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2008-12-30 11:55 pm

Random post: Finch's updated playlist (Rorschach icon just because).

"Compulsion" ~ Martin L. Gore (Joe Crow cover)
"Cocoon" ~ Assemblage 23
"Low Five" ~ Sneaker Pimps
"The Way You Treat Me" ~ De/Vision
"Ways & Means" ~ Snow Patrol
"Mama" ~ Genesis

Aurora had asked me if these songs represent the type of music Finch would listen to, but he hasn't had access to TV, radio, or the Internet for eleven years. Rather, these songs represent pieces of Finch's character: his self-disfigurement, his isolation, his discontentment with living in Hades Laboratories, and his paralyzing fear of Anne Hades.

The latter three songs are not to be listened to as if from Finch's point of view - but they fit beautifully for how Finch knows Anne wants him to behave around her.

I'm terrible. D:

But they're all to be interpreted in many ways, both literally and with a grain of salt.

The ending chorus for "The Way You Treat Me," sung quite plaintively, is suiting for Finch:

You say
You'll never leave me
You say
You'll always need me
And the way you treat me
Is acceptable

Anne is a bitch.

This snippet from "Ways & Means" struck me as Finch-inspiring as well:

Maybe I can do it
If I put my back into it
I can leave you if I wanted
But there's nowhere else that I can go

Maybe I won't suffer
If I find a way to love her
I'd be lying to myself
But there is no way out that I can see

Just something of possible interest to my friends and readers. I've added a bit to Chapter Four, and I feel confident I will complete it before I return for winter term.


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2008-08-10 11:05 pm

For the love of my bike.


...Yay, Queen!

I rode my bike for the first time in a few months today, and it felt wonderful. (Last time I rode it was a Wednesday last term after coming home with Uncle Larry from my College Math class with the ever-odd Walter Horn.)

Around 5:00, I decided to get the poor thing out of the shop and give it some long overdue TLC. I WD-40ed the heck out of it and cleaned it up with a scrap of an old t-shirt. I tightened its screws and repositioned the handlebars with Uncle Larry's help and a star socket wrench. After getting my bike gloves and helmet on, I was ready to ride around 6:00.

The chain came off the spokes shortly after I got onto the road, but it self-corrected after I tried pulling it off. I took the hill up to Jewell Road slowly so as not to wear myself out. Following a short break, I continued on past the hiking trail up the butte to Beeson Road at a leisurely pace.

I pulled over for a large truck coming up from behind me after I'd turned around to head back. The only other 'trouble' I encountered came in the form of an Australian shepherd running out from its driveway and barking at me. Not a particularly vicious bark; just a "Get off my turf!" bark. I put the bike into its highest gear and zoomed down the hill away from the dog. SO much fun!

I love my bike. Its brakes - which need to be replaced - didn't even squeal until I got back to the driveway. WD-40 ROCKS HARDCORE.

I began a drawing of Finch today based off of a much-loved sketch of him in my 288-page Utility sketchbook. I'm using Prismacolor pencils on a scrap of sketchbook paper; his eyes look a little off, and skin tones are a bitch to create with what few proper skin tone pencils I have, but... it's fun.

As long as I'm speaking of Finch, I might as well show this ridiculously simple photomanipulation I made to show how his eyes might look in real life:

Photomanipulation: Finch's Eye

^ Image gathered from GettyImages, as the watermark suggests. =P When I spotted this image on the site, I thought OH HELL IT LOOKS LIKE FINCH'S EYES, and not long ago, I opened it in Photoshop, created a duplicate layer, set the upper layer to Multiply, and then painted some colors in.

Voila! Finch's (right) eye. His left eye has two striations under the pupil; this would be fun to photomanip.

Colored pencils, as much as I adore them, don't seem to suit Finch as well as the gritty textures ink provides. I'll share the image once I finish it. :)

I want to get around to drawing something for Lupin when I can, too.
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2007-12-26 10:23 pm

New CDs, strange quotes and facts, Bodies Revealed tomorrow!

Headed down to Auburn with Mom around 1:00 today. Off the Record has relocated to a lot just a few stores down from where it originally was. It's smaller, but oddly, it has more CDs now.

I picked up Peter Murphy's Deep (that man's voice is DIVINE), The Knife's Silent Shout (AMAZING album), and the Sneaker Pimps' Becoming X (also very good). I'm going to rip them onto my laptop so I don't have to worry about transporting CDs up to Oregon.

I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER. I can't believe half of my break is already over.... Argh. But! - I feel better, and that's what matters. Spending the first week and half (almost) just drove me nuts.

SO! Last night, I introduced my good friend Dez (doom-weasel of dA) to VNV Nation. The first song I sent her was "Epicentre", one of my top favorite songs of theirs, and a top favorite song, period. I was playing it off of my Brainsick playlist... which is playing again right now. (We'd been discussing Brainsick a bit prior to my mention of VNV Nation.)

Her reaction (after "MOOOOOOOORE"):

If we by some miracle both become lesbians someday Jill, we are getting married, and we are playing this song at our wedding. >=[

XD!!! I was laughing HYSTERICALLY after I read that.

Dez considers herself asexual as I do, but hey, who says that means we don't have a (strange) sense of humor? I love Dez. <3 That almost tops our "I CAN HAS CHEESEBURGER?!" conversation from a couple months back. *grin*

We both love Massive Attack. She wrote that, when she learns how to use Flash, she wants to make an opener to Brainsick with "Angel" playing in the background. HARDCORE AWESOME.

I'm talking with Alex right now. <3 Much less than three! We're geeking out over computers and such.

I've been frequenting lately. Tonight, I learned that Golfrapp's "Strict Machine" was apparently inspired by lab rats... and, as i reread the lyrics, I thought, My God, no wonder this song is on my Brainsick playlist!

Mom, Dad, Cammy and I are going to Bodies Revealed in Sacramento tomorrow. Exhibits of real human bodies and such. It'll be awesome for photo references... I hope photos are allowed!

Veeeery early this morning, after Dez went to bed, I sketched a scene with Finch and Anne in my Brainsick sketchbook. It illustrates Anne's mind games, and Finch's intense fear of physical contact with his superior.... "You might like it" is Anne's statement, soothingly purred - as Finch shudders in horror. Her advances are not strictly sexual, but they terrify Finch nonetheless. She prefers psychological abuse over physical abuse.

Getting emotion down with my characters is crucial to Brainsick's further development. Finch's relationship with Anne is extremely uncomfortable.

ANYWAY. Back to my sketchbook!