she was at the intersection of Wolf and Lime Kiln. "Wolf doesn't intersect with Lime Kiln!" I tried telling her.

But - as Jason and I found out - IT DOES. Going towards McCourtney, Wolf intersects with Lime Kiln. I NEVER KNEW THIS BEFORE. We went down Lime Kiln towards McCourtney, back towards my house and up Wolf, back towards McCourtney and finally found her at the huge green barn with the monolith rock. Needless to say, we were all terribly confused and laughing our asses off. Jason decided that she temporarily was sucked into a third dimension and was then spat out facing McCourtney. She came from 49, so really she must have simply missed Retrac and kept on driving.... But we may never know.

Got back to my house, ate candy and chips and all kinds of nutritious food, watched House episode 3x02 and various tidbits we have recorded on DVR. I called Alex to give her loves since she was at home watching her younger brother, then the three of us walked down to the creek and played with Lupin and Lola. Back up at the house, Dad told me Becky called, so I called her back and gave her loves, too. She was upset that she couldn't come, but we'll try to get together soon; same with Katy.

Ate hotdogs and watched most of Pleasantville. Called Erin to see where she was, which at her tack cleaning party, still. Called her later, was called by her, called her, was called, and on and on and on as she tried to find my house in pitch darkness. She got stuck in an old man's driveway, and he watched her through his kitchen window as he cleaned dishes... apparently naked. Erin was so freaked out that she was laughing hysterically. Jason, Brenna and I set out on another rescue mission after telling her to drive back to and stay put on Retrac at the post boxes. We led her to my house and watched "Home", which I think thoroughly creeped everyone out; Cammy watched it with us.

I think Lupin misses you, Brenna. =P

After Brenna and Jason left, Erin took out her DVD of CSSSA final project animations. "Spinky and Dimble" is WONDERFULLY disturbing, "BIOTURK" is awesome, and "Supernova" was incredible. I had no idea that CSSSA animation students were mailed DVDs of everyone's final projects! Watching those animations was so inspiring.... God, I want to animate something. Grandpa built me an animation board four years ago, but I've used it almost solely for tracing my good sketches for final works.

I called Alex again (because I said I would once Erin arrived) at around 11:15 or so - something like that. She asked her parents if she could come over... AND THEY AGREED! Alex arrived at 11:30 last night and brought those superfuckedup Ghost Stories episodes (it's an anime that did so poorly in Japan, when it was released in the US the creators said, Do ANYTHING you want with it!). I was happy once we finally watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show, tee hee. Mom got up at 1:30 this morning and didn't notice Alex was here....

Erin fell asleep on the sofa, so Alex claimed the 'squishy bed' (the one I keep in my cloest) and slept in my room. Mom and Dad were telling me that the pile of pillows on the sofa confused them immensely, because there was 'another person in Jillian's room!'. SO funny. Erin woke up and glomphed me before I got up; it was just past 8:00 - only four hours after we went to bed - but we knew we wouldn't be able to fall asleep again so we talked and ate some breakfast. Erin had to leave shortly into The Stepford Wives, but Alex and I finished it. I then showed her how amusing Hugh Laurie's natural accent is, and she was astounded. *grin*

Alex's mom picked her up around forty-five minutes ago. I was glad to finally have friends over again, and I think they had fun too. Thanks again guys! <3 I really need to try to have a birthday party next year. Haven't had one since I was thirteen, hee.
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Jason's party on Wednesday was really fun. The thing is, I made myself depressed by not swimming. Periods are amazing, aren't they? They always pop up when you're ready to do something fun with friends. JESUS CHRIST.

Because I am often gratuitous, my period wasn't heavy on that first day. I COULD HAVE GONE SWIMMING. Instead, I sat at the edge of the pool and wiggled my feet in the water. My eyes welled up. Mmmmyup that's how much I LOVE to swim. My eyes were fucking WATERING because I decided not to. Wow.

Not only that, but I had a mild headache that lasted for over six hours. It began after I finished watching / recording The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe from PPV before Kat and her mom picked me up. (Took two Advil Liquigel capsules.) At the party, I felt dehydrated. Not to mention the loft was ROASTING. I felt woozy, later almost delirious, and my legs were shaking slightly. I downed two Gatorades and several cups of water - and a total of five more pain pills that Jason and Brenna gave to me - and the headache persisted.

I ended up swimming. I borrowed some board shorts that either Aldon or Nelson had worn and a t-shirt from Jason and I went swimming. Kat went out with me and stayed up on the deck.


Swimming is my favorite physical activity EVER, and with good reason: it's the number one cure for nonactivity-induced headache-lethargy. Yay!

But there were some good times. I got the CD that Aldon and Nelson created (the theme music they made for Brainsick; those guys are AMAZING), Ellie returned The Plague Dogs to me (thank yous! <3), we watched Serenity (though I was trying to stay conscious throughout the movie, I still enjoyed it), had a very disturbing game of truth or dare (that's all I'm going to say about that), and Jason let me borrow Howl's Moving Castle.

Kat spent the night at my house. We played with the glowstick I got from Grad Night while listening to VNV Nation. GODDAMN glowsticks are fun. Theeen I lost it up on the roof. We tried in vain to retrieve it, but to no avail. I nearly killed Kat by imitating a silly happy noise she made ("Numnumnumnumnum") while she was drinking a cup of grape juice. Messed up her throat. Sorry Kat! Still funny though. Not in a mean way. XD

We were going to go on the boat with Dad yesterday, but the water pump was messed up and my back hurt thanks to my ovaries (I'm going to donate you to a transsexual, you whores!).

If we had gone on the boat with the water pump acting the way it is, we would have EXPLODED!

We watched some TV after Kat FINALLY got up (she was being a sleepyhead), I copied Playing The Angel for her, and we drove her home sometime past one. I was tired, so I decided to relax and I popped Howl's Moving Castle into the DVD player.


In other words - Howl's Moving Castle is THE SEX.

Howl is so metro! ...And really... really... hot. What the hell.

"You just gave me +20 Angst by screwing up my hair, Sophie! YOU BITCH! I'm going to weep and ooze green goo now."

Watched it twice so far. The power went out while I was only fifteen minutes into the film today. Yesterday, I had to use the bathroom constantly because I was trying to keep myself hydrated. SO MANY INTERRUPTIONS. But Cammy still has yet to watch it, so we're going to watch it once his Dream Theater DVD is done. Yessss.

H'sMC moved me tremendously. It's the type of film that makes me wonder why I don't want to be in a relationship.


Buuuuuuuut I'm not going to dwell on that, because I like being myself, which is NOT being in a relationship.



Yo Jason: whevever you decide to pick it up, you can borrow The Plague Dogs. I just need to watch it several times beforehand. :D Both of them, actually. Whee!
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Unfortunately, PBMQ never responded to the e-mail I sent her, and I have not heard anything from Brian Cleavinger, either. Jason came over Thursday night so we could help each other on our projects, and it really did help me a lot. I couldn't turn in the interview and wrote only four journal entries, but damn it, for as long as I'd put it off... I did A LOT of work in four days. I talked with Mr. Carrow about the interview, and I can turn it in on Monday. And sadly... I left the interview form IN my process journal. Hmmm. Crap.

Now I have to write a speech. My practice presentation is Monday. My actual presentation is Thursday, May 18. I will be presenting with Jason, Kat, and Noelle in Stroeve's room.

And now for another happy blog about Erin's party and more. )

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