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Kat and Brenna, just wanted to let you know I still plan on replying to the wonderful comments you left on my asexuality / relationships ramble made a few weeks past. <333

Good news about Grandpa: he will now be able to drive until 2014! He got his license back - his doctor took pity on him, because he was worried about how he'd get Grandma to her appointments and family - and he's going to get some new glasses. Happy news.

Friday was a ton of fun: after Acting Fundamentals, I was going to head straight home; I heard Nick's voice and went to the Commons to find him, Grace, Jacob, and Camille hanging out. I joined them and we ended up passing our sketchbooks around and drawing tons of weird things as a sort of sketchbook tradeoff mini-party (Nick called it a "sketchbook orgy," haha). SO MUCH FUN. Jacob walked with Grace and me to our MAX stop, and we each hugged him goodbye. I was going to drive Grace home, but she said Brandon was waiting for her in the food court at the Clackamas Town Center. He'd called three times while we were heading in, heh.

Saturday, I completed ALL of my Conceptual Design creature thumbnails. Going to get some finished sketches done today and get my thumbnails scanned. Alyson had lent me Paprika on Friday, so I felt I'd earned the right to watch a [relatively short] movie after getting a large chunk of homework taken care of.

WOW. Just wow. Where do I begin in describing Paprika? Absolutely gorgeous film. Complicated plot, but not entirely overdone. I watched the film with subtitles and was completely engrossed - I never checked to see what the time was. I couldn't pull myself away for even a second (of course, trying to pay attention to subtitles does that anyway). As Alyson had predicted, I was enthralled with the opening credits. That entire sequence is a work of art in and of itself.

Dr. Tokita is precious. You know, of all the remarkable scenes in this film... the one that struck me most is that in which Atsuko has just pulled the massive Tokita out of the elevator he was stuck in (best character introduction EVER), admonishing him for being fat, slow, and a slob, but all the while pulling herself close to him and telling him "You're so much fun." CHRIST THAT WAS ADORABLE. Fucking hell! Pardon the language, but it was an incredibly touching scene. So unconventional, those two. INSERT MORE ADJECTIVES OF ADORATION HERE.

Again, walking contradiction speaking. I like unconventional relationships, damn it.

LOVE the sphinx scene, too, in which Paprika jumps into a Gustave Moreau painting (Oedipus and the Sphinx, to be precise). Delicious. I want to draw a Paprika-sphinx.

I got the soundtrack. "Parade" is ridiculously catchy. Soothingly quirky.

I didn't get any work done on Sunday, unfortunately. I'd gone to bed around 2:00 in the morning and woke up at 6:30 with a pretty strong pain in my guts. Not excruciating, but very bothersome. I couldn't get comfortable on my back, stomach, or either side. I got up and soaked in the tub for a while (the pain was worse standing), then tried going back to bed. Got up at 11:something - Aunt Pam said "She's alive, she's alive!" to which I replied "She hurts!" I explained my pain to her and Uncle Larry; I didn't feel nauseous at all, and I knew it wasn't food poisoning. Aunt Pam quipped that I just needed to poop... which was true. Bad constipation is all I was suffering from, but I spent most of the day either on the toilet or napping with a heated lavender-filled pack on my lower stomach. Grrrr.

Ended up watching Paprika again that night, but in English. Bleh. Distracted from the story. But I was able to pay more attention to the animation itself, which was nice.

Returned Paprika to Alyson on Monday - we ended up watching it in the Commons before class! Three watchings in three days, baby. I am 100% sold on Satoshi Kon's work now. I'd like to see Millennium Actress and Tokyo Godfathers.

Watched Perfect Blue a second time Monday night. Even knowing how the film turns out does not dilute how freakishly disturbing it is. Masterpiece thriller.

Yesterday was awesome. Proud of the work I turned in for Background Design & Layout. Had lunch at The Roxy with Grace, Aurora, Camille, Alyson, Laryssa, and Britannia. EPIC. We'd invited Jacob and Nick, but they were busy with homework.

Grace, Camille and I followed Aurora to her apartment so I could pick up books 7-9 of The Demonata. We snuggled kittens, then we visitors headed back to the school and hung out with Jacob, Nick, and Danny. Drew hung out for a while before heading back to his class. David showed up for a short time, too.

There was a celebration for the veterans at the school, so our mini-posse headed down to the Open Space to pick up free treats. Mmmmmmm. Jacob slipped up and called me Phil by accident (Jill and Phil rhyme... and Phil as in Phil Blume, one of our teachers) as we were heading back upstairs; I said "I'm not tall enough to be Phil" and Jacob joked, "Yeah, and Phil's prettier." LOL, quite unexpected from Jacob. XD I shot him a mock sad / shocked face.

Kinda-quick update. Things are going well.

Love to you all, my friends!
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SO. As Alex pointed out to me, I have not posted in a while. I got home just forty or so minutes ago after having an epically fun night with Grace, Aurora, and Henry (and kittens!). <3

There's a lot to catch up on: my wonderful trip up the Columbia River Gorge (I'd spelled Columbia as Colombia in my last post.... OH SHIT THAT'S THE COUNTRY LOLOLOLOL); my crazy-artists-hanging-out-together visit to Melissa's house in Longview; Grace's visit here when we photographed the animals; my second-ever trip to the OMSI [Oregon Museum of Science and Industry]to see Adrenaline Rush at its IMAX theatre, and lunch afterward at the Old Spaghetti Factory.... Tons! But each story shall have its time. (Quick note: I hadn't been to OMSI since I was twelve. Sheesh!)

Yesterday was a great day. I got up at 12:30 after nearly ten hours of sleep. I hung out with Melissa, Jacob, and Grace for lunch, and met Laryssa's girlfriend - whose name I never caught. D: But she's a very friendly person and even gave me a buck for a snack, since I hadn't packed lunch and suggested we all go out to eat. Grace and I had all of our Biomechanics handouts at hand to study from, but talking with friends and with new faces is distracting, ha. I saw Laryssa very briefly when she came back to gather her sweetie - first time I'd seen her at all this term - and she was shocked by my shorter hair. I gave her a hug before Grace and I followed Melissa down to a computer lab to see her adorable in-progress Flash animation of her character Lexon (as a puppy!) singing a Romanian song. SO CUTE. Said hi to MJ as she was working on an assignment in that lab.

Back in the Commons, Grace and I attempted to study more, but quickly decided that a trip for food was a good idea; we settled on Baja Fresh. Laryssa and her girlfriend had left, and Melissa had to head to the train station. Jacob followed Grace and I to BF and we drew on our receipts as we waited for our orders (carbon paper + fingernails = fun). Jacob drew Kitty Loaf on mine. XD Kitty Loaf is a nickname for a cat owned by one of his friends at home. I drew the Massive Tool face (Jacob saw it coming) and Grace scribbled. Once we had our food, we returned to the school. Jacob mock-complained offhand to Grace about my naturally speedy gait, lol.

We enjoyed our food at the same tables we'd claimed previously, and talked with a new student, Kelly, and a newish student, Drew (who's in my Storyboarding class). Kelly is very talkative and was excited to geek out about WALL-E with me. *grin* Drew is nuts and has consistently patted my head nearly every Wednesday night during class, typically when I poke fun at myself for being short. He's not creepy, just goofy. He has an inappropriate-minded sense of humor, but what college student doesn't?

...No, I don't exclude myself from that characteristic. OH NOES. :|



Grace and I said goodbye to Jacob once we were ready to head to class. Our midterm actually wasn't terrible, but it was entirely composed of written-answer questions. No T/F or multiple choice. Sadness. I finished around 8:30 and quietly let Grace know I'd wait for her in the Commons. I bought a Three Musketeers bar and split it in half to share with her. She came around 9:00, I called Aurora, and we headed to The Roxy to meet up with her and Henry. Had a BLAST finally hanging out with them again; it had been two weeks or so since we'd all seen each other at once. Aurora has all morning classes this term, my exact opposite.

After our Roxy shenanigans, Grace and I followed Aurora and Henry to their apartment. THEY HAVE KITTENS NOW. OH MY GOD THOSE KITTENS. They're so precious! We stayed for around an hour then headed off for the MAX. I drew drunk hummingbirds in my sketchbook a la Grace's suggestion. :D I dropped her off, then continued home. I was excited to notice that it was 58 degrees outside.

See, we FINALLY left that godawful heatwave behind - even got a bit of rain - but another heatwave is supposed to come next week. ARGH. Portland had experienced TEN DAYS of 90+-degree weather a week and a half ago, an all-time record for the area. One day during that heatwave got up to 108 F, but there were others that reached and surpassed 100.


It's 56 out right now. *joy*

Well, I think this will suffice for now. Michael and I are heading to the beach house for the weekend to visit with Grandma and Grandpa again before they head home. I'm bringing my homework with me, but it's not too much to stress out about. All manageable. Score!

Love to you all, my friends! <333

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