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I just checked back to my entries from November 2006 and read this post: Too bored to sleep.

I realize now that $22,000 for college isn't all that bad. AIPD animators gradually shuck out $75,500. Art Center College of Design in Pasadena - the first art college I'd considered - will put you back over $100,000.

But, yes, that $22,000 sequential art college is still in New Jersey. Heh.

I still wish AIPD had an Illustration major.

I wanted to look back to my November 2006 entries mainly because I had a dream last night (or the night before?) that reminded me of Eva. I couldn't remember the exact date of her passing, so I checked my entry on her: it is dated the thirteenth. My dream was close to the date of Eva's death, two years after the fact. In my dream, I was close friends with a very young girl who had cancer. I can't remember much except for playing with her on a playground. I held the girl upside down by her ankles and she laughed and laughed; someone else gathered the girl into his or her arms so I wouldn't accidentally drop her. I think the girl had glasses like Eva did, but I can't remember whether she still had hair.

I don't remember waking up feeling at peace after this dream, like I had with my dream about Nikita. The dreams I've had about Lupin have all been depressing.

Nevertheless, it's interesting to revisit my friends and pets who are no longer of this world.

I'm procrastinating now because I realize I'm so abysmally behind again in 3D Modeling & Animation II that I should withdraw from it.


Aurora reminded me that it will save my GPA if I withdraw, but financially, withdrawing from a course is just as bad as failing that course. But to withdraw from the same course twice?

I miss being a good student. A consistently good student, for each of my classes.

I called Dad on Tuesday after taking the Buick through DEQ (which I was in and out of in around five minutes; that surprised and pleased me) and the DMV (I have Oregon license plates again, whee). I told him my situation, explaining that I know I have time to do my work, but I don't know how to manage 3D Modeling & Animation II with my other classes (all of which I'm doing alright in, at least). Dad asked about taking fewer courses, but if I took only three courses I'd be registered as part-time.

Dad's voice wasn't angry, but I know he was disappointed.

Tuesday cost me $142, minus gas. The local gas station, six miles away from Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry's, is selling regular for $1.99 now! I've watched it drop bit by bit for the past few nights and it makes me a bit cheerier.

To think I was happy with paying $2.75 when I first moved up here last summer....

Today was fun. I felt down last night and cried a bit, but today was the usual crazy-happy-goofy Thursday I always look forward to. I just wish I'd done a nicer job on my character turnaround.

We began making our armatures for our maquettes; I got relatively far and have Figure Modeling to thank for that.

Fuck it. I feel like working more on my armature.

I fail epically at 3D Modeling & Animation II. I have a neat concept that just hasn't gotten as far as it needs to get.

Engage in a happy distraction: this maquette tutorial is absolutely phenomenal.
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I've got a shit-ton of catching up to do in terms of turning in assignments for regrading in 3D Modeling & Animation II. I know where I want to go with my project, but I haven't been able to lavish as much attention on it as I'd like to thanks to my other classes.

Writing and drawing have always been extremely important to me; I've been trying to do well in Creative Writing and Character & Object Design as a result. But Creative Writing has put my other classes on the back burner. Maybe it's because I've been tying Brainsick into my assignments: I get my homework done while adding more depth to my characters' histories. Win-win situation... if only for that class.

This upcoming Monday, I have to be at the school for only ten minutes for my Creative Writing conference. This is wonderful (not in terms of having to drive all the way TO the school for those ten minutes) because I don't have to worry about writing anything this week and can focus on my Maya crap, my characters, and completing my midterm Anatomy & Movement project.

Monday will be fun: Aurora, Grace and I are going to hang out at the mall (WHAT?!) for lunch and to browse various quirky stores. We all ate at The Roxy again last night and had a blast in Za's class (I got stared at for laughing hysterically... several times... over this kickass little drawing that Aurora made - it's a mashup of some of our characters) beforehand.

(New inside joke:


To save myself an extra trip to town, I am going to leave early Monday morning (7:00 or so, to be safe?) and get the Buick through DEQ so I can go to the DMV and purchase new license plates and all that jazz. I still really wish I could have transferred the plates I'd purchased for the Voyager; new plates for the Buick and getting the car licensed in Oregon will be another $100 or so. Ah well. Better than getting pulled over, no? My current plates expire this month (or by the end of this month, anyway).

After my car business is taken care of, I'll attend my conference (I kind of look forward to hearing Julia's reaction to my short story's final draft, even though I didn't get to where I'd wanted with it), and then hanging out with my friends.

KAT! <3

I apologize for not having called you back yet. I've gotten your three past messages, though, and they really made me happy. I'll try calling you sometime Monday! We'll have a lot to discuss, I know it. :) Thank you for your condolences on Grandma Jo; the same goes to Karena and Ellie. <333

I am going to tackle my Character & Object Design assignment tonight, get it as out of the way as I can while producing good work. I can do it! I plan on turning in previous assignments for regrading in this class, too.

"Tear down the wall! Tear down the wall! Tear down the wall! Tear down the wall...!"


Heh, "The Trial" is classic. That goddamn judge is so terrifying....

Aurora keeps sending me hilarious drawings by e-mail; I never know what I'm going to get next! (I can guess, anyway....)

The "post-Election Day shame" bit refers to something I regret: I was not registered to vote prior to the 4th. I am still not registered.

I am very happy for Obama's victory and would have voted for him, no questions asked. I'd have read through everything thoroughly, of course, but I knew I would have voted for him anyway had I been registered. I found it beautifully elegant and admirable that Obama and McCain had such gracious words for each other at the end of this long campaign.

I could not vote for Obama. I could not vote against Prop 8 (America sure loves its bigotry). I know better now. I will register before Obama's term ends. May it be a damn good term.

Having seen the uproar following Obama's win, it gives me chills knowing how significant his win is. It's truly, truly awe-inspiring.
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"You're my density, Lorraine!" *grin* Yeah.

Tomorrow, Dad is taking me back to the DMV so I can take my written test. Hells yeah. Time for me to stop being a goddamn lazyass and START DRIVING!

I read the manual before last Friday, but I'll skim through it again. I want to pass this thing on the first try, though I've heard it's a bunch of common sense. We'll see.

Tonight's episode of House was glorious. And that poor little boy was so adorable!

"So, it's a UFO: Unidentified Flowing Orifice."

Yaaaaay House! And holy shit, this episode DID mention The X-Files. I PREDICTED IT!

When Mom, Dad, and Cammy got back home from Cammy's soccer, Mom got super pissed at me because I screwed up on recording some things she asked me to record. She'd had a timer set for Nip/Tuck on the DVR: a post-it note was on the TV instructing me to "Start recording in Cammy's room before House comes on." I deleted the timer for Nip/Tuck from the DVR, went into Cammy's room, changed the channel to FX, and pressed record. Later, I talked to Kat and then watched House.

(Before they left, Cammy was being bitchy and whiny: "You don't have to record House if you're staying home." WHAT DO YOU KNOW, BOY? I was talking to Kat before it began, so I'd quickly run out, watch the show, run back to my room and talk to Kat, run back and watch the show... until I finally settled down in the recliner with Draco sleeping on my chest. Nyeh.)

Rock Star: Supernova is what she had wanted to record in Cammy's room, while Nip/Tuck recorded in the living room. But that would have screwed up the timer I set for House; that's why I deleted the other timer.

SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE ADDICTED TO TOO MANY TELEVISION PROGRAMS?! Mom freaking watches EVERY reality program out there, too.... This is why I stick solely to The X-Files and House.

I bugged Mom with lots of hugs and laments such as "I couldn't live by myself" and "I'm retarded" and "You probably hate me now". XD

I love being simultaneously annoying and affectionate.


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