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I discussed my withdrawal at length with Aunt Pam Monday night. I felt much better after talking about it with her. We watched a bunch of funny dog videos together on her computer and laughing with her was awesome.

Earlier that day, after Creative Writing, Aurora and I hung out again (which is always epic). I waited for her while she met with her financial adviser and talked with David in the halls of the second floor. At one point, we broke off and looked at the artwork of fellow students; before we talked again, David bounced over to me. It was so cute. XD

Once Aurora was done with her appointment, we said goodbye to David, then headed for Powell's, and later, Pioneer Courthouse Square. I got a strawberry creme frappuccino at Starbucks (OH NOES). We fed pigeons outside and had a blast cooing at them and just being general spazz-o-trons.

Thanksgiving was nice. Aunt Pam had to work, but Michael got to visit for the day. He got a fourth speeding ticket recently and his insurance company has suspended his license for a month; Uncle Larry had picked him up earlier in the morning. Uncle Larry didn't care to bother with a turkey, so we had steak, mashed potatoes, and corn. :) Michael prepared a fantastic mulled cider from spiced cider packets and some of Aunt Pam's mulling spices. Once cooled, it proved absolutely delightful. We watched Tropic Thunder after dinner and it was pretty funny. Mom, Dad, and Cammy liked it more than I did. Also watched The Incredibles on TV. DAMN COMMERCIALS. I think I'll watch my DVD once I'm home.

Oh, and the heater stopped working yesterday. I've got a small space heater in my room to keep it comfortable, and to make sure Draco doesn't get too cold. Poor little guy's head is propped against his rock cave, but he's still got his eyes closed. Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry had wanted to go to the beach house this weekend, but they might stay here. :( They deserve a fun weekend, damn it.

This morning, I actually got up early enough (5:00) to head to Fred Meyer's Black Friday sale with Aunt Pam. I ended up buying sixteen pairs of socks, a new pair of slippers, a 25-pack of plastic sheet protectors for my Creative Writing chapbook, three Lemon Zest Luna bars (these things are DAMN good), and two long-lasting batteries for my camera.

Sunday is going to rock: Aurora is hosting a Thanksgiving After Thanksgiving at her apartment; Grace will be there, too, but Hannah might have to work, unfortunately. I might bring my laptop or just my external hard drive for sharing music and pictures and such. I'll need something to transfer the photos from Grace's flash drive, anyway.

OH! Wednesday after class, one of Grace's former classmates, Ryan, got us to partake in a free photo shoot. Grace saved the photos to her flash drive. They're all really goofy: we made dramatic points at each other, funny faces, the good friend stuff. Grace and I want to get with Ryan again for more photos, but with our entire group of Character & Object Design friends. THAT will be kickass.

Mmmyup, just a jumbled li'l update. Adding to a scene that happens later in Brainsick; I freak myself out whenever I add to it. Three words: Finch and Anne.

No, it's not explicit. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER.

...Then again, to Finch, shoulder massages ARE explicit. Poor guy.

I had wanted to come up with a nice piece of writing explaining what I am grateful for, but I'll wrap this post up by saying I am grateful for each and every one of my family and friends - past, present, future, and who have passed from this life.

And there is good news regarding Grandma Jo: her doctor is confident that he can safely remove the cancer from her liver. Its location makes it difficult to get to, but he is nonetheless certain the surgery will go well. Grandma Jo and Grandpa Jeff feel very comfortable around this doctor. I talked with them a few days ago, and Grandma mentioned her Christmas gift idea she had planned for Mom, Dad, Cammy and me: a two-day trip to Disneyland, California Adventure, or Universal Studios. I haven't been to Disneyland since I was eight (Aunt Pam was shocked at this fact). :D I so look forward to visiting Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas.
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I am grateful for my family and friends, always. I love you all!

We had a damn good dinner, damn good apple crumb pie.... Damn good everything.

Kat came over on Tuesday and spent the night. We watched House, a sexy program on supermassive black holes, the SNL episode with Hugh Laurie, and then spent a bunch of time on the Internet.

We're such dorks: Kat brought her laptop over, plugged it in under my desk, and we had a conversation over MSN Messenger while sitting two feet away from each other. YES. I also got her hooked on Gary Numan's "Crazier" - which reminds me, I still need to send that to Dana for her to check out. :)

I'm getting up at 8:00 tomorrow morning (got my alarm set), and Kat and her parents will be picking me up at 8:45 to head off to San Francisco; Jessica is coming as well. It'll be lots of fun, minus the traffic. Still, I haven't been to SF in a while. Pier 39 smells good. I'll be spending the night at Kat's.

Progress on 'Alliance of Disregard' is going very well thanks to those new Microns. I actually think it's almost graphic novel-worthy. I do know I'll use several styles in Brainsick: realistic for normal scenes, more surreal for Paranoid's hallucinations, Finch's psychotic episodes - stuff like that - as a means of visually differentiating what is real from what may or may not be real.

While working on the drawing last night, listening to Moby, I wrote down some details into Anne Hades' life (head of Aban-Buil, which is known as Hades Laboratories among humans (remember, 'tis pronounced [HAYDZ])). A lot of these details have to do with Finch, as well, but I won't say how.... SPOILER oh em geeeeeeeeeeee.

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