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The second week of spring term 2009 has already come to its end. Today is an Institute day; no school! I spent the night at Aurora's last night so I could head to the Portland Art Museum after waking up (thank you again SO much, Aurora! *flails*). Got my 19th & 20th Century Art assignment pretty much covered - just need to type it up and search Madame Pompadour a bit more.

La Volupté de Gout: French Painting in the Age of Madame Pompadour is a splendid exhibit. Seeing paintings from the Rococo and Enlightenment periods in my textbook is all well and dandy, but seeing paintings from those periods in person is spectacular. My hands-down favorite from the exhibit is Jean-Baptiste-Marie Pierre's MASSIVE L'Enlèvement d'Europe, or The Abduction of Europa, painted in 1750.

Quick Sketch was a lot of fun yesterday. Lee had us do line and circle exercises to help improve our mark-making skills (he suggested we practice them every day), and then had us sketch in markers and detail our sketches with pen. Fantastic technique, and one I aim to develop more throughout the term. Aurora, Grace and I picked up dinner at Cha! Cha! Cha's! and brought it back to AIPD. After the two of them headed off for their respective classes, I settled down and read my Creative Writing assignment from Writing Fiction, as well as the photocopied excerpts from Ursula K. Le Guin's The Wind's Twelve Quarters. Also read Aurora's CW assignment for the week, which is tremendously adorable.

Woo, pouring rain outside! I feel the need to add to Brainsick....

Quick Sketch homework this week is to produce four pages of animal drawings, much like we did for characters last week. Our in-class exercise for the upcoming week is to redesign animals as weird, wonderful chimeras. Needless to say, I cannot wait for that! I already know what I'd like to draw (if Lee allows us to choose): a mouse-reptile hybrid for Cali, and a turtle-horse that I'd dreamed about several months ago.

Intermediate Modeling is simple: experiment with NURBS. (Once again, I felt like I would fall asleep during class this week, but Aaron Sturgeon is a cool teacher.) I think I'll try my hand at modeling a Prismacolor marker, because I'd be able to use the Revolve Tool to efficiently create the body of the marker.

For Creative Writing, all I need to do now is critique Aurora's and Ben's assignments. Josh may have dropped, and Michael - who joined our group this week - didn't have his assignment in Julia's drop-off box. Hmm.

ALSO: for some quick lulz, check out this Watchmen: The High School Years parody!


(And Pink Floyd's "The Great Gig in the Sky" for Jon's intrinsic field accident in Episode 2.) :D

Promo, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 under this cut! )

I must say these kids are geniuses, and their vids are f'awesome. I kid you not, their production quality is excellent.

In a moment of pure subconscious geekdom, I inadvertently changed my journal style to what had been the style for jeh_fans.
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Yesterday was quite productive. I ran off five prints of "Sleep By Windows," but should create more so that I have at least five that look nearly identical. I scanned all five prints, so I'll be able to show the process of trying to fix up spots that didn't turn out well - in addition to showing what too much ink and pressure do to your print!

After class, I walked to the Portland Art Museum, bought a student pass, and attended the Mixografia exhibit for an assignment due next week. It's a fascinating look at how the conventions of printmaking can be broken. Mixografia is a company in LA which originated in Mexico by Luis and Lea Remba. Famed Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo challenged Luis to invent a new method of printmaking to accommodate three-dimensionality and a more painterly approach; Remba invented a paper with a unique pulp that could be built up into sculptural applications, and could also withstand the pressure of a printing press without sustaining damage.

One of the most incredible pieces in the exhibit, and certainly in the entire museum, is Tamayo's Two People Attacked By Dogs. It's the largest print in the world, measuring 61" x 97.5", and is a combination of lithograph and drypoint. Astonishing to see in person!

While looking at the pieces in the Mixografia exhibit, I remembered an image I cut from an art magazine to paste into my Collage Book of Madness way back during sophomore year: it was one of Tamayo's prints (lithograph, to be exact), titled Perro Herido ("Wounded Dog"):

I really liked that image and wanted to keep it. It reminds me I should find more black gel pen notebook paper for my Collage Book of Madness and continue the madness!

I'd had a notebook and pencil with me for the Mixografia exhibit, but I felt I was missing something; sure enough, I'd forgotten to bring out the assignment sheet Amy had given us last week before I'd checked my backpack in. I went back up, got the sheet out, checked my stuff back in, and returned to the exhibit - to learn I'd actually passed by a full half of it! That's when I was able to admire Tamayo's grand print, and also some unique copper casts on the street-level story of the museum.

I considered leaving after completing my assignment requirements, but I discovered a "Mythical Beasts" exhibit near the check-in kiosks and decided to check it out. SO WORTH IT. Ancient art from the Han Dynasty of monsters, horses, gods, and instruments. My favorites were the bixie statues. "Bixie" is a general name for the fantastic beasts that guarded Chinese temples and tombs to ward off evil spirits. They typically have the jaws of a fierce dog, goat horns, dragon scales around their midriffs, and plumed hindquarters. I MUST draw one!

Aurora, I think you'd enjoy that exhibit. :) Inspiration up the freaking wazoo!

Again, I'll get my prints up shortly. I look forward to making more!

An hour or so ago, I ordered some water-soluble intaglio ink from the Daniel Smith company in Seattle. Jillian H. (yup, another Jillian!) is going to share the ink with me and will pay me half the total cost. Also, Kim, whom I've befriended, offered to bring some gesso for our collagraphs next week. Hurray!

Hmmm, what to do for my collagraph....

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