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Lucky bastard, I am: I have two homes.

I'm very awake from the cup of coffee I had about four hours ago.

It RAINED yesterday! HOLY SHIT YEEEEES. I spent some time walking in it, went down to the creek wearing my hat, drank in the clean, refreshing scent of the land around me. Called Aunt Pam and asked about Jessi's cell number (Jessi was originally going to pick me up from PDX, as Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry had planned on spending this weekend at the beach), but Aunt Pam told me that weather up at Rockaway was supposed to include 50 mph winds; they canceled the beach trip. Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry will be picking me up later today.

I wonder if I could bother them to head to TFAW on the way home.... Milwaukie is between Portland and Beavercreek, so it wouldn't be too out of the way. Then again, I could still try seeing what Michael is doing on Sunday and spend some time with him.

I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but Jessi is pregnant again! I'm going to have another little cousin here in several months. <3

Reorganized my closet yesterday. Believe me, my closet desperately needed a makeover. Since I've been attending college, my closet has become a catch-all: computer and printer boxes, books from Grandma Ruthie and Papa Bob's house, chairs, old laundry baskets; you name it. Now, there is actually walking space inside it again, and the boxes that had been underneath my bed (before it went from twin to queen) are now snugly tucked against the wall. All nice and tidy!

I also brought out my half-glued hummingbird puzzle. Dad had put it in my closet upright, not knowing it was only half-glued, and the whole top of the puzzle crumbled into its individual pieces. When we moved from Weimar, Grandma Jo had done the same thing when she packed it into our old trailer. Second time this puzzle will have had to be reassembled.... I've got it out on the dining table now. The dining table is a catch-all and is only really a dining table during the holidays, so I thought, Why not? Got some of the pieces back together, but it took me a while to find its box lid to have a reference for the artwork. Maybe Mom will have fun putting it back together a bit until Christmas.... Bwa ha ha.

ANYWAY, Mom brought home Iron Man (and almond M&M's, yummy!) last night, and after Dad was done watching the premiere of Sanctuary, we watched it together.

It's a great film, immensely fun and visually breathtaking. Za had gushed about it during Drawing for Animation spring term, telling us to go see it "just for the animation!"

I can't begin to imagine how many goddamn hours it took to RENDER that animation, but oh, is the finished product delicious. Lots of laughs sprinkled throughout the action.

Cammy wanted me to watch Magnolia, but it's a good three hours long, and I plan on going to bed by 2:00 at the latest / earliest (ha). I think I'll borrow it instead. Dad and Mom are bringing Cammy's desktop and printer to him tomorrow after they drop me off at SMF.

Once back at Aunt Pam and Uncle Larry's, I am going to get my XPS set up. Maya should arrive soon. It may have taken a daintily considerable BITE out of my card amount, but Dad is helping me with the cost, and hey... at least it's LEGAL!

Aaaand I will give Draco some much-needed snuggle time. <333 He is in such good hands with Aunt Pam. She described how she had him run around the yard and how he got to stay outside for a few hours in his outdoor cage on a very balmy evening.

I'm flying back up to the Land of Rain and Sporadic Sunshine, otherwise known as northwestern Oregon.


I read about a scene in 2009's Watchmen that departs from the novel quite a bit. Yes, it deals with Rorschach. Oooohfuuuuck I want to see this movie SO BADLY. I'm eating the hype like candy. Not good for me. Who the hell plans on scheduling her 2009 spring term to not have class on Fridays just so she can see a freaking movie on its opening day? - SIX MONTHS before the damn thing is released? XD

If Watchmen isn't at least three hours long AND rated R... we'll know something's terribly wrong with it. Heh.

Here's to a happy, healthy October, everyone!
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...That's not angry, by the way.



(Real quick: I just discovered that TFAW, Things From Another World, sells the Watchmen trade paperback for $9.99. That's a dollar less than what Cammy bought it for, and there's a TFAW in Milwaukie, Oregon - so I can snatch Watchmen for $9.99 in-store and avoid sales tax! BOO-YAH.

Michael took me and Cammy to the TFAW in Milwaukie a couple years ago. It's an awesome store, chock-full of comics and graphic novels and figurines and whatnot. Milwaukie is also the headquarters of Dark Horse Comics.)

Okay, so: the video in the link posted below is another behind-the-scenes look at the set of Watchmen, in which Jackie Earle Hayley discusses Zach Snyder a bit.

It's funny that he's playing "the ultimate antihero," as the narrator describes Rorschach, because this guy just sounds SO friendly, AND a lot younger than he actually is (forty-seven). Seriously, I did not expect him to sound like that.

Which means Rorschach is going to be all the more believable in film. <3 Let's hope for it.

Visit to Brandon's last night was awesome! Brandon, send your mom my compliments for the dinner; I don't think I thanked her for it. Blackened salmon, wild rice, broccoli with cheese sauce, and French bread = oooooh yeeeees.

Brandon's new puppy, Sophie, is THE SPITTING IMAGE of Roxy (Roxie?). It freaked me out when I first saw the little bundle of white fluff, because she is, without a doubt, Roxy's doppleganger. SO CUTE!

We watched the new episode of House (EXPLODING DEAD OLD GUY'S STOMACH WAS WICKEDLY GROSS AND HORRENDOUSLY AMUSING), and the pilot for Fringe, which Brandon had recommended to me. Brenna and Nelson were obsessed with calling the main actress ugly, so after they'd left, Brandon and I watched the second episode together - and without the constant berating of the protagonist, it was a lot more enjoyable.

So far, it's a pretty damn awesome update on The X-Files; it's got similar themes, but no aliens. And a crazy old genius-killer named Walter to boot.

I left Brandon's a few minutes before midnight. I LOVE driving that late / early, when practically no other drivers are on the road. It's dark, quiet, and oddly blissful. I used to get extremely uncomfortable at the thought of driving home in the dark, but now - it's wonderful. Such focus and concentration is good for my brain.

I thought of Finch while driving, thought of what he'd think about while driving.

Goddamnit I need to write!

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