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WHEW! Waking up at 4:30 AM (just this morning, maybe others in the near future) is not entirely fun, even though at the time I woke up, I'd felt relatively rested.

My first week of college at the Art Institute of Portland was fun, exciting, frustrating, tiring (even exhausting), refreshing, weird, and more.

(Tangent: I finally own Pan's Labyrinth! WIN.)

I'd wanted to update this journal to describe how each day went at the end of each day, but I couldn't get around to it, partly due to misunderstandings in my library's check-out system and elsewhere, partly due to lollygagging at last night's spectacular lightning storm, partly due to spending time with my family.

I am relieved to have reached my first college weekend. I will be driving with Aunt Pam to Portland tomorrow to get a feel for the trip myself.

So, I will just describe my days in note form, as I took them in my notebook - with some excursions into greater detail.



DAMN I needed to get that typed.

Love to you all! <3
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Thought I'd post a simple... post. Yeah. Oregon trip has been great so far; I get to spend time with my relatives, I've had lots of weird dreams (including one about a horse that ate people), I've been sketching at least a little bit every day, and I got back from my second hike up to the butte a couple hours ago.

MAN, that butte is one hell of a hike! My cousin Jessica took me up the trail on Saturday, and we went again today with Cammy. Cammy damn near ran up every hill - that's what soccer does for ya. :3 Jessie and I huffed and puffed all the way up as we decided to take the STEEP trail instead of the curving, winding trail that we'd taken on Saturday. Leg suicide! But it felt great getting to the top, where the breeze blew and cooled us off quickly.

We began down the other side of the butte: Jessie told us that we should be able to see Mt. Hood through the trees. We did catch one glimpse of it... and we also saw a large, yellow slug with brown spots. That thing was COOL. Got almost all the way down and discovered that a fence blocked off the rest of the trail. We jogged BACK up the far side of the butte, got to the top, and went back down the winding trail. Great hike! I felt so good afterwards - lots of endorphins.

Grandpa nearly scared the crap out of Jessie and me when he surprised us by jumping out of the bushes and roaring (Cammy has seen him crouching in the bushes and had thought he was a kid, hee). Grandpa's so funny. Walked back to the house, had a great lunch, worked more on my latest mixed media piece, and spent some time with the friendly stray cat that has 'adopted' my relatives.

Actually, I've spent a lot of time with cats here. Harley and Davidson (sisters; Harley is a pure black shorthair and Davidson has long, fluffy fur with a white chest) are always a joy to be around, and they ADORE attention. Harley sat on my lap for what seemed like an hour, just purring away. I love cats. And Sarah and Honey - both Australian shepherds - are lots of fun as well. Sarah is so cute: her hind legs are longer than her front legs, so her rump sticks up in the air when she walks.

Okay, to wrap this thing up, I saw Dead Man's Chest yesterday with Cammy and my cousins Michael and Maddie (Maddie is Jessie's daughter, Michael's niece). I really liked it. Davy Jones is the shit. Back at the house, I watched Red Eye with Cammy and Mike. It's a pretty good movie, too, and it's short! Just an hour and seventeen minutes long. GODDAMN Cillian Murphy is one creepy son of a bitch. ^__^ Strangely, this movie ended up having Finch parallels as well....

I think the world is tapping into my brainwaves or something. 0_____o

Loff. <3

OH, one last thing. Mom and Dad brought home a new pet for me: an eighteen-inch-long one-year-old male bearded dragon. FUCKING SWEET! Mom calls him Draco, and they got him for free from a friend (while still down south with Grandma Ruthie), along with a cage, heat lamp, care book, everything. Dad babytalks to him a lot apparently. Yay Draco!

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