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Sweet JESUS I am so relieved.

A whole lot of blabbing about finals, plus Sarah's passing and computer shit. )

WHEW, but enough of that. Just wanted to update. Get my Internet idling out of me!


Going to bring my laptop to the school tomorrow before I meet up with Aurora, Aurora's mom, Grace, Robin, and Whitney for lunch and a trip to the Portland Art Museum to see if it has the same problem only recognizing Jessi's network.

Looking forward to fun with friends!
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Completely forgot to write about Sunday. Must be this combination of too little sleep before class and too much napping at home. IT'S A VICIOUS CYCLE.

Spent eight hours at the college on Sunday busting out my prints: I cut two full panels and began on a third before leaving. Ran sixteen prints of Decay for the print exchange, which took a lot of time in itself. My hands were chapped and cramped by the time I was through.

I can safely say that materials for my Printmaking final have cost me upwards of $80 - but it's been worth it. I'm going to hold onto this graphic novel forever.

I'm not sure how much time I've devoted to cutting linoleum and printing my pages. Each panel - even the 4" x 6" panels - took a couple hours to cut.

All eight pages are printed now! Woo hoo! I left a message for Uncle Larry when I got to Gateway and also left a message for Jason wishing him a happy birthday.

Today, I got up at 9:00 after a good night's sleep (FINALLY - had gone to bed around 1:00) and headed to the college again to print my final two pages and to put my Maya shit on DVD. Picked up lunch again at Noodles & Company, as I had on Sunday. Finished printing at 1:00.

Before I'd begun printing, I hung out for a while with Melissa and Laryssa in the halls. I hadn't seen Laryssa all term, since the days she had class (Tuesday and Friday) are the days I had off. Hugged them both and shared many laughs.

The labs were completely packed, so I went home. Screw it, I thought. I wasn't going to wait for a seat to become available.

Checked the Freddie's at Gateway for Little Children. They don't carry it either. JAYZUS.

Began finalizing my pages at home. Cut rough edges, corrected spots with black ink, and painted larger areas in need of correction with the Speedball printing ink. Will continue shortly.

THEN I shall render my Maya animation (which sucks, yippee) and get my act together early tomorrow morning before class.

Succumbed to another nap for almost three hours. Got up from that less than an hour ago. Lame.

Now I shall introduce you to my current favorite macro (hey, it's a Writer's Block topic!):

Adrian with cat on head
Courtesy watchmen_lulz.


I swear this rampant procrastination will lessen next term. I've had it.
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The Scully icon makes its debut. GRRRR! (Ha, Scully from, like... the first season of The X-Files. "Beyond the Sea", to be exact. That episode guess-starred Brad Dourif. Yay Brad Dourif!) [/geek]

(...I actually haven't watched any episodes of The X-Files in AGES. Saw the second movie with Kat over Christmas break, but no episodes. Sad! D:)

Avoiding Nick, hanging out with cousins.... )

Mom and Dad called and asked me questions about Watchmen, which they recently saw together. Dad loved it; Mom thought it was alright. Mom's first question concerned Bubastis. I'm still sad that her backstory is not explained at all, but hey, PRETTY KITTY!


They thought Adrian had said, "I'm sorry, Carol" instead of "I'm sorry, girl", which I found amusing.

Come to think of it, does Adrian even call Bubastis by name? Maybe she'll have a tad more screen time in the director's cut....

Oh, the director's cut comes out in August. I won't be able to see it with Kat, because I'll be in school at that time. D:

WAITAMINUTE: is it July? This article says July:

I'd STILL be in school. Curses! This article also claims July:

OOOOO but the director's cut is supposed to be three hours and ten minutes! PARTY TIME!

Holy.... And the Ultimate Edition DVD is said to be FOUR and a half hours long!

This is turning into a supreme BLAAAAAHg.


Uh, anyway. Pardon the length.

DAMN IT I want to see Watchmen again. Even in its current cut!

Did I mention Cammy has already seen it THREE times? Crazy kid.

OKAY, one more add. This line comes from that last article I linked to: On the sexy nude scenes between Akerman and Wilson: "They're not too hard to look at," Snyder grinned. "It's not like they're big, fat people."

UM. WOW. That scene was still more softcore porn than I'd have liked to watch, Snyder. I was laughing in my head during the entire scene. "Hallelujah" didn't help (no hating on Leonard Cohen, though). Rorschach WITH CLOTHING is sexier than that scene. But I guess that's just me, hurhurhur.


AAAAH FUCK NO I'M NOT: the director's cut is apparently only going to be released in Los Angeles and New York.

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Please enjoy some gratuitous Rorschach muscle-age.

The comments in that post crack me up... as well as disturb me. :| Fans will be fans.

Just remember that Rorschach is asexual, kids. I mean, come on! - he makes ME look like a horny bastard.

Nonetheless.... *ahemFUCKthatshitishot*
You know me: I love my oddball character actors.
And I would never deny that I am a walking contradiction.

I feel I've just found the mecca of JEH-Rorschach references. Fanart shall ensue (at a better date).

So! Yesterday: wasn't looking forward to presenting my horrendous animation in 3D Modeling & Animation II. But, as it always goes, I felt much better about it after receiving my critiques and suggestions. And - lo and behold - I actually stayed after Phil had counted roll again to ask for help! Jesus, that NEVER happens. I asked Phil about the problem I'd had with moving the tangents in the Graph Editor; I'd completely forgotten that the Move Tool has to be selected.

GOOD GOD WHY. It was SO SIMPLE! I hate that I forget crap like that so easily. But I got a good start on fixing up my keyframes, and I will make sure I produce something worthy of my time and effort.

Ate with Grace and Aurora after class. Geeking out is a blast.


Stopped at Best Buy on the way home from Gateway to pick up color print cartridge ink and some CD-Rs for my final Maya project. It goes without saying, but printer ink is EXPENSIVE. At least I don't use my printer daily (scanner, much more frequently).

Today in Printmaking, Amy set up a bookmaking demo. I now know how to sew signatures together, which I will utilize for my final graphic novel. I'm doing a simple story involving a hunting raven, possibly Char. I sketched thumbnails in class before the demo, then bought a crap-ton of linoleum at Utrecht ($61-worth). I love relief prints. This is going to be a lot of work, but it should prove rewarding. 'sides, any opportunity to practice graphic novel formatting is a good opportunity!

I seriously thought about heading back to the Hilltop 9 to see Watchmen again after class today.



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Got up at 5:00 this morning, got to AIPD a few minutes before it opened (at 7:00). Spent the hour before class started finished my collagraphs. I'd brought all my collagraph materials with me yesterday to finish them up before 3D Modeling... then realized I'd forgotten my plates. Ooooh I was pissed.

However, 3D Modeling was quite nice. I got good feedback on my textures, and Phil said that it's really coming along. Woo hoo! Yesterday focused on lighting, and I better understand how to create light now. I'll get to it in my project tomorrow and this weekend.

After class, I met up with Aurora and Grace in the Commons. Aurora and I shared our silly meme drawings (for - what else? - that silly and damned distracting OC meme floating around dA), and eventually we all headed to The Roxy. I got a BLT and fries. I was hungry: I finished my entire sandwich and my fries (though I shared some with Aurora). Grace got two scrumptious-looking, gigantic blueberry pancakes - I must try them one of these days.

OH, yeah, back to today. Got my collagraphs done, tested a "rainbow roll" (rolling two or more colors together with a brayer on an acrylic panel) on my Sleep by Windows linocut (turquoise and violet look fantastic together, if I say so myself), and was generally productive. Trip was the second student in class and said, "I see I'm not the only one who has work to finish." Indeed!

Do what you have to.

Seeing everyone's prints was wonderful. There are some wickedly talented printmakers in this class!

Later, as Amy had us start our monotypes, I nicked my thumb with one of the larger V-shaped linocut gouges; Amy had me follow her to the teacher work room and got me some band-aids and a styptic sheet, which stopped the bleeding almost immediately. The band-aid is off now and the skin looks like it's already beginning to close up.

Mmmm, blood.

ANYWAY, I am SUPER excited for April 20.



Goddamn I want to see them in concert. Someday. Someday!

Echo & The Bunnymen's Ocean Rain is a lovely album. <3

Currently listening to their debut, Crocodiles.

Hoooly crap, Watchmen is released in two weeks!

Aurora, were we planning for a midnight showing? If so: kickass!

I just love non-sequiturs.

...I was going to mention something else, but I forgot what it was. Maybe that my nap-dreams are bizarre?

EDIT: Wow. Earlier tonight, I had my first experience dealing with a Trojan virus. It came from an MP3 index.

I love you, System Restore.

Happy ending! :D
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Yesterday was quite productive. I ran off five prints of "Sleep By Windows," but should create more so that I have at least five that look nearly identical. I scanned all five prints, so I'll be able to show the process of trying to fix up spots that didn't turn out well - in addition to showing what too much ink and pressure do to your print!

After class, I walked to the Portland Art Museum, bought a student pass, and attended the Mixografia exhibit for an assignment due next week. It's a fascinating look at how the conventions of printmaking can be broken. Mixografia is a company in LA which originated in Mexico by Luis and Lea Remba. Famed Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo challenged Luis to invent a new method of printmaking to accommodate three-dimensionality and a more painterly approach; Remba invented a paper with a unique pulp that could be built up into sculptural applications, and could also withstand the pressure of a printing press without sustaining damage.

One of the most incredible pieces in the exhibit, and certainly in the entire museum, is Tamayo's Two People Attacked By Dogs. It's the largest print in the world, measuring 61" x 97.5", and is a combination of lithograph and drypoint. Astonishing to see in person!

While looking at the pieces in the Mixografia exhibit, I remembered an image I cut from an art magazine to paste into my Collage Book of Madness way back during sophomore year: it was one of Tamayo's prints (lithograph, to be exact), titled Perro Herido ("Wounded Dog"):

I really liked that image and wanted to keep it. It reminds me I should find more black gel pen notebook paper for my Collage Book of Madness and continue the madness!

I'd had a notebook and pencil with me for the Mixografia exhibit, but I felt I was missing something; sure enough, I'd forgotten to bring out the assignment sheet Amy had given us last week before I'd checked my backpack in. I went back up, got the sheet out, checked my stuff back in, and returned to the exhibit - to learn I'd actually passed by a full half of it! That's when I was able to admire Tamayo's grand print, and also some unique copper casts on the street-level story of the museum.

I considered leaving after completing my assignment requirements, but I discovered a "Mythical Beasts" exhibit near the check-in kiosks and decided to check it out. SO WORTH IT. Ancient art from the Han Dynasty of monsters, horses, gods, and instruments. My favorites were the bixie statues. "Bixie" is a general name for the fantastic beasts that guarded Chinese temples and tombs to ward off evil spirits. They typically have the jaws of a fierce dog, goat horns, dragon scales around their midriffs, and plumed hindquarters. I MUST draw one!

Aurora, I think you'd enjoy that exhibit. :) Inspiration up the freaking wazoo!

Again, I'll get my prints up shortly. I look forward to making more!

An hour or so ago, I ordered some water-soluble intaglio ink from the Daniel Smith company in Seattle. Jillian H. (yup, another Jillian!) is going to share the ink with me and will pay me half the total cost. Also, Kim, whom I've befriended, offered to bring some gesso for our collagraphs next week. Hurray!

Hmmm, what to do for my collagraph....
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Yesterday was a lovely Thursday. Printmaking was busy but fun: we inked up our copper plates to produce drypoint prints on dampened paper. My hummingbird gryphon turned out well! My AP, or Artist Proof, print - a name given to any test print that doesn't turn out as well as it can - was light, but I wiped the excess Akua Intaglio ink off my plate very well. I'VE GOT INK-WIPING SKILLS!

Akua Intaglio is a very interesting ink, because its binder is honey. It's also water soluble, so if you don't wash your hands constantly, you get absorb all kinds of chemicals. Heh!

I made a second, darker print to turn in to Amy. My print got a lot of compliments - eeeee.

After class, I rode the MAX to Aurora's apartment. I got in before Grace could open the door for me, as someone who also lived in the complex held the door for me.

Thus ensued another wonderful hangout filled with movies and Taco Bell and copious amounts of hilarity.

Aurora and Grace were bent on introducing me to Ouran High School Host Club, which, I have to admit, is rather amusing. I've grown a lot since my "ANIME SUCKS!" years, and now try to look at new anime with a discerning eye for its quality of animation... or something like that.

Still, twincest is a more than a little off-putting. :|

I brought my Willard DVD for Aurora and Grace to watch, and I was pleased that they enjoyed it so well! Crispin Glover and rats; what could be better? Throughout the movie, Aurora and Grace were Awwwwwww-ing like crazy. XD

Aaaand that was just about my billionth* time watching Willard. One of my favorite movies. EVER.

*I've lost count of how many times I've watched Willard, so I substitute a more appropriate guesstimate with one that's flat-out ridiculous. Yay!

Aurora decided to send me home with The Cat Returns (as well as the third Cirque du Freak book, Tunnels of Blood), and I so look forward to watching it. I might tonight, after I tinker with my work more. (I've already redone my camera move for Maya, and have also added a bunch of placeholder trees.) Studio Ghibli films are always high on my Must-Watch list.

Grace had to head home shortly into Rock & Rule, which Aurora had been gushing over on Wednesday when the three of us got dinner at Cha! Cha! Cha's! I had never once before heard of Rock & Rule, but I can now say I want to buy it on DVD.

It's a bizarre 1983 Canadian animated film, set in a post-Apocalyptic world where humans have been wiped out, and a race of mutants evolved from dogs, cats, and rats. It's an epic sci-fi rock'n'roll saga and features original music from Debbie Harry, Cheap Trick, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. Hot damn!

^ Still frame for the trailer above is of Mok, the ultimate rock god. He's pretty much the bastard child of Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, and David Bowie, and reminds me of characters from the animated sequences in Pink Floyd The Wall. Oh, and did I mention he's freaking awesome?

What stunned me most about this rare gem is its animation. I thought that some of it might have been rotoscoped, but I've checked articles on the 'net and none of them says anything about rotoscoping being used in the film. Folks, Rock & Rule displays some of the finest animation for its time of any animated film I've seen. The characters are fun, wild, and a joy to watch on screen. I found myself caught up with the sheer detail put into the animation: the secondary actions of characters' hair and clothing, the zany meanderings of their hands and wiggling fingers.... It's phenomenal.

Angel, the heroine, struck me as incredibly independent for a female cartoon character from the 80s; something truly remarkable then and even now. Omar, Dizzy and Stretch are plain fun, but Mok takes the cake for being one of the strangest and most captivating villains of animation.

ANYWAY, what this all boils down to is WATCH IT. It you're an animation fan, give it a try. It's serialized on YouTube! YOU KNOW YOU WANNA CHECK IT OOOOUT.

...Okay, I'm going to be bad and watch some clips from the film, then continue with my homework.

Oh, and here's a neat article I read on Rock & Rule, describing its odd plot, colorful characters, and sheer cult goodness:

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