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Yesterday I woke up to a phone call from Katlin. Not long after getting off the phone with her, she dropped off two gifts: a hummingbird bookmark and a 1,000-piece puzzle featuring a shaman woman with hummingbirds. SQUEE! She picked up the first season of House (which I'd borrowed before Christmas) and I gave her a decorative birdhouse onto which I drew a barn owl; it's for both Katlin and her mom, Mindy.

I don't deserve such awesome gifts! I MUST DRAW MY HAND OFF NOW. Seriously. There are... so... many... fucking... things... I... need... to... DRAW FOR MY FRIENDS! (Ya'll probably hate me for saying that over and over - believe me, I HATE procrastinating, but I do.) And I've been lax on portfolio work the past few days as I REALLY want to add to Brainsick... but I MUST get my application in soon. I want so much to be accepted, live with my relatives in Oregon, be productive and creative. We have the money now thanks to Grandma Ruthie. All I need to do is finish the drawings and shortass essay.

Last night, I drew one of Brainsick's minor characters: WLD12. She is one of Depravity's 'reject siblings' from a concept Jason suggested. WLD12 is of considerable intelligence, but her face is severely disfigured and earned her her nickname, "Slack-jaw" - she also has weak limbs. I'll share some sketches later. I drew little Jackal (one of the seven cats) on the same page, being vicious as usual.

I listened to Gary Numan's "Dark" on repeat and drew an anthro version of Paranoid above Jackal and WLD12. Looks pretty neat.... Again: ballpoint + markers + whiteout = LOVE. "Dark" is fantastic, and great background music for Brainsick-related stuff, seeing as how Paranoid views Euthans as gods or false gods.

So, yes. More Brainsick scribbles should happen tonight, AS WELL AS gift / trade sketches. DAMN ME.
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SO. Wild Blue. Best Internet the Lamberts have EVER had. Installed yesterday, got a router, the whole family can now enjoy the wonders of wireless Internet.


Of course this means I'm going to become a YouTube whore; Kat told me I have joined the brothel. XD

Late last night and early this morning, I watched a bunch of sexy Gary Numan music videos and a short interview.

Today, I watched the 'Recobbled Director's Cut' of The Thief and the Cobbler, an unofficial restoration of Richard Williams' animated masterpiece. It's cut into seventeen parts, and GOD DAMN it needs to be released on DVD. I want to make fanart for it so badly I'm going nuts!

I don't have LimeWire on my computer yet (don't know if I want to download it at all), but I have used Dad's computer to download Blancmange's "Blind Vision", Visage's "Fade to Gray", and Loreena McKennit's "The Mummer's Dance". I also have the original "Land of Confusion" by Genesis and Disturbed's excellent cover.

CRAP I'm going to be even more of an Internet junkie than I already was! ARGH. Hehehe. Giddy.

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and it's a damn good song! Gary Numan's "I, Assassin". Mmmmm gotta love that synthpop. Brainsickish stuff pops up in my head every time I hear his voice. The bitrate is low, but the tinny quality that results from this adds to the oddness of the song and compliments Numan's android sound. Downloaded it last night while Kat was over.

Jason returned The Plague Dogs today (thanks again!) and I gave him Brenna's jar of Oregon dirt.

That reminds me: now that I'm on the Internet (I'm also adding to Brainsick), I need to look up some lyrics.

Something that is currently driving me nuts is that I want to do too many things at once, but I don't have the time to finish everything I'd like to finish in a day. I want to draw my characters, I want to draw my friends' characters, I want to read, I want to swim, I want to write, I want to watch new movies and rewatch my favorites, I just... augh, it's maddening.

Trying to figure out what to draw is especially maddening. Should I draw Brainsick-related work? Should I finish old trades and begin new trades? Should I make some fan art? Should my head explode so I won't have to think so hard about what to draw?

I'm itching to make fan art for The Phantom of the Opera. Something with colored pencils, and eventually something to go to Depeche Mode's "Dangerous". It's a fitting song for Christine and the Phantom. Geekage.

GAH Gary Numan's music is perfect for all the weird shit that happens in Brainsick. Off I go to add more.

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