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Posts are once again few and far between, but I've had my reasons for not posting.

This term, I have been at school six out of seven days of the week, for at least 6-8 hours per day. I've had several 12-14 hour days as well, including last Thursday. Typical arrival time at home has been anywhere between 9:00 PM and 1:30 AM. I have Wednesdays and Fridays off, but I have been using them to get work done at school. Every week.

Motion Broadcast Graphics is the main reason I've been half-living at the college. Here's an idea of what the class is like: on the first day, our teacher told us that this class is extremely work intensive; After Effects (one of the Adobe suite programs and an industry standard for film and television) has a high learning curve; and expect to devote at least fifteen hours a week to our assignments. We've had an assignment due every week since the start of the term. The current assignment, 3D Space (also Parallax Camera - due Tuesday) is the last piece of crap we have to deal with before we finally dive into the final.

Oh, about the final for this class: it's due a week early, week 10 rather than 11. Teacher's reasoning is that there's not enough time to show everyone's projects in a two-hour finals schedule, so she cuts the last week off entirely. Good news for my three other classes, I suppose, but a soul-sucking black hole of time, as Jacob warned me and Grace last term when he took the class.

HOWEVER, I am far less stressed now than I was at the beginning of the term. I'm getting through pretty well.

Allyson and I have been spoiling our friends with rides home. Grace has spoiled us with free Subway sandwiches two Fridays in a row now. And in the past couple of weeks, we've enjoyed four Late Night TBRs - Taco Bell Runs. What is a LNTBR like? Allyson driving her car with me, Jacob, Aurora, Grace, and Camille all stuffed in with her. Good times, good food, good memories.

I've also had three EPIC CONVERSATIONS recently with Kat! We had tried planning on having her visit after her graduation (ONE MORE WEEK TO GO, KAT! ROCK FACE!), but it's best that she conserves her money for the time being. We'll see each other when I'm home for summer.

Flying home on Saturday, June 19. I really look forward to being home for three weeks. More time to dumb down, rather than being flung right into spring term after only a week off.

I'm registered for summer term and look forward to it. Eager for this term to be over, though it has been a much, MUCH better term than winter was.

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