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I got to hang out with Alex, Kile, and Pat today (and I learned that Pat knows Karena and Keith). We went to Roseville and headed into Dimple Records; I bought VNV Nation's newest album, Judgment. Listening to it now. We ate at Round Table and then went to Borders. God I hate Borders. I hate and love it. Hate its prices, love its selection of BOOKS. So many BOOKS. I stayed by the graphic novels, for the most part.

An ordinary day was turned into a fun day. Jason is coming over tomorrow for another Brainsick-storm. Hurray! I plan on organizing important, newly-created concepts tonight so we can work on them tomorrow.

HOLY SHIT instant crazyassawesome beat. Third song, "Testament".

Am visiting Dean Koontz's website. I need to read more Koontz. More King, more fantasy, more booooooks.

Oh, yeah....

One thing I forgot to mention.

Mom: "So it was just you four?" [me, Alex, Kile, Pat]
Me: "Yeah."
Mom: "They weren't trying to hook you up?"
Me: "...What?"
Mom: "With Pat-"
Me: "Pat has a girlfriend!"

GOD. That's all life is good for, isn't it? Being in a relationship, 'hooking up', having your life directed.... Humph. Dad was flabbergasted at Mom's question, too.

I send many kudos to Robert for being such a big supporter on my decision.
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Drove to Auburn (with Dad, of course) on Tuesday. He returned his bike and bought a new bike as I browsed Off The Record. They reorganized their selection, and it seems to have grown since I was there last.

I found the Dark City soundtrack in the used section for $7.99. It includes the original soundtrack and songs from and inspired by it (this includes Gary Numan's "Dark", which is killer.) I also bought VNV Nation's FuturePerfect album, which is STUNNING. I already had some of the songs on it, but having the album itself is so much better. (Not to mention better sound quality.) Plus, I like its lyrics booklet. I'd considered buying Massive Attack's Mezzanine album, but went with VNV Nation.

I now have both the album and instrumental versions of "Carbon".

Brainsick profiling continues. Finch's sketch page is done, and I began improving Chestan's sketch page last night. A few hours ago was last night. GEEZ. Added other practice sketches from Getty Images stock of a female profile and a female eye. Mmmmhumanpractice. Must continue sketching humans.

Went on a great bike ride with Dad yesterday, roughly three miles round trip. Took it nice and easy, mainly because Dad had to, but he did really well and I gave him a big hug when we got back. He loves his new bike, and even customized its handlebars to be more comfortable for his arms and hands. He wants to ride every day now around noon, which is a good time to ride bikes. Yesterday was sunny with a wonderful breeze. OMG BIKES.
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Terrible comparison, but it's true. I spent a few hours downloading enormous, high-resolution images of galaxies and nebulas / -ae last night to cheer myself up. I didn't draw ANYTHING over the weekend. Emo tear. But space makes me happy, because it's so bewilderingly beautiful and vast. Jooooooooy!

I also reorganized a bunch of pictures on my wall to give them a new 'compostition'. I'm a reorganization geek.

Dad made a ledge for that bluebird to perch on. He's on his ledge right now. Pretty bluebird!

After school today, I vacuumed my room. Hadn't vacuumed in MONTHS. Although I did vacuum it last night first, after dusting. It feels so clean and fresh. Woo! I AM A PARTIAL CLEAN FREAK!!!

In summary, space, reorganizing, and cleaning make me happy when I'm restless and bored. Birds make me happy, too.

And before the first bell rang today, Brenna had me listen to a couple VNV Nation songs on her iPod. OH MY GOD. "Beloved" and "Chrome" are SEXY. I NEED THEIR MUSIC. Off The Record has two of their albums. DROOL. MUST BUY. ACK! But I need to wait for the book sale first. I crave more books as much as I crave more music.

I need to bring my English grade back up. Went from a B to a D because I had to put off regular assignments to finish my process journal (I'm horrible with things like this).

Let's see, anything else remotely interesting...? Mmmmnope. :D

Except that I'm still hooked on House. OH GAAAAWD!

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