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Dad drove Grandma and Grandpa up to Cedars-Sinai today for Grandma's checkup. They experienced horrendous traffic, and Dad battled boredom waiting for Grandma's appointment to be done with, but with that said, the news is terrific: Grandma Jo is cancer free!

This is the best confirmation of 2008 for me and my family.

The second confirmation, although I hadn't mentioned it before, is that Mom, Dad, Cammy and I are returning a day early: we're heading north on New Year's Day instead of the 2nd. Cammy was in bed nearly all day today sick. He threw up this morning, and on an empty stomach. Pure bile. I hope he feels better soon. He has to head back to UC Davis on the 5th.

I called Alex today to wish her a happy birthday. <3

Kat! <3 I got your message. Sorry I didn't call you back sooner. I know you probably won't see this LJ message for a while, but all the same, I'm adding it to this post.

I began reading Koontz's Your Heart Belongs to Me today. It's an enjoyable read so far. After finishing Odd Hours, however, I've taken stronger note of Koontz's use of similes and metaphors. Some of them are quite beautiful, don't get me wrong; but the chapters are strewn with them. His newest isn't as gratuitously strewn as, say, his older works, like The Eyes of Darkness. Regardless, I always enjoy a Koontz I haven't read yet.

Odd Thomas seems to be his strongest creation thus far, though. Along with the immortal Watchers and other greats like Hideaway and Cold Fire, everyone's favorite fry cook is among my favorite voices in fiction. First person narration suits Odd very well.

ANYWAY. Mom, Dad, Cammy and I made a run to Best Buy and Costco on Sunday. I picked up the Director's Cut of Dark City at Best Buy (on which I used my $5 Reward Certificate - whee!), and The Silence of the Lambs, Astronomica (a FUCKING MASSIVE and absolutely GORGEOUS volume on astronomy and space exploration and all that good stuff - thing cost $30, an absolute steal for a book of this quality and size), and a nine-pair pack of rainbow socks at Costco. XD

I'm wearing the lime green pair at the moment.

This means that, since Black Friday, I have acquired twenty-five new pairs of socks.

Holy shit.

This have never happened before.

But there's always a time for firsts.

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My interview at Art Center College of Design went nicely today. Basically, all I need to work on is making larger drawings and getting a figure drawing class under my belt. My interviewer, Juana, said that my work is 'beyond stereotypes... unique'. That was pretty cool.

My obsession with seeing Pan's Labyrinth is driving me CRAZY. Not only that, but its reviews are fantastic. Apparently nothing bad can be said of this movie, unless of course you're not into dark fantasy.

Check this out (this is from my grandparents' U magazine):

Pan's Labyrinth ****
(R: graphic violence, some language) 1 hr. 52 min.
Guillermo del Toro's adult fairy tale beautifully breaks down the walls between fantasy and reality. Dark poetry set to startling images, a one-of-a-kind nightmare that has a soaring, spiritual center. Not to be missed.

It's finally playing at Puente Hills (where I saw Happy Feet), but we're leaving for home tomorrow and it won't be released in Sacramento and surrounding cities until January 12. ARGH.

But I can't wait to see Lupin, Gimpy and Draco again. <3

Had lunch at the Diamond Palace here in Diamond Bar. FANTASTIC Chinese food. They serve chrysanthemum tea, and it's addictive.

I finished Brother Odd last night. Wonderful book, and a great continuation of the story of everyone's favorite ghost-seeing fry cook. And I am telling you that Dean Koontz is writing the fourth Odd Thomas novel RIGHT NOW, but I won't say how I know.... Okay, so I don't know that he's planned a fourth book, but I have a feeling. A strooong feeling.

Brother Odd has a great twist in it. I MUST DRAW THE *refrains from naming them* BECAUSE THEY ARE KICKASS.

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