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...Yay, Queen!

I rode my bike for the first time in a few months today, and it felt wonderful. (Last time I rode it was a Wednesday last term after coming home with Uncle Larry from my College Math class with the ever-odd Walter Horn.)

Around 5:00, I decided to get the poor thing out of the shop and give it some long overdue TLC. I WD-40ed the heck out of it and cleaned it up with a scrap of an old t-shirt. I tightened its screws and repositioned the handlebars with Uncle Larry's help and a star socket wrench. After getting my bike gloves and helmet on, I was ready to ride around 6:00.

The chain came off the spokes shortly after I got onto the road, but it self-corrected after I tried pulling it off. I took the hill up to Jewell Road slowly so as not to wear myself out. Following a short break, I continued on past the hiking trail up the butte to Beeson Road at a leisurely pace.

I pulled over for a large truck coming up from behind me after I'd turned around to head back. The only other 'trouble' I encountered came in the form of an Australian shepherd running out from its driveway and barking at me. Not a particularly vicious bark; just a "Get off my turf!" bark. I put the bike into its highest gear and zoomed down the hill away from the dog. SO much fun!

I love my bike. Its brakes - which need to be replaced - didn't even squeal until I got back to the driveway. WD-40 ROCKS HARDCORE.

I began a drawing of Finch today based off of a much-loved sketch of him in my 288-page Utility sketchbook. I'm using Prismacolor pencils on a scrap of sketchbook paper; his eyes look a little off, and skin tones are a bitch to create with what few proper skin tone pencils I have, but... it's fun.

As long as I'm speaking of Finch, I might as well show this ridiculously simple photomanipulation I made to show how his eyes might look in real life:

Photomanipulation: Finch's Eye

^ Image gathered from GettyImages, as the watermark suggests. =P When I spotted this image on the site, I thought OH HELL IT LOOKS LIKE FINCH'S EYES, and not long ago, I opened it in Photoshop, created a duplicate layer, set the upper layer to Multiply, and then painted some colors in.

Voila! Finch's (right) eye. His left eye has two striations under the pupil; this would be fun to photomanip.

Colored pencils, as much as I adore them, don't seem to suit Finch as well as the gritty textures ink provides. I'll share the image once I finish it. :)

I want to get around to drawing something for Lupin when I can, too.

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