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Watched "Theef" (yes, it's spelled like that), "En Ami", and "Chimera" earlier tonight. All are very good, but I especially enjoyed "En Ami". You goddamn cigarette-smoking BASTARD. The Lone Gunmen's role in this episode is TO DIE FOR.

I still want to turn all the X-Files characters into cats....

DUDE. Because I'm a dork, I figured out what CSM's kitty name could be. If you're a fan, you'll know his initials / last name are C.G.B. Spender.

C.G.B. = "Cat Gone Bad"! *taaard* Cat Gone Bad Spender! WOO.

Got three more Season 7 episodes on the DVR; after watching those, I will have seen the entire seventh season, sans one episode. This also goes for Season 1. :|

:| = Jill STILL needs a life, but will hopefully get one if she's accepted to the Art Institute of Portland. *keeping hopes up*

This show makes me happy. ARGH but there's no House tomorrow night.


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I FINALLY stopped by the school today! Dad had to take some papers down to the DMV to get Cammy ready for driver's training, so he took me along so I could say hi to my friends and pick up my drawings from the office. Also, we brought a cooler with a water canister for Cammy's soccer practice.

Dad dropped me off at the school, and I headed into the office to drop off Cammy's water. It was very busy, so I walked up to the drama room - but nobody was there. I walked back down to Ms. Laughlin's room, talked about Draco and college and stuff, got her keys, checked the drama room again, and went back to the office. Cammy spotted me along the way and I told him I had water waiting for him in Ms. Laughlin's room, but he said he didn't know where her room was. I was about to show him the way - drawings with me in a box - when I spotted Brenna. I was immediately loffglomped and dragged over to the new drama building, where Erin, Alex, Frances, and Kevin were sitting. I was hugattacked by them, too (minus Kevin) and later attacked by Lilia, Katie, and Sam. Wheeee, I am so loved! It was fun.

Oh, and... uh, Brenna and I are 'engaged' now. XD! She gave me her dolphin ring. It's on my thumb at the moment, because it's too loose for my ring finger. (...XD again, BECAUSE I CAN.)

Aaaand Katie and I are going on a 'date' when Simon Says comes out in September. :D CrispinGloverserialkiller goodness.

Hugged everyone again as the end-of-lunch bell rang, then walked with Erin and Alex back to Laughlin's (they have fifth period together).

Ms. Laughlin showed off my art by announcing me a "guest artist". 0_____o I guess I should be used to this by now, but I'm still shy about shoving my work in people's faces when I just want to take it home. :3 Helped with papers, told Erin and Alex about Draco.... Speaking of which, Alex mentioned a friend's bearded dragon being named Draco - before I even mentioned my Draco. Spooky! And then, in reference to the word 'clay' looking like 'gay' on the old binder Erin picked out for her clay papers, I began describing an episode of House. Alex said she'd only seen one episode of House - and it was the episode I was going to talk about! JEEZ! The irony. <3

I left to find Dad, couldn't find him, and came back to clay. Helped with more supplies, headed off, and Erin and Alex told me I need to have a sleepover with movies. Erin said she'd bring The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hurrah! She has been initiated! She also said she blasts the soundtrack in her car - she has her license now. Said goodbye again, found Dad, headed home, rewatched an episode of The X-Files that I'd seen in April ("Salvage").

After enjoying some X-phile time, I had a sudden urge to make some messy art, so I whipped out my grandma's old oil paints (they're at least forty years old, I imagine) and churned out a fuckingweird but totallyfun abstract painting. I began using stiff brushes, later used the scraper, then finally gave up and finished the painting with my hands. I've probably absorbed some chemicals from doing that, but it was fun. The painting is outside. It's smelly. Yay! Good for getting something mildly artistic finished.

I REALLY need to get driving. Mr. Elkin told Cammy to tell me to "Stop being a slacker". XD Damn it, I am a slacker, aren't I? YES I ARE. Not driving, no job, not in college... but my time will come.

Once I AM driving, I could even go to Colfax and visit with Katy and Becky, and say hi to Mr. Coverston. Last time I talked to Mr. Coverston was when Ms. Laughlin had me call him for CSSSA recommendations, heh.

Just to get a few last rantlets out of my system, I remember my friends saying how stupid the Innerspark people were for not accepting me.

They certainly weren't stupid for accepting Terra, Lauren, Kayleigh, Andrea, Nicole, and Erin, or the fabulous Mr. Molina.

I just should have tried again. Terra wasn't accepted the first time she applied, but the second time she applied, she made it (into writing).

Also, the recommendations require signatures from those who recommend you. I'd told Ms. Laughlin that I could have Dad drive me to Colfax to get Mr. Coverston's signature, but... she forged it. Le sigh. [/automatic NO!]

Maybe inhaling those damn oil paint fumes will help my creativity in finishing the art projects I need to finish?


I kid. I just need to stay in the happy mood I'm in now.

I might go to Katlin's this weekend, then next week, I plan on having lunch with Cali. :)

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