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It's been a while since I last posted, so I felt I should update quickly before diving into my Creative Writing revisions for my chapbook (which is due on Tuesday).

I'm registered for my classes - finally. Thankfully, none of them was completely full, so I got all the classes I wanted. Here's the thing: each of them is a night class. Four night classes, four days: Monday through Thursday. It's going to be expensive on gas again, but I think I'll enjoy my classes. They are Illustration on Monday; Lighting & Texture I on Tuesday, with Grace; Storyboard on Wednesday; and Biomechanics on Thursday, also with Grace. Each class runs from 6:00-9:45 PM.

After class yesterday, I came home, got Draco's heat lamp set up for him, took a shower, fed Draco some dandelion leaves, and then took him to The UPS Store in Oregon City, by the Fred Meyer I frequently shop at. He was completely calm on the ride there in his little plastic storage container; Uncle Larry had drilled holes in the lid for ventilation. Draco took it all in stride and simply looked around at things from inside his box. I'd lined it with a towel to make it soft and more comfortable for him.

When I brought Draco inside the store and said I needed to have a pet mailed, a young girl - probably around Maddie's age or slightly older - saw him and said, "Whoooooa!" Two sisters working at the store were stunned with his size and kept complimenting how beautiful he is. An older woman, whom I'd spoken with over the phone last week, was also impressed with Draco. She called her uppers to confirm that they could mail Draco; small reptiles are really the only pets that can be mailed via UPS. Draco was just as calm in the store and I kept stroking his head and back and offered to let the sisters pet him, too. Their brother recently got a baby bearded dragon, and I had fun answering all of their questions about Draco.

Draco's clear box was set inside a slightly larger cardboard box filled with packing peanuts (they're breathable) and punched with holes. The total cost was... a lot: $115. This is due mostly to Draco's Saturday delivery to Mom and Dad's. The price I had initially been told was $65; Dad had been told $40. Whenever I mail Draco back up here (I may have him stay with Mom and Dad for my summer term, but I'm not certain yet), I'm going to mail him on a weekday.

But hey, it's my money and Draco is worth it. <3

Dad got a new, used terrarium for Draco and filled it with red Calci-Sand. Beardies test their surroundings by licking: this sand will supplement his calcium intake. Dad also got a giant hissing cockroach for Draco to eat; at the pet store he went to, an employee told him that they're highly nutritious for beardies. Draco chomped its rear off and then finished it off with huge bites. Mom and Dad watched him and Dad was yelling delightedly as Mom gagged. XD

I talked for a while with Grandma and Grandpa yesterday. I let them know that I'm taking good care of the Park Avenue. Grandpa is so funny: he still wants to take the Park Avenue back and give me the 2008 Buick Lucerne. Aunt Pam said "[That car] is too sporty for old people." The back window is difficult to see out of.

I love my Park Avenue. I thanked them again for the car.

Grandma and Grandpa are going to visit during the last week I'm home, and then they're going to come up to Oregon to see Katelynn. I can't wait to see them again!

Well, enough is enough. I'll try to get photos up of recent artwork when I'm off.

Also, I have decided that I am going to keep all of my Brainsick work OFF of deviantART. I may even keep my art off, period (or just post school work?), but stay to keep in touch with friends. After reading about a friend's wrongful banning from the site (even though she was going to leave anyway) and the "artwork" she found, I feel all the more disgusted with that site. It's been going downhill for a long time. I admit it would be hard for me to leave entirely, simply because I do have several friends I want to keep talking with there.

It's not just what happened to my friend on dA that makes me want to keep Brainsick (at the very least) off of dA; Lee began Quick Sketch on Thursday with a fantastic discussion on copyright laws, including the infamous Orphan Works Act. If passed, this bill would allow any company to use an artist's artwork if they could not locate the original owner of the work they wanted to use. Bascially, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you publish on the Internet is in danger of this bill.

This article describes the Orphan Works Act in a nutshell.

Besides, with Dad's friend, Erik Petersen, building me a professional website while I'm home, dA is going to fall into periphery. Mr. Petersen can encrypt my work, disallowing anyone to copy it. If saved, the artwork would show up as a pixel. ...That doesn't stop people from using Print Screen, but I could also watermark my work.

Maybe I'll leave Elfwood, too. Hell, my art has been on that site since I was in seventh grade!

Lee also told us about Photoshop's tagging ability, which allows an artist to add descriptive tags to his or her work, identifying it as copyrighted to that artist.

...Okay, NOW enough is enough.

I hope you're all doing well! I look forward to seeing lots of friends when I come home! :D


Instant edit: I deleted my Elfwood account. It was a fun site, but I rarely used it anymore. My last post, besides one recent post a few months ago, was in 2005.
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Saturday, I woke up to Aunt Pam telling me that Uncle Larry and Michael were going on a hike. I opted to go with them. We went up the Molalla River for miles, along narrow, unpaved roads, and the Astro ended up getting a flat tire. After Uncle Larry and Michael got the spare on (I watched them to help get a sense for what putting a spare on is like), we drove back down the road a bit and stopped by a campsite and hung out for a couple hours. I took lots of photos, examined river rocks, played with Honey, and had a good time hanging out with my family.

At home, I called Mom and Dad and talked with them for nineteen minutes (exactly!), then called Aurora to let her know I was still headed up to her place. Aurora had me read her revised assignment for Creative Writing, which was a huge improvement over the e-mail copy she'd sent. :) Grace arrived later with shortbread cookies (I brought Syder's of Hanover BBQ Buffalo Wing Nibblers, and when Whitney returned to the apartment, we piled into her car and headed to Freddie's. I got a Monster M-80 to keep me up, and we didn't head to bed until around 5:00 AM.

Today, at school, Aurora, Grace, and Whitney waited in line to register at the 10:00 mark, and I kept returning to Liz's office just to try to set up an appointment. When I finally got a hold of her, she asked if I could return at 2:30; I agreed. Long wait, but what can you do?

Afterward, Whitney drove us to the Lloyd Center and Pioneer Courthouse Square malls. I got a Subway sandwich at the latter and Grace waited with me as I ate it. Grace left for her bus stop after we'd all met up again, and Whitney gave me a ride back to AIPD, which I greatly appreciated.

Worked on my Quick Sketch homework a bit and talked with Laryssa, which was fun. Left to meet up with Liz and was balked by Ryan. He's not a bad kid, as Aurora has figured out, but a bit of a jokester: he asked who I'd come to see, and told me there was a line - "unless you have an appointment," which I did. I peeked into Liz's office to let her know I was present for our appointment as she was working with another student. Liz said all my class choices were good after I explained that I want to take a more illustration-oriented root, using Lee's suggestions as reference.

From Gateway, I stopped by Jiffy Lube again to get my lug nuts retorqued. The friendly fellow 21-year-old greeted me with a smile again, and I was in and out of the place in about five minutes. I called Kat to see what she was up to, and she was busy with finals work, but we'll figure out a time to have another EPIC CONVERSATION (again, that phrase has to be capitalized). :D

The money-related depression stems from my FAFSA hold, which disallowed me to register today. Aurora had had a hold on her account as well, which came as a disappointing surprise, and she got it worked out with Scott James, who had helped me get my FAFSA in last year. She told me that when he heard me at the front desk asking about temporarily waiving my hold just so I could register, he mocked me. What an unprofessional bastard. Yes, I should have turned in the stupid FAFSA on time, even if I get NOTHING out of it (because it's a goddamned requirement to register at AIPD), but despite all my reminders to myself to get it done, I was too busy with schoolwork and was dealing with family issues (Uncle Larry's kidney stones) to worry about the damn FAFSA.

Anyway, relatively quick post. The unhappiness will probably be gone tomorrow, when I meet up with Julia for my Creative Writing conference.

IAMX's new album is also released tomorrow, so I may pick it up from Everyday Music. I need happy things right now. That's my excuse.

Porcupine Tree, by the way, is a wonderful band. I spent some time last weekend organizing a bunch of their music that I'd swapped from Cammy's library, and their sound is growing on me quickly. Psychedelic rock, very similar to Pink Floyd. I also organized all the De/Vision that Dana had linked me to from her personal collection a few years ago. :)
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I got a pleasant surprise in 19th & 20th Century Art today: I scored 99% on my midterm! I did the extra credit, which helped make up for some of the main questions I missed. I flailed in class when I saw my grade.

There was an unscheduled evacuation today; I'm still not sure why. The third floor apparently wasn't notified, is what I heard... which would be horrific if we'd truly had an emergency.

Lots of fun with Grace and Melissa today. Hung out with them before class and after class (during which time Jacob joined us).

I'd e-mailed Liz, my department director, last night about setting up an appointment for registration; my message was returned to me. I went to her office today to attempt an impromptu appointment, but there was a note on her door explaining that she was out sick. I'm just going to meet her in person on Monday.

See, there's a new rule in registration at AIPD: you can only register online if you apply for 15 credits. If you apply for 12 (which is still full-time) or less, you have to stand in line and wait at the college.

It's fucking ridiculous, but it's given Aurora an excuse to host a "registration sleepover" on Sunday. :D Grace, Whit and I will be there. I'll be sure to bring some snacks and perhaps a movie.

This past week was really nice. On Wednesday, Noodles & Company gave out free noodles to AIPD students, teachers, and faculty. I got my order to go, then met Melissa as she was leaving the college; we went back to Noodles, she got her lunch, and we hung out and drew silly things in our sketchbooks based on quotes from Old Greg.

After class, I gave Grace a ride to her bus stop in Oregon City (we got some groceries at the Freddie's at Gateway). I hesitated in the left-turn lane and this asshole behind me sped into the opposite lane and turned into Freddie's as I was trying to turn. GAH.

After I dropped Grace off, I took the Buick to Jiffy Lube for some needed services. I got an oil change, a 3-minute oil system clean (to help sweep out dirt and particles from the filter), a new air filter, transmission service, a tire rotation, and a fuel filter upgrade. It cost more than a pretty penny, but I feel damn good about continuing Grandpa's legacy of immaculate car care! I was at Jiffy Lube for about an hour and a half, so I called Mom and Dad and talked with them for a bit.

One of the guys working on my car (I forget his name, gah), kept popping his head inside the waiting room, mentioning the magazines, because I looked bored. He was a nice kid and asked if I was going to college; I said yes, and he asked my age. He's also twenty-one, but he thought I was a lot younger because he had to scrunch up into the car to move it for the tire rotation, ha.

Yesterday, after Quick Sketch, Aurora, Grace, Whit and I went to The Roxy for dinner. We sketched, geeked out, flailed, and had fun as always. Chris was working there and we got to talking about music (Grace mentioned picking three songs from the jukebox); I mentioned "classic alternative" and he really loved the term. He told me a bit about Danny Elfman's performance art group, The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo (which understandably later developed into Oingo Boingo), and that he heard Elfman's rendition of "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" on Amazon. Awesome.

Well, that's enough blabbing. I really look forward to Sunday and I hope I can get my needed classes... even if EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is going to be a night class. AUGH.

Time to watch Kung Fu Panda again! :D IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG SINCE I LAST WATCHED IT.
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This is the inverse of my last post.

Guess who got the LAST SPOT AVAILABLE in Quick Sketch?

*raises both hands and flails ecstatically*

SO, this means the following:

~ Upper division Creative Writing on Tuesdays from 12:45 - 3:30, with Aurora
~ Intermediate 3D Modeling on Wednesdays from 12:45 - 4:30
~ Quick Sketch on Thursdays from 12:45 - 4:30, with Aurora and Grace
~ Revolution: 19th and 20th Century Art on Fridays from 9:00 - 11:45 (damn, my only morning class), with Grace

Liz was a bit late for our appointment, but she was very helpful and willing to discuss lots of options with me.

The lighting I turned in for 3D Modeling & Animation II today was crap, but I'll make it better. My directional light created weird artifacting over my textures; needs to be tweaked.

Phil had us play around with Bloke in class. Bloke is a pre-rigged character we'll use in our short films. My Bloke is going to be a Finch stand-in. :D Our key poses are due next week. I think I might have more fun with the animation than with the lighting....

Got some dinner at Taco del Mar with Aurora and Grace after class. Mmmm, braised chicken.... *drools*

Those damn tacos are still making me belch.

February is a funny month in Oregon. We've had several gorgeous days nearly up to 60 degrees. Right now, there's a fresh blanket of snow on the ground, but it shouldn't be too much as to impede my driving.

RWD grandpa cars don't like the snow, after all.

"Grandpa car" is an affectionate term.

Bitching Paranoid icon made from gift art by Moonie! :3
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I already know I won't be able to get into Quick Sketch; it has one spot left (19/20), and this is just, what, an hour or less after it had shown 17/20? Damn. D: Lee White is a great teacher. I keep thinking of how much I learned (and how much fun I had) in his Image Manipulation class winter 2008.

BUT, this means I can replace it with Experimental Sketchbook, which will be a lot of fun. Amy Ruedinger is another ridiculously awesome teacher. The times for Quick Sketch and Experimental Sketchbook clash (both are from 12:45-4:30 on Thursdays next term), so I can go with my original choice. 10/20 so far.

Upper division Creative Writing looks good so far: 9/18. I can get it!

Also, something I realized: I really shouldn't put Intermediate Modeling off until summer term, because summer term is shorter than the other three terms in a year. I should probably just take it next term... but I'll talk with Liz about what the workload of my classes will be like depending upon what I'd like to take. If I am to put it off, I'll put it off for fall term.

I still need to retake 2D Animation, which takes place on Monday mornings from 8:00 - 11:45.

I realize one thing that could possibly help my sleep cycle during a school term is if I were able to take all afternoon classes.... But that's not likely to happen.




Er, what would TRULY help my sleep cycle is if I stopped taking so many naps (though I've been good about this recently), used my time efficiently for homework, walked and rode my bike more regularly (I typically get out to walk or bike on nice days), and... blaaah, I don't know.


And an adorable icon of my precious Gimpy. <3
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Damn, I love Webroot. It's the antivirus program on my laptop. I got an alert telling me that my license was to expire in thirty days; reordered my license, and it updated within ten minutes afterward. Nice.

Sometimes.... I wish PCs were more like Macs concerning viruses.

Webroot is probably the best antivirus program I've ever had experience with. Trend Micro PC-cillin is also excellent (the program on my older laptop: NEVER had any virus troubles on it).

Er, ANYWAY. Registration began today. Liz returned my e-mail with "Can you come in today at noon?" At that time today, when Melissa and I were hovering around the education office, there was a line practically going out the door, so I just went to Powell's for a while to check up on the Stokstad art history text (still too expensive when I've done very well making my own study guides using Google Images), and also looked through The Art of Coraline, which is a gorgeous book.

What threw me off about the book, however, is that so many of the photographs are pixelated. They have incredibly obvious jagged, rectangular edges that kind of downplay the professionalism of the book. Regardless, I really enjoyed perusing the images. I freaking adore the character design for the Other Mother when she goes ultra-creepy on poor Coraline.

I want to see Coraline again. REALLY badly.

Got last week's Rise of Artistic Individuality midterm back today: it was graded on a curve of +5 points, so I received an A-. Hurrah!

LOL, tangent time: Uncle Larry went outside to shush the dogs, and just passed outside my window with a huge grin, back and forth. XD God I love living with Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry!

Driving home was oddly relaxing here and there. I actually like driving in pelting rain, even though the road seemed to disappear at certain times. The noise keeps me alert. I sang bits of "Dirty Whirlwind" by TV On the Radio. =P

Lone Gunmen icon because they're fuckin' HACKERGEEKS and I love 'em.

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