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I woke up this morning grumbling. I haven't slept well the past couple nights; the persistent winds (which have finally died down) and excitement over flying home on Saturday have kept my mind wandering as I lie in bed.

I debated this morning over whether I should head to Portland at all for my final. Last night's e-mail in my student account said "travel only if safe to do so." I called Uncle Larry and asked him what the roads were like, and he told me I should be fine driving to Gateway. If I felt unsure about driving back home, I could carpool with him. I thanked him and continued watching the news.

I decided to call Dad and get his input as well, asking again about the Buick's traction feature. Rear-wheel-drive cars are not what you want to be driving in this weather, but when you press the Traction button to the right of the steering wheel, the Buick's wheels rotate independently of each other, allowing a better grip against snow. The news people of KGW kept stressing not to leave your home without snow chains and a plan.

While talking with Dad, KGW FINALLY showed a scene of 205. 205 was clear, traffic moving smoothly, so Dad encouraged I go ahead and go to the college. He suggested I just come home if I felt the weather was getting too unpleasant.

Well, the drive up to Gateway was fine. It started getting really snowy only two exits prior to Gateway, but boy, they were huge flakes. The MAX was very warm, though, and I enjoyed watching the snow fall from inside it.

When I got to AIPD, I went into the Student Commons and saw none of my close friends. I walked into 307 (where my final was supposed to take place), and nobody was in the room. I saw a backpack, but that was it. I wandered around the halls for a bit before settling in the room to look over my notes. Only two of my classmates showed up; one left after seven minutes or so. I went ahead and ventured to 309 to turn in my Character & Object Design maquette, assignment book, and DVD of scanned files; Za was in the room and liked my maquette. Nick described it as a cross between Rafiki and Mufasa. XD I'll update with photos soon!

I went to the second floor to check my student account in one of the open labs. I ran into another one of my classmates, who told me that the final was canceled. Amy, our teacher, was not able to make it in. (I'd checked my account before leaving this morning, but last night's message was still the newset.) I thanked her for letting me know and told my other classmate in the room that the final was canceled, and all we had to do was turn in the CD with our projects on it. Score!

Called Dad again, and he had good news: Mom just got a raise, and Dad's SS is back up to what it was before he stopped getting benefits for me and Cammy. Things are going wonderfully.

On top of that good news, Grandma Jo's surgery on her liver yesterday was successful, and her doctor feels certain that the cancer has been completely removed. I am so relieved and SO, SO happy for Grandma! She's a trooper. She still has many more happy years ahead of her.

Called Dad yet again (man, I'm repetitive!) once I got to Gateway and reported that 205 was clear and traffic still moving at the speed limit. I got home, listened to four messages on the phone (three of which were from Aunt Pam, asking me to let the dogs out), let Honey and Sarah out and walked down the driveway to close the gate, then warmed up inside with a tasty wrap and a large mug of honey vanilla chamomile tea. Snuggling with Harley was nice, too.

Aunt Pam got home around 4:08. I let her know I wasn't ignoring her calls and explained that I'd actually gone to school today, only to learn that my final had been canceled. She said that the college should communicate better with its students, haha! :D

With all that typed....


And I am in a great mood.

Love to you all! <333


Feb. 28th, 2007 11:17 am
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WOO! Three inches of snow! That's the most we've ever had here.... Although the first time we actually got snow while living in GV was just last year, and it all melted by the afternoon.

We still have a good inch or inch and a half, and the trees are shedding their frosty coats of awesome. SNOW.

...And to think that, if we were still living in Weimar... we'd probably have TEN inches of snow.

We lost another tree; it was rotten inside and snapped at its trunk late last night. Speaking of last night, we had no power for several hours. I began reading Stephen King's The Green Mile by flashlight and that hurt my eyes slightly, but DAMN. I only got to the fourth chapter reading like this, but it's good. I need to watch the movie again - I love the movie. One of the few Stephen King movies that turned out really well. I hope to finish a lot more of the book today.

Watching the snow fall down was gorgeous. I was preoccupied with The Hawking Paradox (oh my God, another Stephen!) on The Science Channel when it began to fall down, then got up several times - Draco clinging to my shoulder and wrapped in a blanket - to watch it falling. Dad went out on the deck and looked straight up at it; "It looks like the Milky Way" he said.

Speaking of Stephen Hawking, I'm gonna go look up ALS now. He was diagnosed with it at age 22 and was given two months to live. Because he kicks ass (er, his case has progressed much more slowly than typical cases), Hawking has lived with the disease for 40 years: the longest recorded case. NOW GO GIVE YOUR CRITICS SOMETHING TO CHEW ON ABOUT BLACK HOLES! BLACK HOLES!!!

ALS stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also called Lou Gehrig's disease, after the baseball player whose career was cut short). Amyotrophic literally means "no muscle nourishment". YAY Wikipedia. Degenerative diseases are so horribly fascinating.

ANYWAY. Cameron called me yesterday! His birthday is on Saturday, and I hope I can make it. Haven't seen him in a long time.

I 'officially' have two brothers named Cameron. :D

Took lots of snow photos with Lupin. It's so beautiful. Dad and I want to ride our bikes today as we haven't ridden them in a week due to all the rain we'd had. It will be muddy if we go, but FUN.

Eeee, I keep editing this entry when I think of new things I want to write down. Something I want to tie into Brainsick is CSM's phone number: 202-555-1030. At least nobody will be able to bug him (though a fictional character) a la Jenny. [insert dumb grin here]

I'm thinking that Gap's number would be 1030. Who 202 and 555 are I'm not yet sure.

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