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Completed two of four pages for this week's Quick Sketch homework. I've finished my birds and mammals pages; just need to finish sea life and insects (though I'll probably add some reptiles).

Speaking of reptiles, Draco is coming home with me for summer break--though I'm going to send him off a week earlier than my flight date (which is Saturday, June 20). As odd as it sounds, I am going to UPS Draco to Mom and Dad. Aunt Pam will be occupied with her work, Uncle Larry with looking for a job; Draco would not be able to get much attention at all if he stayed here, and he'd keep Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry from enjoying the beach house for the 4th of July.

Joe, Dad's friend whom we got Draco from, used to work for UPS and assured us that they're very meticulous with shipping pets safely, and that they do it frequently. Draco will have an overnight trip and will be delivered directly to the front door. I bought a storage box with locking latches for him to travel in; just need to cut ventilation holes in the lid. I'll make sure he's well-fed before sending him on his way home. Come travel time, it will have been two years since he's been home in California.

Going to get a start on my NURBS modeling homework shortly. I figured a Prismacolor marker would be good practice.

Took a walk up to Beeson Road yesterday, and rode my bike up the same way and a bit further along Beeson itself today. Draco got to enjoy his big outdoor cage again. We'd had gorgeous weather: it got to be nearly 70 degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to hit 80... which is too warm for my liking.

I want to go swimming really, really badly.
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Happy Easter, to those who celebrate. :)

Had a delicious dinner of ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and cranberry sauce. Aunt Pam baked biscottis this morning, and also made sticky buns. Uncle Larry had cut up a ton of strawberries to eat with whipped cream. As far as food goes, a very satisfying day. Michael, Jessi, and Mitch all came over for dinner, and it was fun visiting with them. Roxie and Bobbi were over, too, of course. Maddie was at her dad's house.

Finally added my interests back to my profile. Long list, but hey, my interests are many and varied.

I've finished three of my four homework pages for Quick Sketch. I've drawn Rorschach; Mr. Logan and Dog from Origin: The True Story of Wolverine; Bolt, Mittens, and a pigeon (I should add Rhino); Master Tigress (I still want to get Kung Fu Panda); Nightcrawler; Stork; and prophet-of-doom Rorschach. Woo! I'll scan and post the pages soon to share with y'all.

Also, I've got a good chunk of my Intermediate Modeling homework done. What's nice is that the first assignment simply has us experimenting with several modeling techniques to create a real object or abstract art. I'm going for abstract art, ha.

Aaah, Robbie Williams. The Ego Has Landed was my first CD - a gift from Becky for my thirteenth birthday. I haven't seen or talked with her since my graduation....

Short update to share my progress on my homework.
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Wrapped up my Creative Writing homework around 11:45. Woo hoo! I want to keep this up: complete my homework, THEN have fun and bum around on the 'net or sketch and listen to music. Whatever floats my boat.

Don't make me quote "I'm On A Boat"!

The first day of Intermediate Modeling was incredibly slow, but first days for any class are slow to begin with. That class is PACKED: twenty-four students. Our teacher, Aaron Sturgeon, is a lot of fun and went into long-winded rants on practically everything we'll need to know about the tools we'll use in the class. Phil sat in to watch how Aaron taught us.

During break, I got a strawberry yogurt-covered granola bar. Phil was by the vending machines when I came in and soon asked, "Ya happy to be out of my 3D Modeling & Animation II class?"

"Oh, I'm just glad to be out of the class, period." Then I thought about Aurora's heads-up on D grades no longer being passing grades.

Phil told me that a D- will not pass the class.

"Oh good! I got my plus." Yaaaay.

I'm really looking forward to Quick Sketch tomorrow (...later today, heh) with Aurora and Grace. Lee White is an awesome, awesome teacher.

I'd have had my GPS yesterday, but I guess Uncle Larry wasn't home at the time the USPS person came to drop it off. Ah well. I can pick it up from the post office after class if need be.

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