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Before Kat calls around 12:00, I'm (possibly) going to head into town with Mom and get my hair trimmed. I do so love shorter hair.

But yes! - going to make an epic journey up to Chico tomorrow with Kat as my guide. <333 I'm spending the weekend there with her at her apartment, then heading home early Monday morning. Got a cleaning appointment at Dr. Molina's office at 1:30 in the afternoon.

WE SHALL GO SWIMMING AND TUBING AT THE SACRAMENTO RIVERRRR. I haven't been swimming since the first week of summer term. We shall also have EPIC CONVERSATIONS and swap music and such, but it'll be fun and new going so far away from home with Kat.

Suffering from a one-two punch art/writing block. This always happens during break. :| Tried drawing my fantasy beasts and Finch to no avail, though I did make a couple nifty ATCs. I'll share them once they're scanned. One is a lion done in acrylics via an impasto technique.

When I flew home on Saturday the 19th, Mom, Dad and I stopped at Target and I saw Jason. I hung out with him and Terra Sunday evening and got Jason caught up on Brainsick, and also read a wonderful short piece from his creative writing class. Made my way home with the TomTom.

Been spending good time with Draco and Gimpy. <3 I took Draco down to the creek again today and had fun watching him swim and scamper over the rocks through shallow water. Draco actually swims very well; he puffs himself up by swallowing air and uses his tail as a powerful rudder. IT'S SO CUTE. Gimpy was affectionate this morning and curled up on my lap as I was watching an episode of The X-Files, "Our Town" (which, believe it or not, I hadn't seen before). Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease with Chaco Chicken and cannibals!

The only bummer about heading up to Chico with Kat is that we'll be my ol' ghetto van. The air conditioner stops whenever you accelerate. Hurm. Ah well.

The weekend shall be epic nonetheless!
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WIN! =

Heh, yeah, just thought I'd point this site out. =P I think I smell future wallpapers....

Draco's snuggled against my chest. He's so freaking cute.

I'm pretty much 90% done with my glorified Brainsick character sketch collage thing. It focuses on the main characters / those characters who are the most plot-important: Paranoid, Lily, Finch, Chestan, Fieran, Rant, Depravity, and Gap. All the birds - Celeste, Char Coal, Memory, and Hema - have been included, because they're awesome. I looove working with ballpoint, markers, and white out. Love love love.

Gap is fun to draw, poor thing. She has a deep, pit-like scar over her forehead close to her left eye, which is blue. Her right eye is brown and permanently dilated. She has pretty markings and blends in well with her environment. Despite her mental deficiency, she is very fast and easily eludes capture. Woo hoo! Oh, and her tail has a kink in it and is held to the left.

SO, I'll go finish that up. I want to sketch more in my sketchbook, too.... And make more portfolio stuff.
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Yes, Bartholomew is totally pimped out right now. Dad bought me this kickass lime green carrying case at Staples while we were there as an early Christmas gift. So, if we definitely do go down to southern CA to visit my grandparents, I can take the laptop with me and work on Brainsick. I really hope we can visit them again, especially now that Dad and Grandpa's 'silent war' is over.

Also, I downloaded these updates last night: Windows Live Messenger and Windows Media Player 11. Hurray.

The Lamberts are no longer using WildBlue, because getting FAPed sucks. Today, we had Smarter Broadband installed, and....

FUCKING GEE WHIZ, IT'S TWICE AS FAST AS WILDBLUE. I've become bored with downloads (excepting pictures), but surfing is SO much faster now. Rocket fast!

"Alliance of Disregard" is now completed. It's a whole lot of ink, I'm telling you. And stippling. TONS of stippling. Hand-suicide stippling.

This new LJ layout is very nice, too.

X-Files dorkism: "Kill Switch" is an awesome episode. It reminds me of Dean Koontz's Dark Rivers of the Heart, what with all those satellite lasers blowing people to smithereens.

Last night's House was soooo terribly funny. Not only is House misanthropic, he's also... minimisanthropic (that's not a word, but it works). Kept calling that mother and her daughter freaks. :|

You know what FOX is doing to House fans? We had to wait two weeks for last night's episode, and now the show is going on another (three-week) hiatus; it will return on January 9. House is our drug and the network is making us suffer from withdrawals. Bastards! Bastards bastards bastards!


NOW, I really need to get GIFTS AND TRADES GOING! No more damn excuses! It's almost Christmas, for crying out loud.
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Drove with Dad down McCourtney to Grass Valley, picked up a new harness and muzzle for Lupin, a few things in Dollar Tree. Dad said I drove well. Walked Lupin after watching The X-Files ("Blood", which I have now seen three times).

Mulder: "You know, Frohike, it's men like you who give perversion a bad name." XD

Danielle called me back and she's coming over tomorrow, along with some more chickens for Patty. AND WHOA! Brandon, Patty knows you! You guys both go to the Calvary Chapel. CRAZY.

I need to visit my friends more. Must drive, must get license!

My college goal is to get into Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. I could live with Grandma Jo, Grandma Ruthie, and Grandpa Jeff, and they're willing to help pay the cost. Speaking of college expenses, that scholarship / grant / loan seminar I attended on Sunday (with Mom and Dad) really opened my eyes about the matter. I had no idea previously what the family's 'need' was or how to calculate it, and I didn't know that some colleges cover 100% of your need. What a breath of fresh air! I'd still like to try to go to Sierra first - I'd be with friends, and it'd help me get used to the college environment, I think - but for now I just need to focus on getting my license.

WELL! Now I shall talk a bit about Freeway. Damn entertaining movie. Dad had it on as he talked to a Wild Blue employee (they're screwing us, basically, but it's a long story), and I listened to it as I searched the guide, eventually sitting down to see what happened next. Kiefer Sutherland and Reese Witherspooon star; Witherspoon is a teen from a broken home who is picked up after her car breaks down by a man who happens to be a serial killer (Sutherland). She shoots him in self-defense and is jailed for it.

Now, the interesting thing about Freeway is that it's actually very corny in places, over-the-top. But that's one reason why it's so entertaining. Witherspoon's character, Vanessa, screams her lungs out at almost everyone, wields handguns, and beats the shit out of anyone who offends her. It's over-the-top in such a manner that you think for a second, Was this based on a true story? Honestly, it's good. Sutherland's character, Bob, is a child psychologist, one of those wonderful, friendly people you love and trust, but... he's a serial killer. GAH I'm so glad we recorded it!

Why are so many of my favorite movies about serial killers? I know it's connected to my not wanting to be in a relationship....

Freeway is a modern twist on "Little Red Riding Hood". ...And the score is partially done by Danny Elfman. COME ON, who couldn't love Danny Elfman?! ANYWAY. SO FUCKING ENTERTAINING! It's hilarious, too.... All its over-the-top bits. GREAT performances all around. It's a thriller-comedy. Good stuff, GREAT one-liners.

And now I shall watch more X-Files, 'cause it's good for my brain.

Oh, one more thing. Kiefer Sutherland is awesome. I LOVE him in Dark City as gimpy, tweaky-eyed Dr. Schreber.

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The X-Files makes me happy. I love that show! NEED SEASONS ON DVD SO EXPENSIVE THOSE BASTARDS ARGH.

The episode "Hungry" is showing on Monday. YES! *points to icon* Haven't seen that episode in, like... four years or something. Mmmmyup.

This is a perfectly healthy OBSESSION, what are you staring at? 0_____o

GONNA DVR IT. Then make fanart. That'll come after I catch up on everything I need to catch up on, so it will take a while.

After getting home from Nevada yesterday, I watched an episode called "William" (from the ninth season), and it deals in part with Scully's baby... William.

The episode is about a severely disfigured man who attacks Doggett, claiming that Mulder sent him to retrieve information - but the man may be Mulder himself. WHEE! Good episode.

And great inspiration for Brainsick: the disfigured man (who suffered intense burning after being injected with an unknown substance) is missing much of his nose and talks in a rasp. So, what was I thinking while watching the episode?


It helped give me some idea about what Finch might sound like. Finch has no nose whatsoever, and his voice is extremely dry and cracked as a result of breathing only through his mouth. Not only that, but the man has a few scenes in which he's holding a syringe. Totally Finch, yo.

I'm going to watch it again pretty soon now, then I'll try adding at least SOMETHING to the story.

(Random: I got rid of my Plus Account status; the ads screwed up my Friends page, then my Journal page. BUT NO MORE!)
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Writing notes on a biography of Shakespeare for an open-note test tomorrow. Feh.

And SHIIIIIT, Mom's got me hooked on House. DAMN HER! <3 <3 <3 ...Hugh Laurie played Jasper in the live action version of 101 Dalmatians. HOJEEZ.

House's colleagues, referring to a patient: "We have rectal bleeding."

House: "All of you?"

XD!!! He's SUCH a bastard.

Watched three taped episodes of The X-Files after school today. MULDER CAME BACK TO LIFE! 0___o

I am boring! ^___^

And I'm screwed.... It's the senior project. My field hours total three. The process journals are due NEXT FRIDAY. I bet you anything I'm not graduating on June 9. I suck. I don't know who the hell I'm going to interview, either. Time is running. Out.

Hmmm, now to finish these notes. Fifty points for the notes, fifty points for tomorrow's test. Bleeeh!
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New icon comes from an episode of The X-Files entitled "Hungry". It's one of my favorites, but I haven't seen it in years.

Jesus, I watched one dang episode a few days ago and suddenly I'm hyperobsessed with getting all nine seasons on DVD. That's about $800 on Amazon, but they used to sell for $630. DAMN THEM.

...I have ten bucks. XD

X-Files are good for my BRAIN.

I want to draaaaw stuff from the shooooow. "Paper Hearts" would be fun, what with spooooky Tom Noonan and all. He's great. I've seen him in one movie (Manhunter) and in one TV show and both times - he's a serial killer. Huh. :|

I have odd taste.

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