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...I lied. We left late. Around, what? - almost 8:00, I think? Madness!

But because we didn't leave at the time we'd planned on leaving, I got to finish this trippy dream I had about my friends in some kind of sports store. I didn't get it, but it was enjoyably odd.

I wanted to pack some Koontz and King books with me, but I didn't. I had also wanted to take my bristol and marker paper pads with me... but I didn't. And I forgot to bring my smoothing milk (hair gel) and face moisturizer. Ahahahahadumbass.

Grandma Ruthie is doing relatively well, but she has changed a great deal since we last saw her at Christmas. She needs help walking and her hands shake when she lifts them. She's on a slow-drip morphine system. Lew visits her every day, though, and that brings so much joy to her face. I've given her lots of hugs, and Grandma Ruthie always appreciates hugs. She gets hugs from us all.

In case you were wondering, NO, I am NOT insensitive to others' relationships. Grandma Ruthie and Lew are very special to one another.

Lew also brought a bunch of taped Bob Ross shows, and I LOVE Bob Ross. Happy trees!

Happy belated Easter / just another Sunday in April!

Lots of good food yesterday. I watched Happy Feet again with Mom, Grandma Ruthie, Dad, and later Grandma Jo and Grandpa Jeff. I worked on Brainsick and have decided that Dante's puppyhood was not a happy one, though he now lives with kind and responsible owners (they've kinda overfed him, though, so he's one pudgy beagle). I also added a bit more to Big Head's biography and then drew a picture with him and Dante together. They're pretty much intellectual equals and enjoy friendly battles of wit.

Big Head is fun to draw. He's a scrawny cat with a huge noggin, is egotistical and argumentative.

Aunt Debbie and Uncle Gary's little terrier mix, Razzie (short for Razmataz), is staying with us, and I've taken her on a few walks already. She doesn't listen very well, but she makes up for that with sheer cuteness. She's a blast to watch when you throw her tennis ball across the yard.

Nick visited us again yesterday, and I relearned a term I'd heard before: CRS. "Can't Remember Shit".

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Got to hang out with Karena today! She called around 10:00, so I drove with Dad to 84 Lumber, a halfway point between where I live and Auburn, and met her there. Karena and I headed to the park for a while and swung on the swings there: that brought back memories of elementary school. *grin* We visited some dogs at the pound, then watched several episodes of The Simpsons at her place. Her cats are so cute, too - extremely fluffy. I had a good time.

I've been adding to Brainsick's history for the past couple nights, and I now know how Chestan and Fieran discovered Hades Laboratories, which is HUGE. Improvement! You can't just have some random siblings who love animals suddenly wanting to free victims from a secluded animal experimentation facility: there needs to be a HOW they found it, and I have that now. w00t!

Mom is coming home tomorrow from my grandparents'. She sent us an e-mail not long ago, saying Grandma Ruthie still has a positive attitude about her cancer. That should help Mom just a little bit, too.
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I went to bed at 4:18 AM this morning after rewatching "William" and watching "Release" (yay X-Files).

Cammy came in my room a little before 11:00 today and told me that we're going to Oregon after all - and that Grandma Ruthie was taken to the hospital late last night.

She's been feeling extremely fatigued lately; she called 911 herself and was taken to the emergency room, but we still don't know what's wrong. Mom and Dad left around noon today to be with her, see how she's doing. They're at her place right now, but she's still in the hospital.

Grandma Jo and Grandpa Jeff are here with us. Grandpa surveyed today's septic pumping. The previous two families who had lived in our house NEVER had the septic pumped, so it backed up on us - had been like that before we left for Nevada. It's all taken care of now.

God, I hope Grandma's alright. To me, it seems she's just... I don't know, she seems to have lost interest in things since Papa Bob passed away in 2003. Maybe there's some cause of fatigue from that, but I have no way of telling. She'll pull through - I'll put trust in that.

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