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I got to hang out with Alex, Kile, and Pat today (and I learned that Pat knows Karena and Keith). We went to Roseville and headed into Dimple Records; I bought VNV Nation's newest album, Judgment. Listening to it now. We ate at Round Table and then went to Borders. God I hate Borders. I hate and love it. Hate its prices, love its selection of BOOKS. So many BOOKS. I stayed by the graphic novels, for the most part.

An ordinary day was turned into a fun day. Jason is coming over tomorrow for another Brainsick-storm. Hurray! I plan on organizing important, newly-created concepts tonight so we can work on them tomorrow.

HOLY SHIT instant crazyassawesome beat. Third song, "Testament".

Am visiting Dean Koontz's website. I need to read more Koontz. More King, more fantasy, more booooooks.

Oh, yeah....

One thing I forgot to mention.

Mom: "So it was just you four?" [me, Alex, Kile, Pat]
Me: "Yeah."
Mom: "They weren't trying to hook you up?"
Me: "...What?"
Mom: "With Pat-"
Me: "Pat has a girlfriend!"

GOD. That's all life is good for, isn't it? Being in a relationship, 'hooking up', having your life directed.... Humph. Dad was flabbergasted at Mom's question, too.

I send many kudos to Robert for being such a big supporter on my decision.
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