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Feb. 10th, 2007 10:37 pm
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I saw Pan's Labyrinth again with Brandon, Fidget, and Carlye today. It was even better this time, because I was able to make connections as I watched that I hadn't made the first time I saw it. Mom still wants to see it, and she planned on seeing it tomorrow; I think I'll take advantage of that and SEE IT AGAIN! Woo! All the better to make more fan art for that contest... though the deadline is the 16th, and I've procrastinated on it. As is Jill. Geez.

Heh, and today was the first time I used my CA ID since getting it... over three years ago. YES.

After the movie, we went to Carlye's house for pizza (and cheesy bread sticks!). And I have now experienced the extreme fun to be had in holding chinchillas. SO CUTE. They seem to be made of pure fluff. Ellie arrived later, and we all had fun playing with Clover, Carlye's border collie / Australian shepherd mix.

We gathered around the table again for chocolate pudding, then drew parodies of Pale Man on notepaper. Good times. Talked about lots of things in the living room later (though I mostly listened), then Fidget, Brandon and I left around 10:00, give or take. I was dropped off at the fire station, where Mom and Dad were waiting. And Lupin is woofing in her sleep again. Thought I'd point that out, because it's adorable. Woofing and growling.

Something that makes me happy is that I feel a bit closer to Fidget and Carlye now. I never felt distant from them, but I usually only saw them during parties. They addressed me several times in our discussions and that was awesome. See, when I finally got up to the drama room sophomore year, I made new friends quickly, but I'd shy away from my friends' friends, thinking I might be 'stealing' them. That's just me, I can be pretty reserved. Anyway, today was lots of fun.

I added a bit more to Brainsick last night, and today before leaving for the movie, I drew an updated character sheet for Depravity.

Also, I have a final draft composition for the bottom half of a new drawing I've been working on for a while, "Leave My Fears Unrealized". It's an update of my oldie "Assuage Me of My Fears". Woo, creative re-titling. XP
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Dad, Cammy and I left around 1:00 for the 1:30 showing of Pan's Labyrinth at Sutton. We hit traffic from just past Lime Kiln almost all the way to McKnight; we were worried that we'd miss the show. Thankfully, we didn't, and we arrived in the nick of time.


Pan's Labyrinth - or, more properly, El Laberinto del Fauno - is amazing.

It isn't quite what I expected or imagined it to be, but I was not disappointed. At all.

Especially now that I have had time to sit and think about what I watched, the brutality and immense beauty of the film are all the more apparent, and more vibrant. More powerful.

I have seen several graphic movies, but this one probably beats them all, hands down. It is a war movie first, fantasy second. The violence is too horrendously stunning not to watch, and I have read that people covered their eyes during the more unpleasant moments in the film. I couldn't cover my eyes. I was transfixed.

Viewers have complained about the film's subtitling, the mere fact it is in Spanish. It's a shame, because I cannot imagine ever watching it in English. I have found that reading subtitles actually helps me remember more of what occurs earlier on. The lines are explosive and mesmerizing in Spanish, and so are the characters, from young, innocent Ofelia to her sadist stepfather, Captain Vidal.

Captain Vidal is the most gruesome fictional character I have ever seen. Take elements of Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini, and wrap them all into one unashamedly evil man. That's Captain Vidal.

Mercedes, Vidal's servant, is a fantastic character. I won't say anything more about her.

The performances are spectacular all around, but Doug Jones takes the cake: he fascinates us as the faun and terrifies us as the Pale Man, both to stunning effect. Jones works the faun's legs himself, too, which gives a believability to the creature's movement. And the Pale Man.... He is some awesomely creepy shit. MY GOD.

The war and fantasy aspects of the film are integrated well, and it is indeed a very sad story.

I need to go off and make more fan art for the sketchbook contest, soon.

So, all in all.... LOVE. Mom still wants to see it, and I am definitely going to go with her to see it again.
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My interview at Art Center College of Design went nicely today. Basically, all I need to work on is making larger drawings and getting a figure drawing class under my belt. My interviewer, Juana, said that my work is 'beyond stereotypes... unique'. That was pretty cool.

My obsession with seeing Pan's Labyrinth is driving me CRAZY. Not only that, but its reviews are fantastic. Apparently nothing bad can be said of this movie, unless of course you're not into dark fantasy.

Check this out (this is from my grandparents' U magazine):

Pan's Labyrinth ****
(R: graphic violence, some language) 1 hr. 52 min.
Guillermo del Toro's adult fairy tale beautifully breaks down the walls between fantasy and reality. Dark poetry set to startling images, a one-of-a-kind nightmare that has a soaring, spiritual center. Not to be missed.

It's finally playing at Puente Hills (where I saw Happy Feet), but we're leaving for home tomorrow and it won't be released in Sacramento and surrounding cities until January 12. ARGH.

But I can't wait to see Lupin, Gimpy and Draco again. <3

Had lunch at the Diamond Palace here in Diamond Bar. FANTASTIC Chinese food. They serve chrysanthemum tea, and it's addictive.

I finished Brother Odd last night. Wonderful book, and a great continuation of the story of everyone's favorite ghost-seeing fry cook. And I am telling you that Dean Koontz is writing the fourth Odd Thomas novel RIGHT NOW, but I won't say how I know.... Okay, so I don't know that he's planned a fourth book, but I have a feeling. A strooong feeling.

Brother Odd has a great twist in it. I MUST DRAW THE *refrains from naming them* BECAUSE THEY ARE KICKASS.
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Hello, 2007. Hope you're a good year for everyone.

(My God, I'm going to nineteen in less than thirteen days. Frightening. Truly frightening....)

(...Don't take that as a message to get me anything! - I have MANY gifts in need of finishing for my friends.)

Cammy and I got some supplementary gifts from Mom while she and the grandmas were at this new Target here in Diamond Bar. We now have all three Austen Powers movies, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (sadly, it's not the two-disc edition, but our first Pirates is), and V For Vendetta. Cammy got a Bad Cat calendar, and I got a Bad Dog calendar. (I now have two calendars again!) We also each have sets of Family Guy pencils. :D

First, a little on V For Vendetta. Fabulous movie. I need to watch it again to truly understand it, but its style is gorgeous and the story is quite amazing and - of course - wonderfully dark. I need to get my hands on the graphic novel. V's alliterative speech at the beginning is so entertaining, and he's amazingly charismatic (weird hearing that from me, eh? - sorta) and poignant. Evey is great character as well, and Portman's performance is very good. And damn, if John Hurt ruled England in the manner the chancellor does, Lord help us! (I wuvs John Hurt, damn it.)

Stylistic gore (Mom called it 'artsy-fartsy') is awesome. THROW THEM KNIVES, V! <3

Today, Mom, Dad, Cammy, Grandma Jo and I went to Puente Hills' AMC 20. It's a HUGE theatre (and mall) with twenty-three screens, beautiful. I've seen a few movies there, now. Dad and Cammy saw Casino Royale (JAMES BOND IS A SLUUUT), while us girls saw Happy Feet.


It's gorgeously crafted and extremely touching. Those penguins and their heart songs make me want to DANCE. Mumble is so cute (I know, I'm at a loss for strong synonyms), and I adore the Adelie penguins as well.

Breathtaking effects.... Those space scenes at the start of the film are so lifelike. ARGH IT'S SO CUUUUTE.

I want to see it again. I had a slight headache after it was over (AMC's sound system is hardcore), and we went to Orange Julius to get some smoothies. Sipping slowly, I was able to soothe my headache a bit, but my stomach was a little upset later. Man I need to break the habit of getting smoothies right after sitting for a few hours in movies. Took a long bath and felt better.

We're going to the movies again tomorrow, very possibly. I might get to see Pan's Labyrinth. VERY excited about this. Mom has encouraged me to enter the sketchbook contest, so I'm going to do it. Last night, I drew Pan (this is the first movie I've ever drawn fanart for before seeing the movie itself) as my last drawing of 2006. He's too green. His horns turned out funny. But it was experimental and fun. I may or may not submit it to the contest, but up to ten drawings are allowed.

OKAY, time to floss and brush my teeth. Then, on to music and drawings!
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I hate this keyboard so much it's not even funny. =P

Although I have my laptop with me, all set up in another room, we cannot get it to work with my grandparents' cable. I'm using their Mac right now. Macs are WEIRD. WEEEEEIRDUH.

Yesterday's trip was our fastest yet to Diamond Bar: six and a half hours, approximately. ZOOOOOM. I napped quite a bit.

Brenna, it's funny you mention your grandma having a boyfriend, because my Grandma Ruthie has one, too. Lou is very friendly, and he does make funny jokes. They've decided they're in love, but will not go so far as marriage. Papa Bob is probably happy for them.

Okay. My second day visiting my grandparents, and I AM COMPLETELY OBSESSED with seeing a certain movie. It's Guillermo del Toro's newest film, Pan's Labyrinth, a dark, violent fantasy that has received fabulous reviews. It's in Spanish with English subtitles, but that doesn't bother me. I WANT TO SEE IT. Doug Jones plays two characters in it (he was Abe Sapien in Hellboy and a giant, humanoid cockroach in Mimic, which I haven't seen): Pan and the Pale Man. I read an article about Jones in the paper. The man is 6'4" and weighs only 140 pounds. JESUS. (He could almost be Mr. Doering's older brother.)

Pan's Labyrinth takes place in 1944 Spain, then under the rule of Francisco Franco's fascist regime. A ten-year-old girl, Ofelia, stumbles upon a gateway to another world behind a mill. In this strange world, she meets Pan, a decrepit faun, and Pale Man, a monster with eyes in his hands who has a penchant for devouring children.... ARGH VISIT THE FREAKING SITE!!!

We might go see some movies tomorrow, but Pan's Labyrinth hasn't opened at Puente Hills yet. I imagine I'll be seeing Happy Feet (!!!) with Mom and maybe Grandma Ruthie.

I WANT TO SEE PAN'S LABYRINTH SOOOOO BADLY. It's rated R - I'm old enough to see it alone, but the problem with that is that I don't have any ID. Poooo. AND HOLY CRAP, there's an official contest on the site to have your work transformed into an interactive sketchbook, such as del Toro's interactive sketchbook. It ends February 17.... I think I might try it out. Five winners will be selected. I need to see the movie first!


It looks fantastic.... I can't stress this enough. ;_________;

OH, one more thing: I have Dean Koontz's latest novel, Brother Odd, the third book in the Odd Thomas series. HUZZAH! I need to begin reading it. (...And I need to read the sixteen other Koontz books I have at home.)

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