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Headed down to Auburn with Mom around 1:00 today. Off the Record has relocated to a lot just a few stores down from where it originally was. It's smaller, but oddly, it has more CDs now.

I picked up Peter Murphy's Deep (that man's voice is DIVINE), The Knife's Silent Shout (AMAZING album), and the Sneaker Pimps' Becoming X (also very good). I'm going to rip them onto my laptop so I don't have to worry about transporting CDs up to Oregon.

I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER. I can't believe half of my break is already over.... Argh. But! - I feel better, and that's what matters. Spending the first week and half (almost) just drove me nuts.

SO! Last night, I introduced my good friend Dez (doom-weasel of dA) to VNV Nation. The first song I sent her was "Epicentre", one of my top favorite songs of theirs, and a top favorite song, period. I was playing it off of my Brainsick playlist... which is playing again right now. (We'd been discussing Brainsick a bit prior to my mention of VNV Nation.)

Her reaction (after "MOOOOOOOORE"):

If we by some miracle both become lesbians someday Jill, we are getting married, and we are playing this song at our wedding. >=[

XD!!! I was laughing HYSTERICALLY after I read that.

Dez considers herself asexual as I do, but hey, who says that means we don't have a (strange) sense of humor? I love Dez. <3 That almost tops our "I CAN HAS CHEESEBURGER?!" conversation from a couple months back. *grin*

We both love Massive Attack. She wrote that, when she learns how to use Flash, she wants to make an opener to Brainsick with "Angel" playing in the background. HARDCORE AWESOME.

I'm talking with Alex right now. <3 Much less than three! We're geeking out over computers and such.

I've been frequenting lately. Tonight, I learned that Golfrapp's "Strict Machine" was apparently inspired by lab rats... and, as i reread the lyrics, I thought, My God, no wonder this song is on my Brainsick playlist!

Mom, Dad, Cammy and I are going to Bodies Revealed in Sacramento tomorrow. Exhibits of real human bodies and such. It'll be awesome for photo references... I hope photos are allowed!

Veeeery early this morning, after Dez went to bed, I sketched a scene with Finch and Anne in my Brainsick sketchbook. It illustrates Anne's mind games, and Finch's intense fear of physical contact with his superior.... "You might like it" is Anne's statement, soothingly purred - as Finch shudders in horror. Her advances are not strictly sexual, but they terrify Finch nonetheless. She prefers psychological abuse over physical abuse.

Getting emotion down with my characters is crucial to Brainsick's further development. Finch's relationship with Anne is extremely uncomfortable.

ANYWAY. Back to my sketchbook!
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SO. My second term of college began on Monday, October 1. I have - get this - a THREE-DAY week this term. I have Color Theory on Mondays; Intermediate Drawing and Intro to Computer Graphics on Tuesdays; and 2D Animation and English Composition 1 on Wednesdays. I drove myself to school on Monday, and I told Uncle Larry I could probably drive myself each Monday. Carpooling with him on Tuesdays and Wednesdays works well: because I have two classes on each of those days, I no longer have to wait a whopping five hours for him to get off work. That wait has been reduced to a half hour on Tuesdays and an hour and a half on Wednesdays. Win!

My final first term grades are as follows:

Language of Animation & Film: A-
Design Inquiry (Freshman Seminar): A-
Digital Principles: B
Drawing: A
Principles of Visual Communication: B+

Brenna and Kat both commented that those are "[my] best grades ever!", but this honestly is not true. I tended to grade well the first quarter of each year of high school and started dropping when I lost interest in doing well. (Losing interest isn't good; junior year, Mr. Doering called Dad and asked if I was being abused. Eek.) I was an honor student almost every year in middle school. BUT ENOUGH REMINISCING.

I'm smart. I just didn't apply myself as I should have during high school. ...Because high school, as you all well know, sucks ass. I love the feel of college.

And because I have four-day weekends this term, I want to use them efficiently for completing my work, while allotting time for reading, drawing, and writing - and, most importantly, spending some time with my family and Draco. I do not want to screw myself academically, and I aim not to get any Cs for my final class grades (and I am not going to turn in late work again).

My Intro to Computer Graphics class takes place in one of AIPD's Mac labs: the computers are Mac OS X models. Lord knows how much I dislike Macs, but I keep hearing that they're preferred over PCs for nearly all graphics applications. We will be using Illustrator CS3, Photoshop CS3, and InDesign CS3 for our projects, which are due every couple of weeks. I could drive to Gateway and take the MAX into Portland on days I don't have class in order to work on those Macs, but I decided that investing in those programs would be helpful as well.

Hallelujah, I discovered Software Surplus. The Adobe Creative Suite 3 - Design Standard package retails for around $1,000 or more (a staggering $1,800 at Best Buy). Check out Softare Surplus's price! Beat THAT, retail!

I placed my order earlier this morning and chose 2nd Day Air shipping for an extra $21. That's trivial when you consider that any one of those programs by itself (except maybe Acrobat; I'm not sure) typically costs $600. I can't wait for my package to arrive. I'll be using these programs for the rest of my artsy life!

My tablet is going to love these programs. *grin*

On a random note, the Sneaker Pimps' cover of Duran Duran's "The Chauffeur" is spectacular. The video is here if you're interested. (It's the original Duran Duran video with the cover playing over it. There is a bare-breasted member of the 'itty-bitty committee' involved, so beware. :| The video is quite striking, though.... Oh, Duran Duran. You bleedin' horndogs.)

ANYWAY, I like my teachers this term. Kathleen (ICG) seems kind of blah, but that might have been her first-week attitude. I really, really like Nathan, my English Comp 1 teacher. His personality is almost like a giddy teenager's, and he seems rather metro. ("I was in a Catholic school when I was younger, and they tried to make me write with my right hand. I don't know if I'm damned, but....") :D

KAT! - I've still got to send you some more Sneaker Pimps songs. I downloaded two more recently: "The Grazes" and "Half Life". They're amazing. <3

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